FanFic - Max/Liz
"The Prophecy"
Part 3
by Irina
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Summary: It is a sequel to “Meant to be”. The story takes place 11 years after “Meant to Be” takes place. You can find “Meant to Be” at
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Rating: PG-13
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There was a prophecy made…in another world, a long, long time ago. Now this prophecy is about to come true, unless Max’s enemies don’t stop it first.

2 days later…Sideroad Motel, NM

“Liz, what are you doing up so late?” Isabelle asked as she turned on the light. Liz was looking out the window. She didn’t even look at Isabelle. “What kind of a wife am I? I mean, I just left him there.” She finally turned to Isabelle, “How could I just leave him?” “Liz, you had to. For Sarah,” Isabelle said as she next to Liz. “No, I should have stayed.” “You would have made it harder for him. It’s hard to do something when you have to worry about someone else besides yourself getting hurt.” “Isn’t it hard for you…to be here…not being able to help them?” Liz asked. “Yes, of course, but…I’m exactly where Max needs me to be.” “Making sure that I don’t go nuts?” Liz said sarcastically. “No, making sure that Max has a peace of mind when he has to fight our enemies,” Isabelle said and smiled at Liz. “It’s gonna be Ok, Liz. You’ll see.”


“Are you sure about this?” Michael asked Max as they stood in front of Kate’s apartment. “Something isn’t right. They should have come after us by now,” Max answered. “Are you that eager to fight them?” “The sooner we do, the sooner we can go back to our normal lives.” “What if we can’t? Ever?” Michael asked him. Max looked straight at Michael, “Are you ready to never see Maria again?” Michael understood right away. No matter what, they had to win. His plans did not include leaving Maria alone with their baby. “Right,” he said as he exhaled and used his powers to open the door.

The apartment was empty. There were papers and things lying around on the floor and the furniture. “Looks like she left in a hurry,” Michael said as they scanned the apartment. “Yeah, if we knew where,” Max said looking through some papers left on the desk. “I’ll check the bedroom,” Michael said as he walked towards another room.

Max walked around the room, picking up almost every thing and analyzing it, looking for a clue when he saw a light blinking on an answering machine. He walked up to it and pressed the ‘listen’ button. The wait for the tape to rewind seemed like forever. Finally, the recording began. “Kate, we finally secured an area for the assignment. It’s an abandoned farm near Frazier woods. Keith will give you directions at your meeting. I hope you have some good news for us.”

“Looks like we’re going home,” Michael said as he stood in the bedroom’s doorway.


“Liz, come on, we’ve got enough junk food to last us a month,” Maria said as she got another bag of chips of the shelf. Liz, who was holding a box with the pizza, was in another row looking at what cookies to get. “I know, but I just want to make sure we got everything. Oh, yeah, don’t forget ice cream,” Liz yelled out. “By the time we go home Max and Michael won’t recognize us,” Maria joked and Liz and Isabelle who was at another part of the store laughed.

But as Liz turned around to put the choice of cookies in her cart someone grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth. “If you’re quite, nobody else will get hurt,” the voice said.

: : “Liz, I’m gonna get the rocky road,” Maria said as she walked in the aisle where Liz was just a few minutes before. “Liz?” Maria looked around looking for Liz. “Oh, God,” Maria whishpered as she saw pizza lying on the floor. Maria ran towards the exit. As she ran out she saw two men putting Liz into the trunk of a black car and driving away. “Liz!” Maria yelled after them as Isabelle ran up to her. Both of them were at loss for words. They had no idea what to do next. So, they just stood and looked in the direction of the driving away car with Liz in it.


Max and Michael were almost done with their preparation. They knew that the guns Max had would not help them, but they needed every help they could get, so they cleaned them and made sure that everything worked properly. They were finishing up putting some food for the road into the bag when they heard a car pull up into the driveway.

Immediately they were on their feet with guns in hands. As Michael looked out the window he saw Isabelle and Sarah getting out of the van. “Whatta hell?” was all Michael could say before Max was out the door.

Sarah ran up and threw her arms around Max. “They got her. They got her,” she cried. Before Max could even ask what she was talking about, he knew. His heart began beating really fast. He looked at Isabelle and he saw fear and tears in her eyes.


“I don’t understand this,” Michael said as he threw his arms up in the air. “It doesn’t make any sense.” Max sat on the couch with his head in his hands. Millions of thoughts were running through his mind and he couldn’t concentrate on one of them. “They got Liz. Liz is in the hands of his enemies. They almost killed her before. Liz is in danger.” That’s all that he could hear in his head right now. “Why would they go after her? Why Liz? We’ve been waiting for them to come after us, but they didn’t. They went after Liz. Why?” Max finally said. “I guess she has something to do with that prophecy,” Isabelle said. “No but there is no more baby. Why would they still take her?” Max asked. “Maybe the prophecy said something about Liz’s baby…not just yours. Maybe the prophecy comes true only if she’s with you or something,” Alex suggested.

“It doesn’t matter. We don’t have any sons, so the prophecy was wrong,” Max was struggling to find the answer. “No, it wasn’t,” Sarah said as she stood at the top of the stairs. Everyone looked up at her.


“Ok, Alex go to the that motel we stayed at last summer. Stay there for exactly 24 hours. If you don’t hear from us until then, leave the state,” Max was giving the last directions to Alex and Maria. “Dad, let me come with,” Sarah was still pleading with him. “No,” Max said firmly. “You will need extra powers.” “Sarah, NO!” This was the first time he ever yelled at her. Father and daughter just stared at each other for a moment, then Max looked back at Alex and continued. “Take this,” Max gave Alex a gun. “It probably won’t do anything to them, but it could buy you some time to get away.” Alex nodded. “Ok, here we go,” Max said as he got in the car. Michael kissed Maria and Isabelle kissed Alex one last time as they, too, got into the car and drove away.

*********************************************************************** Liz was in a big room. She could tell that the house was very old and very big. The windows were boarded up. Two guys were holding her as Kate walked in with four other aliens. “Well, I missed you, Liz,” Kate said as she walked up to her. Liz looked at her with hatred, but didn’t say anything in response. “What? No hello, no I missed you too Kate?” “What do you want?” Liz asked angrily. “What do you think I want?” “You already killed my baby. What else do you want from me?” “Well, see, Liz, that’s the problem. Looks like I killed the wrong baby.” “What?” Liz was confused. “You see, we have this…person…he tells us if and when the prophecies come true and he’s saying that we’re still doomed. So, either you’re pregnant again…which I really doubt considering the amount of time passed…or…or you’re hiding something from me.” “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” “You really want to make it hard for yourself, don’t you?” Kate said getting irritated. “Ok, let’s try it again. The king will have pure love with a woman of another race. In a moment of love the two will conceive a child who will destroy our people. This child will be the most powerful being in the world. He will possess the power to kill and heal with his mind. Nobody will be a match for him. This child will rule the world.”

As Liz listened to Kate recite the prophecy a cold chill ran down her neck. A child…not a son…a child.

Kate suddenly stopped as she also realized something. She practically ran to the table that stood in the corner of the room and picked up Liz’s wallet that they got when they kidnapped Liz. Kate opened it and inside saw a picture of Liz, Sarah, and Max. “How could I have been so blind?” Kate exclaimed. This was the first time she noticed the resemblance between Max and Sarah. “She’s his daughter. All this time I thought that she was just yours because you got married when she was already alive, but she’s his daughter. She’s the king’s daughter,” Kate was saying almost excited. “Where is she?” she suddenly asked, turning to Liz who was trying to keep her heart from jumping out of her chest. “Where is she?” Kate repeated as she walked up close to Liz. Liz looked straight at her without saying anything.


Max, Michael, and Isabelle split up. Max headed down for the main house while Michael and Isabelle took the barn and the house next to it.

Max took out two of the skins but then got overwhelmed when three others came at him at the same time. He wasn’t strong enough to fight all three of them and they got him tackled down to the ground.


“Tell me!” Kate yelled out. “Kate,” one of the skins called out as they walked in. “Not now,” Kate said without looking. “You’ll want to see this,” the same guy said as they brought Max in. Liz began shaking as scream got caught in her throat. Max and Liz’s eyes met and in that moment they both tried to make sure that the other one was alright. “Wow,” Kate said as she walked up to Max. “That’s quite a catch,” she said turning to one of the skins. “Did you really think that you would be able to fight all of us by yourself? This isn’t some cheesy Hollywood thriller,” Kate said turning back to Max. “You’re not Rembo.” “What can I say, childhood dream,” Max said sarcastically. “Wow, a king with a sense of humor, now that’s something. Ok, why don’t we cut to the chase, hah? You see, Max, your lovely wife doesn’t want to tell me where your daughter is. I was kinda hoping you would.” When Max didn’t say anything, Kate continued, “Oh, don’t tell me, you do everything your wife tells you to do?” “I trust female intuition,” Max answered. Kate hit him in the face really hard, “Max!” Liz yelled out, terrified. Max looked back at Kate. “Ok, I see. Well, I’ll give you a choice, Max.” She walked up to where Liz was standing. “You tell me where Sarah is or Liz dies.” Max and Liz looked at each other with panic. “Max, don’t,” Liz said. “So, what do you say, Max? Your wife? Or your daughter?” Kate said again. Max kept looking at Liz and Kate, back and forth as his heart was beating really fast. “Where is Sarah?” Kate asked Max. When he didn’t say anything Kate put her hand on Liz’s chest and her hand and the space around it began to glow as Liz screamed. “NOOOO!!!” Max screamed as he tried to get away from the skins that were holding him. “Stop it!!!” Kate pulled her hand away and Liz fell to the floor, exhausted and in pain. “Tell me where she is,” Kate turned to him. Max was shaking as he looked at Liz.

“Max, promise me something?” Liz said to him on their wedding day. “Anything,” he said. “No matter what, we always put Sarah first.” “What are you talking about?” “If there’s ever a time when you have to make a choice? If she’s in danger, no matter what, Sarah always comes first.” “Liz…” he tried to argue. “Max, promise me.” “I promise.”

That’s what she was trying to tell him. Liz was trying to remind him of that promise with her eyes. Tears were rolling down Max’s face as he was struggling to make a choice.

“Ok, fine,” Kate said as she turned to Liz once again and put her hand in the same spot and Liz screamed again.

“NOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Max yelled, not being able to watch it.

“STOP!” They all turned in the direction of the exit. Sarah stood in the doorway.

“Sarah, no,” Liz barely said.

“So, you’re the miracle child,” Kate sad as she stood in the middle of the room. “Let them go,” Sarah said firmly as she looked straight at Kate. “I don’t really think you should be making demands here.”

Sarah’s anger was building. Without even blinking she concentrated on aliens holding her parents. In an instant they all literally flew across the room, freeing Max and Liz. Max, without a second thought, ran to Liz and took her in his arms. They both watched their daughter with horror.

Kate still stood with her head up high, but inside she was terrified. She put her hand out and in the next second she threw a fireball at Sarah. Sarah heard her mother’s voice screaming her voice. Sarah looked at the fireball, then back at Kate as she redirected the fireball at Kate. When it reached Kate, she became engulfed in flames. Her screams were impossible to take. Max covered Liz to make sure that the flames wouldn’t hurt her. Suddenly Kate’s form began to melt and it turned to dust. The other skins watched in horror. One of them tried to escape through another door, but Sarah shut it right in front of him with her mind. She looked straight, for the first time in her life feeling completely in control, completely whole, completely complete. No fear, no regrets, no limitations. In the next second the rest of the skins turned to dust.

Max and Liz looked around the room, shocked and still trying to believe what just happened in front of their eyes. Sarah stood in the same place, taking it all in. The prophecy was about her. She knew it now. This was her job now. To protect her family, her race, her people. This is where she belonged. She smiled slightly. No more confusion or making decisions about school or college. She felt free for the first time ever.

Sarah looked at her parents and saw Max holding Liz in his arms as he was healing her where Kate had used her powers. Sarah sat next to them and Liz hugged her. Max put his arms around both of them. They sat like that for a while, taking in the fact that they were all ok. They came very close to loosing each other, but they didn’t. They were together.


3 years later

“And now I introduce to you student body president Sarah Victoria Evans,” the dean of school said as Sarah walked up to the podium. This was her graduation day from college. She did graduate from high school a year earlier and finished college in 3 years. Instead of going to Harvard she stayed home and attended a small private college in New Mexico. That way she could live at home and be near Terry and Ben. As Sarah was about to begin her speech she heard her whole family clapping and yelling. She smiled at them, took a deep breath, and began her speech. “Today is probably one of the most exciting days in our lives. After today no more homework, no more tests, no more midterms and finals, no more grades and running looking for a teacher to sign an incomplete form. Today all our days of eating pizza for breakfast are over. Because tomorrow we enter a whole new world. A world of lots of great opportunities. A scary world, but exciting as well. I’m not going to give you advises on what to do to find a job or to start up a successful business. Because these are not the things you need to know in order to succeed in life. I’ve been blessed with a great family. Because the most important lessons in life I’ve learned from them. And today I’ll share them with you. I want to thank you my uncle Alex and aunt Isabelle for teaching me that opening your heart to someone is the most amazing thing that could ever happen to you.” Alex squeezed Isabelle’s hand in his as she smiled at him.

Sarah continued, “I want to thank you my aunt Maria and uncle Michael for teaching me that if you truly love somebody you should let that person in, you should let that person help you, because that’s the only way to be happy.” Michael and Maria looked at each other and smiled.

“But most of all I want to thank my parents for giving me the most important thing. They taught me that true love really can conquer all.” Sarah smiled at her parents who were kissing at that moment. “Thank you, guys.”


“Congratulations!” Ben ran up to Sarah, picked her up, and spun her around. “Thank you,” Sarah said smiling as he put her down and she kissed him. When they pulled apart Sarah saw her family walking towards her. Terry ran up to her and hugged her. “I can’t believe you graduated from college,” Terry said. “Who’s gonna help me with my homework?” “I’m sure I won’t forget that much by the time you need it,” Sarah said as they both laughed. “Congratulations, sweetie,” Isabelle said as she and Alex hugged Sarah.

“Andy, stop,” they heard Maria yell out as she and Michael were trying to catch up with their 3-year old son. They all laughed.

“Where’s mom and dad?” Sarah asked Alex. “Oh, they had a surprise for you,” he answered and pointed in a direction where Liz and Max were walking with Max holding Eli, Sarah’s 11 months-old brother. When they came up a little bit closer Max put Eli down and Eli, uncertainly at first, began walking towards Sarah.

Everybody stood, smiling, as Sarah opened her mouth in surprise and happy tears rolled down her face as she kneeled down and picked up Eli, who walked up to her.

“Congratulations, sweetheart,” Liz said as she and Max walked up to the rest of the group. “Thank you,” Sarah said as Liz hugged her. “I am so proud of you,” Liz whispered into Sarah’s ear. Sarah was doing a poor job of fighting her tears as Max hugged her, too.

“Ok, well, we should go,” Michael said. “Are you really that hungry?” Maria asked him. “I just don’t want the food to spoil,” Michael said and they all laughed.

This was how it was supposed to be. The whole family together…peaceful, safe, happy. Sarah smiled to herself. This was hers…it was her family.

The End.

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