FanFic - Max/Liz
"The Chain"
Part 1
by Firia
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Summary: no happily ever after, itís a tragic epilogue to ďDestinyĒ. Donít read it if you donít like sad stories.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Please, feedback! Iíd like to know what you think because this is my first fanfic. My ICQ number is 98926666. Iím afraid the fanfic will sound a bit unnatural and forced Ďcause I wrote it in Italian and then I translated it in English (and my English is very poor). Thanks to: Yoshiko, who encouraged me, stayed with me when I was inspired and then helped me with the translation; Hikaru, for helping me with the title (I know there arenít blood scenes, Iím sorry, girl!); Vale, who helped me with the translation and found all the mistakes I had made; to my teachers, who knew that I wasnít paying attention to their lessons but let me write this story and gave me 10 as grade in conduct however.
Love is something so positive, so strong, so true that, for those who love, choking their feeling would be like murdering themselves. V. Van Gogh


We are all here. The five of us. I donít know what happened. I donít know, indeed. Why?

She seemed well. I donít know. Maybe I knew her less than I thought. She seemed strong. She was cheerful and she said life had to go on. Even without him.

Yesterday she wasnít at home when I came to drive her to school. Then, I went to her bedroom. She wasnít there. She wasnít at school either. She skipped her shift at work. Nobody had seen her. I asked Alex, but he neither knew anything. She wouldnít ever have cut her classes. There was something very wrong. Max was worried. Even if they broke up, he still loved her. He loves her even now.

His eyes full of fear. Terror that something had happened to her. Then, suddenly, he didnít speak anymore. We were in the quad. Tears. We didnít understand what was happening. Isabel drove him home. Michael followed them. Alex and I went to her home. Her parents were crying and Valenti was near the door, looking away.

I donít want to hear, to see or listening to anything. I donít want to.

Her bed is cold.

Alex cries. Isabel hugs him, crying. Michael looks at me for a while and then away. Max is outside, sitting in the lounge chair. Empty eyes and a smile on his face. I donít think he has understood what happened.

Iím fine, I think. I canít cry.

Liz is dead.

Her parents were crying. The sheriff went near us. And he told us what happened.

She was found in a motel. Dead. She has been found because the time for the room was up and she hadnít left yet. The door locked. Her things still there. The bathroom door locked. Something heavy against it.

Max is still on the chair. He hugs her blanket. Isabel is still crying. Alex is sitting on the floor. His hands in his hair. Michael is looking for something.


Liz is not here anymore.

They told me she didnít suffer. I donít think it would make any differences. What she did, she did it because she was in pain. Pain.

They told me they found her sitting near the tub. Her arms plugged in the water. Red. Water. She's worked things out so that nobody could save her. She wanted to die.

I know why. I donít want to think about it.

I canít cry.

Michael hands me something. I know what heís giving me.

It says she felt bad. Her stopped _ broken _ heart. Her crushed _ torn soul. She couldnít live. She depended so much on him for living. Sure her life was gone when he went away. The death of the soul without the death of the body.

I know what she felt. I know what she wanted to say.

Suddenly her little, perfect world seemed too small, even to breathe. It wasnít perfect anymore. She was sinking in her own feelings. No ability to manage the pain. No being in control anymore. She felt herself dying inside.

(It says) she was tired, so tired she couldnít sleep. She was so scared of sleeping, because during the slumber everything came back to her multiplied by thousands. She felt so alone, so empty. She couldnít eat, sleep or think of anything else. Such a pain. She wanted to runaway from Roswell, NM, from him, from that whole destiny crap, from that soul mates thing, that were destroying her. But she couldnít. She was tied here, to him, to us, to this situation. And then her body betrayed her, it was a wreck, she could feel herself dying day by day. She was running away. At last, she was trying to. But everything was after her, she could feel it.

Only death is the end of everything.

She hadnít been selfish. Neither coward. She only couldnít win the pain, the sorrow, the loneliness.

I hope sheís well now, that what she has done is right, that the painís gone.

Everything's a end. Life, too. But, what if the soul dies before the body? Now, I have the answer.

I donít think Max knows Liz is dead. Heís eloped in a world. His own world. With Liz. Heís been blocking the pain out. What will happen when he is not able to do that anymore?

Alex is crying. Isabel, too. I canít.

I canít _ cry.

The funeral. I donít know. Maybe to help people who stay.

It has been three days.

Isabel says Max is getting worse. He doesnít react. Doesnít talk. Doesnít eat. Doesnít sleep. Goes out only to sit in Lizís balcony. Iím here, too.

He has read her journal. I donít think itís a good thing. I donít think so. I know only two things. Heís going to die. Liz didnít think of that. And nobody of us will bear the pain.

The beginning of the end.

I only hope it is not painful. To die, I mean.

Donít cry Ďcause the sun'd disappear: the tears wouldnít let you see the stars.


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