FanFic - Max/Liz
"The Latest Arrival"
"Sequel to ‘A New Arrival’ "
Part 1
by Giselle
Disclaimer: The characters of the show “Roswell” belong to the writers and producers of the show, as well as the WB, and not to me. I am in no way involved with the show, actors, writers, producers, network, or characters.
Summary: Sequel to “A New Arrival.” Max and the others search for their missing relative and have to decide whether to stay in Roswell or go back home.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This fan fic is best understood if “A New Arrival,” is read first. This story is from my imagination and was inspired from the WB television show “Roswell.” This story takes place after the episode “285 South”, as did the last story. I would also like to thank everyone who sent me feedback about my first fan fic, “A New Arrival,” if it weren’t for your letters, I would not be continuing to write more and more everyday. This is for all the fans, of the first story. Please continue to write me with your thoughts, as you know I appreciate them greatly.
Max walked through the crowded hallway of West Roswell High, early that Monday morning, with a grin stretched from ear to ear. All he had on his mind was Liz Parker and the amazing kiss they shared the week before. He hadn’t seen her the whole weekend since. “Everything’s gonna be different from now on” he thought. Just as he turned the corner, he spotted her. There she was, “everything I’ve ever wanted” he said in his mind as he stopped and watched her at her locker with a smile on his face. “Everything you’ve ever wanted, huh?” he heard a familiar voice say from behind.

He turned around to find Isabel, smiling as she looked at him, with an amused expression on her face. “What have I told you about reading my thoughts?” he asked, in a low voice. “It’s a good source for gossip and total humiliation?” she replied sarcastically. “Very funny.” he said, not amused by her joke. “So, go talk to her.” she insisted. “I don’t know what to say.” he confessed. “That’s a first.” she mumbled. “Go!” she said as she turned him around in Liz’s direction and gave him a push.

Max walked up to Liz slowly, his head held low, thinking of what to say. Liz peered out from her locker and smiled as she saw Max heading in her direction. “Hi, Max.” she said. Max looked up and smiled at the sound of her voice. “Hey, Liz.” he said with a smirk. “So, “ he began as he tried to find something to say. “You look…really…um… pretty.” he said nervously. “You look really pretty?! Great going Max, real smooth there.” he thought. “Nice line, Casanova.” he heard Isabel say inside his head. He turned around to find her leaning against the wall, watching the two of them, trying not to laugh. “Isabel! You’re not helping!” he replied in his mind. “Um, thanks.” Liz said as she smiled. Max smiled at her, not knowing what to say next. Liz watched his face and smiled at his attempt to have a conversation. Max looked into Liz’s eyes and said, “So, I was thinking maybe-“ the late bell ringing through out the hallway, cut him off before he could finish. “Well, I have to get going” she told him as she shut her locker. “I’ll see you in lunch.” she said as she walked past him in the direction of her class.

Isabel walked up to her brother, who once again held his head low with embarrassment. “Could you please explain to me what that was back there?” she asked as they began walking to class. “Once again, you’re not helping Isabel.” he said annoyed. “I just don’t understand it, Max. You’ve always been able to talk to Liz. Not that I care or anything, but….what’s going on?” she asked curiously. “We sort of….” he began as he looked all around him to see if anyone was listening. “Go on.” she encouraged him. “We kissed.” he confessed. “Well, no wonder you can’t speak to her!” she continued. “That’s your problem Einstein!” “My problem?” he asked, confused. “Now that you both know the way you feel about each other, you’re totally clueless about what the next step is.” she explained. “The next step?” he asked. “Yes, Alicia, you have to ask her out! You know, start dating.” she told him. “Dating? I don’t know… I mean, it’s too dangerous.” he told her. “Dangerous? Okay, Mr. Bond, stop rationalizing and start listening to what your heart has to say, not your brain.” she advised him. “You do realize that is the corniest thing you’ve ever said?” he asked sarcastically, with a smirk.

“Have a little fun, Max. Stop worrying and analyzing everything about you and Liz. I mean, you both deserve to be happy, don’t ruin it.” she said as she walked off down the hallway.

Jenna sat in class next to Liz before the lunch bell rang. “So, you and Max kissed huh?” Jenna asked. “Max told you?” she whispered. “ No. You can see it in your face. You’re glowing.” she replied. Liz smiled as she blushed at Jenna’s comment.

“So, has he asked you out?” she asked. “No.” Liz’s face turned to disappointment. “He will” Jenna said surely. “How do you know?” she asked. “He’s crazy about you. He’d be a fool not to.” she assured Liz. “Hey, Liz…” Jenna continued. “I know things were weird between us before, but I’d really like it if we could put all of that behind us.” Jenna suggested. “I’d like that too.” Liz said as she smiled at Jenna.

The lunch bell ran and everyone rose out of their seats and headed towards lunch. Max and Liz sat on a bench, in the courtyard outside of the main building, laughing and talking. “That had to be the worst substitute I’ve ever had. You’re lucky you weren’t there that day.” Liz told him laughing. Max looked at Liz and his expression turned from amusement to nervousness. “You know, I was thinking, maybe this Saturday, if you weren’t busy, maybe we could-“ Before Max could finish, he was interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Hey” Michael said from behind them. Max and Liz turned around to find Michael standing in their presence, watching them. “What’s goin’ on?” he asked as he jumped over the bench while Liz and Max quickly scooted over so there was enough room for him. ”Not much.” Max said sadly. Michael sat in between them and asked, “So, what were we talking about?” “Well, I was going to invite Liz to-” Max was once again interrupted by Michael. “That’s great, really.” he continued, uninterested. “So, have you guys seen Jenna around?” Michael said casually as he stretched his arms out along the bench and leaned back. “No, why? Do you want-“ Liz was interrupted by Michael, “Now, why is it everyone always thinks I want something from them?” he asked as if he was offended. “Uh, Michael, I-“ Max began. “Well, I see your point, that’s usually the case. Well, it was nice talking with you guys. Though I have to say, not one the most interesting conversations I’ve had, or informative either. I gotta go find Jenna. I’ll see you guys around.” he said as he got up and took off.

Max and Liz looked at each other, unpleased with what just happened. “Okay.” Liz said, confused. “Well, I have to start heading to class.” Max told her. “Maybe I’ll see you after school, or something.” he said as he got up. “Okay, bye.” she said sadly.

Jenna walked down the empty hallway with her stepbrother, Josh. “So, what’s going on with you and Isabel?” she asked curiously. Josh hesitated at first, but then confessed, “ I’m not quite sure.” “What do you mean, your ‘not quite sure’?” she asked.

“Well, we went out on a few dates, and we had a lot of fun, but lately, I feel like she’s been pushing me away, you know, avoiding me.” he told her. “Oh, I see.” she said realizing what he meant. “You see Josh, Isabel is very… special, so you have to understand that if she does decide to push you away, it’s not because of you, it has to do with her.” she assured him. “What do you mean, special?” he asked curiously.

“Well…she’s like…like...” Jenna continued, trying to find the right way to put it. “She’s like me” she said. “Oh, you mean she’s adopted.” he announced, “ Okay, do you always have to bring up the adoption issue?” she said annoyed. “Sorry.” he said, embarrassed. “Actually,” Jenna continued, “she was adopted. That’s why she’s pushing you away, because…uh…she’s afraid. Uh, that…you’re going to…uh…abandon her.” she said, trying to make it sound like she new what she was talking about. “Yea, she has abandonment issues.” she confirmed.

“Why don’t you just tell him the truth? That she’s an alien, just like you.” she heard a male’s voice say inside her head. Jenna looked everywhere to try and find who was talking to her; she finally turned around and found Michael leaning against a corner of a set of lockers. Jenna looked at her brother and said “Uh, you go on ahead, I’ll see you in lunch.” Josh walked off towards the outside courtyard as Jenna turned around and headed in Michael’s direction.

“You know, the last time we were in an empty hallway together, you ended up kidnapping me and forced me to reveal who I am.” she said when she reached him. “Yea, that was a fun day, wasn’t it?” he asked sarcastically. “Just to let you know, I hate it when people eavesdrop on my conversations.” “Me too, don’t ya just hate that?” he said sarcastically. “What do you want?” she asked. “What do you mean? I can’t talk to you without having to ask you for something?” he asked, as if he had taken offense.

“ Maybe you didn’t hear me, ‘What do you want’?” she repeated slowly in an annoyed tone. “I was wondering if you wanted to go out to dinner with me tonight.” he said quickly and uninterested. “Why?” she asked. “I was sort of hoping for a quick yes or no answer, but obviously that’s too much to ask.” he told her.

“Why should I come?” she asked. “Because I thought this could be a great chance to get to know you better.” he said sweetly with a smile. Jenna began to laugh as she said “Yea, right. What kind of fool do you take me for? Like I would really buy that whole “I want to get to know you” act.” she said mockingly. Michael’s smile quickly disappeared and was replaced by a serious expression “ Well, that was humiliating.” he said annoyed.

Jenna looked deep into his eyes, her expression turned to attraction.“ I’ll go with you…” she said softly as she leaned in closer, watching his lips. He flashed her a small smile and looked deep into her eyes and then moved in closer, watching her lips, as she continued, “When the Academy comes knocking on your doorstep with an Oscar for that sad little performance you just gave.” She laughed as she walked past him, and his expression turned to anger and embarrassment.

“So, is that a ‘No’?” he called out to her, sarcastically. “Great, now how am I going to get what I want from her?” he thought. “Obviously, flattery will get me nowhere. I’m just going to have to take extreme measures, again.”

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