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"The Importance of Being Elizabeth"
Part 0a
by WR
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Summary: Takes place in a different place at a different time. Just what is the Granolith and what can it do?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: This first ‘book’ sets up the rest of the story. Hope you enjoy it. My thanks go to all members of the RBI for their theories, and for their opinions of mine. My special thanks go to three very special people, Qfanny, Shapeshifter and Bluecornmoon, without whose help, kindness and encouragement this would have never appeared.
Journal Entry 64183. The last group of H'Manz have been left at the area I have chosen. Or is it the area I have been told to choose? I fear for these people. The area is a rocky and barren wasteland. To the south, a large body of land, separated by a narrow isthmus contains huge tracts of fertile land and rain forests. To the north are huge plains suitable for growing the wheat and grain we brought with us. I cannot help but think that these people will not survive long here. The voice tells me it is not my concern, for these people have an important task. I wonder if the new C'Laronolth has somehow made changes I am not aware of. Perhaps it has merely taught them how to survive in such an inhospitable place. The voice calls the land 'Chaco', and the people 'Anasazi'. The voice has never named the land, or the people before.

Journal Entry 64184. I feel like I have awakened from a bad dream. I no longer think I have been responsible for my actions, but have been directed by someone or something. Was it the Soul of the Universe? Lord Tsooz asked me why I have been wearing gold robes.

Journal Entry 64351. Our Battle Cruiser now floats on a sea, invisible from any shore. We have retained a number of H'Manz as servants, and using the new C'Laronolth, we have created rings of islands around the ship on which they can live. We have created a paradise, and everyone is happy. We have noticed that we are showing signs of ageing at last. A routine check has revealed that our ship's engines no longer function. This planet will be our final resting-place.

Journal Entry 64813. We continue to visit the lands of the H'Manz, checking on their progress. What else is there to do? All are thriving, and creating civilisations. It is interesting to see that they now consider us to be Gods, and how they are all drawn to mountains. The race that calls themselves Greeks build their temples to us on top of Mountains, and claim we live on the highest mountain of all, one they call Olympus. The race called Egyptians live in a flat environment, but build their own mountains, stepped pyramids, as tombs to their Kings, who they liken to Gods. The Mayans build pyramids on top of mountains, and sacrifice their own people to us. To their north, the ones called the Anasazi build strangely shaped communities where no people dwell, from materials hauled great distances, and carve strange images into the rocks. They place stones in strange positions that cast shadows and light from the sun upon these images. They seem to be preoccupied with the rising and setting of both the sun and the moon, and build their walls to align with the positions of the solstices. It is almost as if they are calculating something.

What disturbs me the most are the religious groups to the east, who create temples in the depths of their forests, and place huge golden statues before them. Every time I see one, I remember Prince Traznor and Princess Isozilde with sadness. The voice tells me they will be together. I am glad of that. A growing religion that worships just a single God claims that when a person dies, their souls live in his house. I imagine the Prince and his Princess are there, together by his side. I am tired of playing God.

Journal Entry 65008. Final Entry. This is the end. Our ship is on fire, and it is only a matter of time before it explodes. There is plenty of time to flee, but we have had enough. The H'Manz that remained with us have been evacuated to safety in the boats they have made, and we now sit and await our end. This has been a good ship, and a good home. The voice has spoken to me. It said, "We thank you." As the end approaches, I think of the future of this planet, the problems they will surely have. Despite their war like nature, I think they will survive. I wonder, will their descendants ever know that they originally arrived on the planet in an ark called An’Tahlantis?

End of Book 1

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