FanFic - Max/Liz
"The Kiss of the Millenium"
Part 1
by Nicole
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.
Summary: Okay, try to imagine that Max and Liz have been friends forever. Best friends. I'm not even sure if she knows about the 'alien' thing, it's up to the reader... But, okay, best friends, Liz is still going with Kyle and Tess just came to town.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: I wrote this on the fly, so if you feel like it leaves you hanging, too bad.
It was a stupid argument, Liz and Max had been the best of friends since third grade. They never fought about anything. Totally in sync. Thatís what everybody said. So why were they fighting now? Neither one had any idea, besides the fact that neither one liked the person the other person was dating. Neither one had any idea why it bothered them either, but it did.

"Okay, okay. Let me get this straight," Liz Parker snapped, dark eyes fiery. "Itís okay for you to go out with Tess even though I donít like it, but I canít date Kyle because you donít like it."

"Exactly," Max Evans snapped back. An angry flush rose in her cheeks.

"That is the most screwed up logic in the world, and Iím not talking to you until you start making some sense." She started to stalk away, but Max grabbed her arm, stopping her.

"You donít like me going out with Tess?"

"No," she said firmly.


"Because you donít belong together!" she cried. He grabbed her other arm, making her face him.

"Do you belong with Kyle?"

"No," she said quietly.

"Then why are you going out with him?" he asked.

"I donít know," she whispered. She looked down. "Heís just like this good friend I let kiss me sometimes."

"And do you let all your good friends kiss you?" he asked, scornful and wondering at the same time. The sharp retort on her lips died when she looked up into his intensely burning brown eyes. She felt an excited shiver run through her body. Max was going to kiss her. Max leaned in, giving her room to pull away, but she didnít want to. Liz raised her lips to his, and they kissed.

Everything exploded. Fireworks and stars were exploding, the universe seemed to just fill them. Liz felt dizzy from the rush of emotions and heat coursing through her. Max released his grip on her arms. His hand traveled upward, tracing her cheekbones, twining in her hair, caressing the sensitive skin on the back of her neck. Liz felt herself losing consciousness, she was having a meltdown. She had to touch him back, so she did. Her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer.

They broke apart, breathing hard, lungs crying out for oxygen. They looked at each other, incredulous. Both not very sure of what had just happened, but both knowing that nothing was ever going to be the same again.

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