FanFic - Max/Liz
"The Power of Truth"
Part 1
by Cara
Disclaimer: Hello! If I owned Roswell, Max and Liz would be back together by now!
Summary: Starts about 3 or 4 hours after Max in the City ends. The gangs got some secrets that come out. We're also assuming here that it's around Christmas time. I know that they were in New York for Thanksgiving...but we'll just say it takes forever to drive back!
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is my first fic for Roswell. Please be kind. And Feed me!
Max Evans layed down on his bed, gathering his thoughts from all that had happened in the past few weeks.

Liz had slept with Kyle. She had admitted it herself just a few hours ago. Or atleast he thought her head had moved that way. But somehow, he still didn't believe her. There was something inside of him, telling him that it wasn't the truth. That Liz was lying.

What else could he do? He was starting to wonder if it was possible to start over with Liz in a more than friends way. He wondered that even if he put the Kyle thing behind him, could he still get her back? Would she take him?

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on his door. "Who is it?"

"It's Maria," her tender voice replied from the other side of the door. "I really need to talk with you."

"Come on in." Max sat up and searched for a shirt. He found one and pulled it over his head.

The door opened and Maria stepped in. "Max. Can we go for a walk or something? I feel like I need to talk to you and tell you some things." Maria lifted her eyes from the floor she'd been staring at, to Max's eyes. She took a slow, shaky breath. "Please."

"Yeah. Sure." Max pulled his shoes on, grabbed his jacket, and led Maria out the door.


Lix stared at the stars from her lawn chair on the balcony outside of her bedroom. She looked down at her journal and scanned what she had just written.

"I've grown to fear where I am sitting right now. It's been weeks since I've stepped on what I now consider the only thing that I fear. Other than losing Max, of course. But I've already had that happen.

It was on this balcony that Max say Kyle and me. On the balcony that Future Max disappeared during our wedding dance. My heart broke into a million pieces.

Why do I do this to myself...Max is the one. He's got to be the one. You can't feel like I do when they're NOT the one. Why can't I just bring myself to tell him? I think I'm more afraid of what will happen if Max finds out, than I am of this balcony. Maybe things can be better when I overcome my fears."

Liz closed her journal and walled over to the edge of her balcony. She crouched down to lift up a flower box in the corner, and slid her journal under it. She stood up and stretched out her tired arms. Her eyes unconsciously searching the sky...Scanning for something she didn't know.

All of the sudden, a wave of paranoia washed over Liz. She slowly glanced over the edge of the balcony. Nothing. Her eyes went back to the sky as they had been all night.

She quickly crawled through her window and headed for her bed, pulling the covers up over her head. She started to shake. Her head was killing her and her stomach hurt. Liz moved the covers down some and tried to get some sleep.


"So. What is it you wanted to talk about?" Maria took Max to a park not far from The Crashdown. They were walking on a grassy path that led up to a fountain.

"It's about Liz." Max's head snapped in her direction, searching her eyes for clues.

"What about Liz?" He had stopped walking and stood directly infront of her. Maria could see that he was in a lot of pain.

"Max. I can't tell you everything. I just think that you deserve to know SOMETHING. I just can't tell you all of it because I promised Liz. I gave her my promise. But I can't stand to see you two in so much pain, anymore..."

"Maria, you're rambling." Everything went in slow motion for Max. He'd finally get a clue...A glimmer of hope that he'd been searching for.

"Look Max, I can't tell you why, but Liz and Kyle set up their little bedroom scene for you. They never slept together. Don't ever give up on her, Max. Make her know that you love her, and that you will never fall out of love with her. She'll break down eventually. I know she will. She saved the world...all she had to sacrifice was her true love. Can you imagine how she must feel?"

"Save the world?" Max didn't know what to think. Maria had closed a door, only to open a brand new one.

"That's something that Liz will have to tell you." All of the sudden, Maria's cell phone rang. She rummaged through her purse, and pulled out her phone. "Maria."

Max's head was spinning. What had Liz been put through? She didn't sleep with Kyle...but why did she make him think that she had?

"Max. Snap out of it, girlfriend!" Maria was tapping Max's shoulder, when he got out of his daze. "Are you okay?"


"Hey. We gotta get to The Crashdown right away. Tess is calling an emergency meeting. And she stressed the word emergency."

"Okay. Let's go."


Liz turned in her bed. Her head ache had gotten worse within the past hour. She had tried to call Maria, but her cell phone was busy. Max wasn't home, either. Isabel had just come up to check on her about twenty minutes ago, but she just wasn't Max.

She wandered into her bathroom and opened up the medicine cabinet. Her eyes were half closed as she fumbled for the bottle of Tylenol. She pulled it out, opened it, and popped two pills in her mouth. Turning the fosset on the sink on, she filler a cup and swallowed her pills.

She made her way back to her bed and curled up in the covers, letting her eyes shut. Her left arm felt warm, so she took it out of the covers as she drifted off to sleep. As she rotated her wrist a bit, the skin on the palm of her hand began to glow silver, then flickered out.


Maria walked into The Crashdown together to find Michael, Isabel, Alex and Kyle sitting around a few tables that were pushed togther.

"Well. There's two of the missing four." Kyle commented when he saw who walked through the door.

"Sorry. Where are Tess and Liz?" Maria asked, her eyes not leaving Michael's.

Isabel pushed her chair back and stood up. "I checked on Liz about twenty minutes ago. She's really sick. She was asking for you Max."

Max began to walk towards the back of the Crashdown, "I've got to see her!" He stopped short and turned when he heard the bell on the front door ring.

"It's time!" Tess took her coat off and tossed it on a booth. "She's finally coming!"

"What are you talking about, Tess?" Max walked back to the center of the cafe, next to Isabel.

"Tonight is the night that all of you will learn the truth. Max, Isabel, Michael. I'm not really one of the Royal Four. I was a decoy sent by your mother to protect the real queen from danger. I'm part of the Royal Court. I was told to pose as the queen until she developed her powers.

There are also three more of us from the Royal Court. Michael and Isabel aren't meant to be either. You see...The destiny thing was a plot to keep you three from doubting things. Now the queen and the other three are set to get their powers! And we can find them."

"What? How Tess?" Max pushed forward to stand next to Tess.

"Easy." She walked over to her jacket and pulled out a remote control with four different colored buttons on it. "All four of you have a color. I'll activate this one by one. You will glow in your color while your mate will also glow in a more intense shade of it a few seconds later. I'm yellow, Isabel is blue, Michael is green, and Max is red. Unfortunately, once the button is hit, and the light engulfs your mate...or shall we say destiny...they will be in a great deal of pain. You need to be there to use your powers to help control the light. Is everyone ready?"

Three mumbled yeah's were heard from infront of Tess. Max, Michael and Isabel had all moved together, forming a line. Kyle went to sit at the booth where Tess had thrown her jacket. Alex sat in the booth next to Kyle's. Maria had moved infront of the counter. All three of the humans held their breath and prayed.

"Okay...I'll go first." Tess said flicking the switch. She was engulfed in yellow...

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