FanFic - Max/Liz
"The Pretend Game"
Part 4
by LivE
Disclaimer: Nothing Roswell is mine, sadly!!
Summary: This takes place shortly after the Pilot, but before Heat Wave. Circumstances lead to Max and Liz pretending to be dating… and sparks fly!
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Liz leaned into his hand and watched him watch her. His eyes, normally hazel and bright, were almost black as they traced the curve of her lips. His breath was coming in short hot gasps that she felt against the skin of her face. She seemed enveloped in the heat coming off his body.

Max lifted his other hand to her face too. He ran his fingers along her jaw and slowly, reverently trailed them into her hair. He felt the breath leave his body in a rush when his fingers tangled into the silken strands behind her ears. How many times had he dreamed of doing this?

The feelings his light touches were creating were indescribable. Liz arched her neck instinctively, her mouth opening further. She ran her tongue over Max’s thumb and couldn’t stop the small sound that escaped from her throat at his taste. She leaned closer to him and felt their bodies touch. Max groaned and took the hand that was caressing her lips down her arm. He needed to touch her everywhere. Liz shivered and looked up into his eyes: "Max…" His name was a sigh, a plea, a caress all in one. She stood up on tiptoe and lightly pressed her lips against his. She heard him inhale sharply.

He rubbed his lips against hers gently, his hand cupping the back of her head. He pulled away slightly and rested his forehead against hers. His long eyelashes fluttered against her face and Liz had never felt anything so erotic in her life.

Max was trying to catch his breath and closed his eyes in an effort to gain control of himself. However, this only heightened his other senses. He felt her heartbeat with the thumb that was resting against her throat. Her scent, so uniquely Liz, was like a drug. It was swirling around him and every breath he took seemed to intoxicate his mind further. He listened to her breathing, the rhythm seemed to match his and the sounds fuelled the desire that was heating his blood to boiling point.

Liz needed him closer, so she slowly tilted her head until she could touch her mouth to his again. Max froze for a heartbeat and then his arms were around her, crushing her body to his. His mouth covered hers hungrily and hotly. Liz moaned and this seemed to fuel his desire even more. His lips were slanting over hers in a desperate bid to get closer, to somehow get inside her skin. His hands were in her hair, holding her face to his as he kissed her. It felt like stars were exploding inside her body. The dull ache low in her stomach intensified into a sharp hollowness that begged for the relief only this man in her arms could bring. She pressed her lower body against Max in an effort to assuage the need.

Max tore his mouth from hers in an effort to get air into his starved lungs. But the few seconds away from her mouth were too long. He tightened his arms around her and lifted her into his body, not caring that she would be able to feel the extent of his arousal. He took her mouth again and opened his lips over hers, running his tongue over her bottom lip. She opened her mouth and whimpered, and the sound shot straight to his loins. He slipped his tongue into her mouth, needing to be inside her, even if it was just in some small way. Liz put her legs around his hips and he stumbled forward until he felt the wall behind her. He braced her against it, one hand curving around her bottom, not once breaking the contact with her mouth.

Liz was spearing her fingers through his hair when she felt it. The rush of a connection with Max. His feelings crashed over her in waves and she was overwhelmed by their intensity. There was too much for her to decipher, but most of all she felt his desperate desire for her washing over her, making her realize that Max Evans wanted her with a blinding intensity! She could feel his need to be with her, to have her naked in his arms… Liz felt faint from all the sensations this realization was causing. She was humbled that he could feel this way about her, but most of all she felt a small sense of feminine triumph that she had driven him to this state.

Max’s mouth was travelling down her neck now and Liz was making small helpless sounds with every breath she took. She ran her hands over his arms, feeling and reveling in their strength. She tightened her legs around him and heard his answering groan.

The next moment the door crashed open, revealing…Pam Troy!


Pam was disgusted. The story about Max dragging Liz into the Eraser Room hadn’t taken long to reach her ears and she had gotten the key from the janitor under the guise of having to clean some erasers for Ms Hardy. She had fully expected to open the door on Max and Liz in the middle of a boring conversation… She hadn’t expected THIS. It was abundantly clear what had been going on. They were both panting and disheveled. Liz looked ravaged, her lips were swollen and she seemed in a daze. Max’s normally neat hair was mussed and he couldn’t seem to stop staring at Liz’s mouth.

Max had lowered Liz to the ground when the door opened. Relief that it wasn’t a teacher or the principal had flooded through him when it revealed only Pam. He was stunned. Never in his life had he lost his head so completely! He hadn’t even HEARD Pam unlock the door. He took deep breaths, trying to cool down his body.

Pam decided that attacking was her best defense: "Well, well, well… if it isn’t West Roswell’s newest love birds!" She looked at Max who was still looking at Liz. "I’m impressed Max! I heard that she was frigid..." Max saw Liz’s eyes widen in hurt and felt a powerful urge to slap Pam. Instead he just said: "Go away, Pam. We were quite enjoying being alone in here." He hugged Liz close to him, trying to ignore the effect this was having on him…again. He finally tore his gaze away from Liz when he heard giggling. There was a small crowd behind Pam that had been enjoying the whole spectacle!

‘Wonderful!’ Max thought. This was going to take them years to live down. On the bright side, it will take attention away from the whole shooting incident… he hoped! He bent to pick up their backpacks while still keeping Liz anchored to his side with his other arm. He led Liz out the door, past a still spluttering Pam and tried to ignore all the heckling and cheering from the group of onlookers. He was too afraid to look at Liz. How could he have embarrassed her like this?

Liz was worried. Max was really quiet since they left the Eraser Room. She wondered what was going through his head. He was leading her around a corner when she realized that they were going in the wrong direction for her next class: "Max…" His head whipped around and their eyes met. Both of them blushed, remembering all that transpired in the Eraser Room. Then Liz smiled. It was a small, but happy smile that told Max all he needed to know. She was not upset about being caught like that with him! His heart soared at the thought.

"My class… its actually that way." Liz was making a valiant effort to sound normal. She pointed in the direction from which they came to underscore her point.

Max felt like a fool. He had been so pre-occupied that he didn’t even notice where he was going. "Sorry," he mumbled.

Liz smiled: "Its OK." She leaned up and kissed his cheek and felt a moment of supreme satisfaction when she heard his breath hiss out at the contact. "I’ll see you later."

Max watched her walk away from him, trying not to notice the way her jeans were hugging her behind. He suddenly remembered how those same curves had fit into his hand as he had lifted her up against him in the Eraser Room. He bit his lip and closed his eyes. How was he EVER going to concentrate on anything academic with her around after this?

He was rudely pulled from his reverie when a hand came down on his shoulder. He irritably turned to face the intruder… and all the fight left his body. It was Michael… and behind him stood Isabel, her hands on her hips. "Maxwell, we need to talk to you. As in RIGHT NOW!" Michael’s voice said it all. Max was in BIG trouble!

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