FanFic - Max/Liz
"Epiphanies 2: The Anasazi Road"
Part 23
by Carol
Disclaimer: I would be the happiest woman on Earth if I owned any of these people, but sadly, only Josh, the Holbrooks, and Paul Hernandez are mine.
Summary: This is the sequel to EPIPHANIES 1: The Ties That Bind. It picks up the evening of the Evans barbeque that ended the first story. Here, Max and Liz must come to terms with a shocking revelation about Liz and her Grandma Claudia. They search the past among Native American ruins and history to find the truth and each other.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I have done extensive research on the Anasazi for this fic. Most of what you will read is either factual or widely accepted speculation. I have, on occasion, filled in a gap or made an assumption that suits my purposes. The alien connection, of course, is my own Roswell-loving imagination.
"I'll help you, Seranna. Just don't hurt Max," Liz pleaded. Seranna looked pleased. The promise of power hadn't had much effect, but threats to Max Evans certainly had. Just as well. That would be a card they could play again and again.

"Katar, release her." Instantly, Liz felt control of her body return. She rubbed her arms and looked at Seranna. "What now?"

"I have observed that your search of this room was unsuccessful. I think it is best that we do a similar search in the other kivas, but we cannot let you be seen. We will remain here until the park closes. Then we will continue."

"And until then?"

"You will tell us everything you know about Max and Isabel Evans and Michael Guerin."

Liz was confused. "What is there to tell that you don't already know?"

"Start with how you discovered their secret, and how you formed the bond. It may be something we can reproduce."

"I will help you look for this Criston, Seranna, but I will tell you nothing that will endanger Max or the others." Liz's look was one of confident challenge. They needed her and she knew it. For this moment, at least, she had leverage.

Liz swung her head toward the center of the room. She sensed something. Max! She returned her gaze quickly to Seranna. She didn't want to give away anything if Max was near. Immediately her eye was drawn in the other direction. A tall, pale man with sunken eyes was standing immobile behind her.


"Yes, Liz. It is I who will bond with you for the search."

Liz's stomach lurched. Bond with Katar? Liz would "bond" with no one but Max. She would go through the motions of helping him, but that was all. She sensed Max again, as if he were trying to break through to her mind, but she couldn't get any meaning from it, just a sense of him, and it calmed her.

Information. That's what would help him most.

"Katar? How will we bond? I mean, what should I do to search for the Criston?"

"When it is dark and the visitors have left, you and I will make a connection. It should be very powerful with a true Voyan. That should get us through the rock portal and lead us to the Criston. I look forward to it." His smile chilled Liz and she felt fear again.

"Seranna, what will you do?"

"I will be with Max. Perhaps I will be you, Liz. That should keep me close to him. If Katar tells me you are not cooperating, I will make sure Max knows you are betraying him."

Liz's anger erupted through her fear. "He knows I would never do that," Liz shouted.

Liz! Liz straightened. She had heard Max! We''ll be ready. I love you.

Liz suppressed a smile.


Max was dirty and tired when he emerged from the tunnel. The fit had been extremely tight. Obviously, Max was much larger than the average Anasazi or alien or whomever had wriggled their way through that tunnel 1000 years ago.

"Well?" Paul asked nervously. "Anything?"

"Yes!" Max nodded. "She's in there with two aliens. I'm pretty sure she was aware of me, but I don't know if she was able to understand my thoughts. She's smart, though. She asked them several questions once she knew I was there. I know they think she can help them search for the crown--they used the word Criston. Does that mean anything to you?"

Paul shook his head. "No, I don't know that word."

"Anyway, they think she can bond with one of them even more powerfully than with me and that she will help them find the artifact. They're shapeshifters, too." Max shuddered at the memory of the female saying she could pass herself off as Liz. As if he wouldn't know the difference instantly!

"I guess we hide out in the Cliff Palace until the park closes and wait until they emerge."

"Okay Max, but I'm going to have to get back to camp and reassure the other campers. Otherwise, they'll report us missing and send out security guards."

Max nodded in agreement. They chose a meeting place, and Paul headed back to the parking lot. Max made himself as comfortable as he could tucked into a small room in the face of the cliff and watched the kiva. The urgent activity had given way to quiet contemplation, and for the hundredth time, Max agonized over what his relationship with Liz had done to her. It seemed that time after time, their love wound up hurting her, endangering her, costing her in so many ways. In the quiet of the ancient ruins, Max Evans began to cry.

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