FanFic - Max/Liz
"The Roswell Chronicles"
"Secrets and Sacrifice"
Part 1
by Adian
Disclaimer: Characters created by Melinda Metz/ Jason Katims. I only own the characters I create.
Summary: Some old and new truths are revealed to the Pod Squad.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Be kind this is my first attempt! Feedback would be greatly appreciated.
As the plane speeds onward I think about my last day in Roswell. Maria and Alex entering my room and stopping short at seeing all of the luggage.

"You are leaving aren't you! How can you do this to me? I need you! This is all because of Max. I wish we had never met the Czechoslovakians!" Maria rants.

"Oh and what am I chopped liver?" asks Alex.

"A-l-e-x, Maria come here." I say as I hug them both. "I love you both dearly but I have to get on with my life, Destiny if you will. I am going to Harvard."

"What?" "How?" ask Maria and Alex in unison. "I applied for early admission and got accepted." I reply.

"So this is why you and your parents haven't been getting along." Liz just nods her head in agreement. "How did you get your parents to agree?" asks Maria.

"In the end it came down to the fact that it was the first time they had seen life in my eyes in so long. They knew it was my dream before Max entered my life. And they came to believe that my being a continent away from Max was not necessarily a bad thing." I replied.

"Why didn't you tell us?" questions Maria.

"Because I didn't want to be talked out of it. I don't want the Czechs running my life. They have their Destiny and I have mine. It is my life and not a subject to be debated in a damn meeting. I didn't want to hear about the dangers or consequences. I am tired of living with 'what if.' I'll never be able to totally trust people again. I will always question their motives. I will always be looking over my shoulder. I want normal." I look at them with tears streaming down my face. My voice breaking.

"Lizzie, calm down. Shh, honey everything is going to be all right." Maria croons as she holds me.

(Present Day)

I can't believe I am actually back in Roswell. It has been so many years. Everything seems the same yet different. I turn into a parking space in front of the Crashdown. I am actually a bit scared to go in. Twelve years is a very long time.

I walk through the front door and giggle. Dad still has them wearing the same cheesy outfits!

"Liz!" squeals Maria. We hug each other fiercely. I haven't seen her in over two years. "Come on spread the love!" cries Alex. He joins our hug. It feels so right to be here with them.

Mr. Parker looks up at all of the commotion and a smile of joy breaks over his face as he looks on his beloved daughter. "Liz, come give your Papa a hug!" I run over to him shedding even more tears as I am swept up into a bear hug. I have a joyful reunion with my parents. We all go upstairs to talk.

Later that afternoon Maria, Alex, and I are sitting in the back booth enjoying being together. Alex is telling us about his latest video game design. "You know I have decided to set up my own company and move back here." We stare at him in shock. "I know I vowed never to come back once I shook all the dirt off! But I want to be near my family. I'll be able to work out of my home. Set my own hours. A dream job"

"Alex this is just too weird I am thinking about opening a boutique here. Since Mom married the Sheriff and I now have a baby brother I want to be here with my family. I can do my design work here and ship my jewelry to the stores."

"OK, Liz are you moving back too?" asks Alex.

"You know I can't; I have commitments. But I do have lots of time off racked up!" I reply. "It is rather strange that both of you are basically planning the same choices at the same time. Does it have anything to do with certain Czechoslovakians?"

Blushing Alex replies, "No! I haven't actually seen any of them in years. Lately my thoughts keep coming back to home. I have this huge desire to be here. I figured out how I could quit my job and live doing freelance. Everything was so easy to set up. If felt like I was meant to be. Oh man, I sound like Maria now!"

Liz starts giggling.

Maria in shock "OK I feel the need for some cedar oil! Those are the exact same feelings I have had. This irresistible urge to be in Roswell again. And Liz you finally agreed to be in Roswell after twelve years. Are you guys beginning to think none of this is coincidental?"

"We've been in Roswell less than a day and the Pod Squad mentality is already starting!" I state wearily.

"And to change the subject how is your brother Will doing?" I ask Maria.

"He is so cute. He still has really blond hair and the deepest blue eyes. Will is going to be a lady-killer when he grows up. Will has had me wrapped around his finger for years!" laughs Maria.

Two children rush through the door and head for the back screaming Mommie. They stop in front of us looking expectantly. "Mommie we have waited ever so long for you to finish in space." I am speechless to say the least. "Mom told us to expect you. She promised us our new Mommie was coming and your finally here!" They throw themselves into my arms hugging me.

"Hi Liz." Oh my god, shivers go up and down my spine; it's the voice that has haunted me for half my life. I look up into those eyes "Hi Max."

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