FanFic - Max/Liz
"The Power of Truth"
Part 4
by Cara
Disclaimer: Hello! If I owned Roswell, Max and Liz would be back together by now!
Summary: know what. My last summery really sucked! Will someone please summarize this for me!?! Please?!? is still like 3 or 4 hours after Max in the City I know that they were in New York for Thanksgiving...but we'll just say it takes forever to drive back!
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I'd like to thank everyone for their feedback. I know it's been a while since my last post, but I've had major writers block and I just kinda forgot that I was writing a fic! Seriously. I feel like a dork. But anyways. I'll try and get part 5 out before I leave for Arizona on the 27th. And Feed me! Okay. And also. I want to try and tie this into "A Roswell Christmas Carol". I swear I've watched that like 20 times. It's my favorite now. So just be aware that this story will turn out to be in the middle of ARCC during future parts.
Max tried to pull himself up and go to Liz, but a force was holding him back. He was so relieved that her parents were out of town. Max stood up from where he fell, and was thrown back against the wall. "Why can't I get to her?!" Max was going into hysterics, when Isabel, Michael and Tess arrived.

"Oh my God. Max, Liz is the Queen?" Isabel had to scream to get her voice heard. All Max could do was nod his head. He moved over, and the others joined him against the wall to see Liz.

"Max. She must have been developing her powers before we hit the button." Tess reached into her back, searching for something.

"Is that why she was sick earlier." Maria, Kyle and Alex had climbed up the stairs a bit later, all huddled together. Michael ran to Maria's side, and held her.

"Probably. There's no possible way that we can transport her like this. She's levitating! Her powers were stronger than I thought. Damnit. Where is it?" Tess had turned her purse over, and was spilling the contents out on the floor. "Ah. There it is." She picked up the remote and hit the red button. A few seconds later, the light diminished, and Liz was dropped back on her bed.

"Liz!" Max ran over to her side, and knelt over her. "Liz. Wake up."

"Don't worry Max. She'll be fine. Now we've got to get moving now. Max. Is you're jeep here?" Tess was picking up all of the things that had fallen out of her bag, and moved into Liz's bedroom.

Isabel came in the room. "Yes. I drove it over here."

"Maria. You're Jetta?"

"Yeah." Maria grabbed onto Michael even harder.

"Okay. Max, Liz, Isabel and Alex, take the Jeep. Maria, Michael, Kyle and I will take the Jetta. Just follow the Jetta. Isabel. You had better drive. Max should be with Liz, just incase. Okay. Are we ready?" Tess had taken charge.

"Yeah. But where are we going?" Max hadn't stopped watching Liz since Tess had begun talking.

"I'm not sure. But I know how to get there. All I know is that it's not OUR pods. I'll explain later. Let's go."

Everyone paired off and headed off into the desert...

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