FanFic - Max/Liz
"The Accident"
Part 4
by Quartz
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The Evan's House: 10:00 pm.

Max had called Isabelle and told her that he had to stay near Liz. She understood what he was going through so she didn't protest when he said that he was staying at the hospital. Isabelle was in bed readyto slip into Summer's dream. It took her a little while but she finally got through.


Isabelle found herself in the middle of a beautiful meadow. She saw Summer standing a few feet away with her back turned toward Izzy's direction. Izzy took a place so Summer wouldn't notice her. What she saw wasn't a dream from the typical teenager. First of all, Summer was wearing a white robe with a half moon on it. She was also chanting someting in latin which Izzy couldn't make out. Suddenly, Izzy found herself fading from the dream.

***End Dream***

Isabelle shot straight up in her bed. "Whoa, that was wierd."

The Next Morning

Max had had a very restless night. He didn't sleep very well. So he was really tired when Isabelle, Micheal, Maria and Alex showed up.

Izzy: Hey, Max.

Max: Oh, hi guys.

Maria: How is she?

Max: No change. What did you find out, Izzy?

Michael: What did you do last night?

Izzy: I went dreamwalking. All I can tell you is that she is different.

Maria: Micheal, you didn't tell them?

Max: Tell us what?

Michael: Well, it seems that we are not the only ones with supernatural powers. Summer is a druid.

At that moment Summer came out of Liz's room rubbing her eyes from lack of sleep.

Alex: How is she.

Summer: Still no change.

Summer exhaled as she sat down in the waiting room. The whole gang just stared at her.

Summer: What?

Izzy: Maria told us about what you are.

Summer: Oh she did, did she. You could have found that out last night if you stuck around. Ya know, Isabelle, the next time you want to pop into my dream you might want to be a little more conspicuous.

Izzy: You knew I was there?

Summer: Um-hmm. It's one of the advantages of being a druid. I can sense people. Even in dreamland.

Max: Would you be able to find Liz?

Summer: What do you mean?

Max: A coma is another term for a deep sleep. If I can get you in, would you be able to find her?

Izzy: You see, we also have the ability to dreamwalk.

Summer: You guys aren't from aroud here, are you?

Michael: No, but that is not the case right now. Can you do this?

Summer: Yeah, let's give it a shot.

Max and Summer moved into Liz's room while everyone else was watching from the window. Each of them were crossing their fingers hoping that this would work. Max and Summer stood on either side of the hospital bed. Max put his hand on Liz's forehead and held out his other hand for Summer. She took his hand in her's and then placed her other hand in Liz's.

Max: "Are you ready?"

Summer nodded her head and they both closed their eyes.


They opened their eyes to find themselves standing in a dark room. The only light was coming from above them.

Max: Can you sense her?

Summer: She closed her eyes. "Yes, I can. She is very scared. Lizzy!!"

Liz: Summer! What is going on?

Summer: You are in a coma. We have come to find you?

Liz: Who's we?

Max: Liz!

Liz: Max! Help me!

Max: Stay put Liz. We will come find you.

Summer: Liz, keep talking. Let us follow your voice.

Liz: Please hurry. I'm scared.

After about 20 minutes of looking they finally found her.

Max: Liz!

Liz: "Max!" She ran into his arms."I was really scared."

Max: There is nothing to be scared of. I'm here.

Those two were so caught up within eachother that they forgot that Summer was there.

Summer: Um, guys. Can we continue this reunion in the real world? Liz, you need to wake up.

Liz: How?

Summer: Think of life, your friends, family.

Liz: I tried, it didn't work.

Summer: Think of Max. You both care for eachother. Focus on that.

Liz closed her eyes and focused on the love that was radiating from Max. She began to feel a little dizzy so she opened her eyesonly to notice that she was fading away.

Max: It's working.

Liz: "Max." Then she completely fadded away.

Summer: " It's time to wake up." It took only a few seconds but Summer and Max had faded away.

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