FanFic - Max/Liz
"The Return"
Part 5
by Anunaki
Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with the Roswell High books or the Roswell TV series.
Summary: My own version of what happens after the "destiny" episode. The Return is a sequel to August and Everything after.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Feedback?
The ring of the bell over the door of the Crashdown made the memories come flooding back. The decor had changed some, but overall it still looked pretty much the same. Isabel looked around for an open booth, then noticed the man at the cash register looking at her. His hand was extended, ready to give the waitress her cash, but frozen in midair. The poor teenager fidgeted nervously, unable to decide whether to snatch the money out of his hand or wait for him to come out of his trance.

Isabel had gotten used to the whispers and staring she got when she walked around town. Her coming back had been the biggest news to hit Roswell since, well, as far a she knew, since she left. But this guy was being rude. She faced him and tried to think of something to say to put him in his place, then stopped as she realized that under the goatee and the eyebrow ring the bright blue eyes were familiar.

"Alex?" Her voice seemed to free him from his catatonic state.

"Isabel?" He swept her up in a bear hug. "I can't believe it's really you." Isabel laughed at the unexpected joy of finally getting a friendly welcome back. Alex looked her over in amazement. "Wow. How long have you been back?"

"Just a couple of days. I've been staying with my mother, just spending some time getting re-aquinted."

Alex looked embarrassed. "I'm sorry about your dad. It must be terrible to come back to."

"It's okay. It's not the worst thing I was expecting."

"Alex?" Alex turned his attention to the very pregnant woman trying to lift herself up from a chair at a nearby table.

"Oh, baby, I'm sorry. Wait for me to help you." Isabel was touched by the way Alex hurried over and the care he took in helping the woman up. The woman was slim, despite the obviously late stage of her pregnancy. Her light brown hair was pulled into a neat ponytail at the nape of her neck. Her thick glasses made her look bookish, but behind them were a pair of beautiful grey-blue eyes. Although she was obviously unnerved by the situation, she had an air of quiet intelligence and self-confidence. Isabel liked her immediately.

Alex looked nervously from one woman to the other. "Sam, this is Isabel, you remember I told you about her?" Sam nodded shyly. "Isabel, my wife Samantha."

"It's nice to meet you, Samantha." Isabel wasn't sure what Alex had said about her, but it seemed to make Sam nervous. She tried convey some reassurance in her smile. "I hope you aren't scared by the stories you may have heard around town about me."

Samantha looked embarrassed. "Oh, no. I'm glad Alex is able to see an old friend again. I don't mean to be rude, but we're on our way to a doctor's appointment."

Alex looked down at his watch. "Sorry, Isabel. Sam's right, we'd better get going. Are you going to be in town for a while?"

"I should be."

"Great, maybe we'll see you later." Alex followed Sam as she walked out the door. Isabel raced out to catch them on the sidewalk.

"Wait!" They turned at her call. "Look, I've been staying with my mom for a while, I would really like a chance to get out and talk to someone else for a while. Why don't you let me take you guys for dinner? Any time you want, sort of my way of saying congratulations."

Alex looked at his wife. Sam could see that this was something he really wanted. She knew about his past relationship with Isabel and wasn't sure she wanted to do anything that might give it a chance to grow again. But she couldn't deny him either. She nodded, and didn't like the way Alex's face lit up as he turned towards Isabel. "Sounds great."

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