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"Taking a Step Back "
Part 8
by Mary N.
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Authors Note: I didn't plan on this happening, but part 9 crosses the line into the "R" rating. There are strong sexual situations, but I still leave a lot to the imagination of each reader.
Isabel and Alex drove to the movie theater. After looking at the selection they decide that nothing sounded good. They took a drive out to the desert for some star gazing instead. They lay on the hood of the car on a blanket that Alex pulled from the trunk of his car. Isabel stares up at the stars while Alex enjoys watching the way Isabel's face lights up as she talks about the different constellations.

"I really love coming out here, Alex. It's so peaceful and relaxing, and I can see the stars so much clearer than in town. It's all so beautiful."

"You sure are." Isabel lowers her eyes to look at Alex. "Excuse me, what did you say?"

"Isabel the stars in the sky are sure beautiful, but they don't compare to you."

Isabel's lips curl up on both sides to form a relaxed smile. "Isabel, I always knew there was more to you than what was on the outside. Thank you for letting me get to know how beauty you really are."

"That so sweet Alex, thank you." She rolls over on her side, so that she can look directly at him. "You make it so easy for me to be myself. I don't have to be afraid to show you who I really am. You know, I've always tried to act like I though people expected me to act, not wanting anyone to know I was different. I was afraid that they would figure out how different I am. With you, I'm not afraid of you judging me. You always make me feel special." Isabel takes Alex's hand in her's. "Alex, you are the sweetest guy."

"Isabel, I don't want to scare you, but I don't want to hold this inside any more. I need to tell you how I feel about you." Alex became very anxious about telling Isabel how he felt. The first time they went out she became upset when she found out that he thought it was a date. She thought they were only going out as friends. He told himself that a lot had happened since then, and he had to risk telling her how much he cared for her. He was worried that she would get upset and not want him to come around anymore.

Isabel could see how anxious Alex looked. She wondered if he had something bad to tell her. She was always afraid of people getting to close, that if she let them get to know the real her, they wouldn't like what they saw. She calmed herself quickly. [This is Alex, he is different from most people. No matter what, he would never want to hurt me.] She had seen the love in his eyes, and knew that what ever he would say, good or bad, it would be said with love. She wanted to help him relax, so that he would continue. "It's okay, I promise not to bolt." she said with humor in her voice, while squeezing his hand and smiling at him.

The tone in her voice and the look in her eyes gave him the confidence to continue. "Isabel, I have had a crush on you for so long. Since I found out about yours, Max, and Michael secret.... you let me into your life. You let me know the real you. Now I don't just have a crush on you, I have fallen, no fallen isn't the right word. I have grow in love with you. Isabel, I love you more than I ever thought was possible. I understand if you don't fell the same way. I don't expect for some one as wonderful as you to love someone like me. I just..."

Isabel's eyes feel with tears. [He loves me.] Isabel interrupts his words of self doubt with a kiss, she was to chocked up for words. After a lengthy kiss she scolds him. "Alex, don't do that to yourself. Don't put yourself down like that. Don't you know how special you are. You're the most romantic, sweet, wonderful guy I ever expect to meet. You make me feel like royalty. No one has ever made me feel as special as you make me feel." She grew quiet for a moment. "Alex, I've falling for you as well."

Alex looks shocked at her words, then smiles as he slowly pulls Isabel into his arms. He stares into her eyes while he strokes her right check. "I never imaged that you could feel the same for me. You have made me the happiest guy in the universe." He lowers his lip to hers for a kiss that seemed to last for eternity. As he drew back to look into her eyes, he see her love for him reflecting there. Isabel raises her lips to meet with his for another passionate kiss.

Sure Alex and Isabel have kissed before. In fact even Max knew about a few of their make-out sections, but they had always been in fun. This time is different, there is love and passion behind their kisses. They had been holding back their feeling, but no longer, now their feelings for each other take control. Their passion develops to a point where neither is thinking about anything other than the heat and desire that they are sharing here and now.

Surprising to them both; they make a connection. They see into each others souls.

Isabel feels and see herself through Alex's eyes.

She feels his admiration for her. First he was attacked to outer beauty. As he watch her he saw more. He saw her inter beauty, and that is what he loved the most.

He watched her as she comforted Michael when he was upset.

He saw how she listen intensely to Max and Michael when they need someone to listen to there troubles. How she could make them smile when they seemed blue.

She felt his surprise when she changed the molecular structure of the ketchup.

She knew how much he loved to listen to her voice when she talked about things she enjoyed.

The way she looked as she took care of Michael when he was sick. The way she worried about Michael and how scared she was at the thought of losing him.

How beautiful she look to night as see told him about the constellations in the sky.

Alex felt and saw how she had watched him over the years.

His deep friendship with Liz and Maria. She could tell that there was a mutual trust between these three friends. She enjoyed watching them talking and joking around with each other. Not because they had a secret that kept them together, but because they wanted to be together.

She liked the why he spoke his mind, without worrying about what others thought. Her respect, and admiration for him as he gave his blood to save her brother. She wondered if she could be as trusting as he was. To do that for people that really didn't know; on the word of a friend. She wondered if she would ever she would ever trust someone in that same way and them in return.

The way it made her feel special when he did simple things like opened doors for her, walkout of his way to say hello, take her hand when they crossed the street, listened closely to every word she said. It was as if his word revolved around her. She felt accepted, and loved, really loved.

As their connection ended they stared into each others eyes.

Isabel spontaneously pulled back and climb down off the car. "Alex, we have to go, now."

Alex is completely taken back by Isabel's sudden desire to leave. "Now? I don't understand, that was so intense, why do we have to go now?"

"We have to talk to Max, this happened between him and Liz, and from what I have witnessed between them; things are going to only get more intense from here."




Maria's mom said she was going out with a friend. Maria knew that she was probably out with this new guy she recently started dating. Maria hadn't met him yet. Her Mom always dated a guy a few months before bring him home. That is if it lasted a few months. This was something she started when Maria was 7 years old. Maria had gotten attached to one of Amy's boyfriends, and when they broke up she was devastated. Amy figured this way Maria wouldn't be hurt each time a guy didn't work out.

Maria, knowing that her mom was going to be gone for a while, figured that her and Michael would be alone for awhile. Time to themselves, without interruptions sounded really good to her. They are sitting in the living room munching on some pistachio Ice Cream; Michael's favorite. He pours more tabasco sauce into his bowl as he finished telling Maria about his conversation with Max, about the connection, and the increased of intensity of their desires that accompanied it.

Maria takes one more bite before asking, "So he said, that we should try sleep close to each other or go to sleep while on the phone? What is that all about?"

"He wouldn't really say, but I got the feeling he was taking about sex when he said, ĎAll the pleasure without the risks.' Sounds intriguing, doesn't it."

"So, you think that we can, like do it in our dreams? I am going to have to get even with Liz for not spilling on this one."

They finish their Ice Cream and Maria carries their bowls to the kitchen sink. When she returns she cuddles up beside Michael on the couch. They both hoped sleep would come so that they could experience a shared dream. The problem was, as the cuddled together on the couch the desire to be with each other took over.

Michael was never one for control. He could feel the heat from Maria's warm soft body. It was bad enough they had been talking about the what they both wanted to happen tonight. Their connection increasing their desires, and now the feel of her so close. He couldn't take it any longer. He wanted her, and heaven knows he needed her.

Maria felt his muscles tighten under her touch, it excited her to think that he too was having trouble concentrating on sleep. That his thoughts were on their intent for the night. She sat up, pulling herself away from the heat that was him. She watched as he turned to face her. She could see flames blazing in his eyes.

Michael takes Maria by the shoulders and pulls her onto his chest as he lays back. Pulling all of her weight onto him. Their lips met with greed, each longing for the taste of the other. He explored her mouth with his tongue the why he wanted to explore her body with his hands and eyes.

Maria felt his bulging against her. She moaned at the sensation of his hardness pressing against her. She welcomed the idea of sharing this night with Michael, her soul mate. Michael was never one to speak of his emotions, but it was very obvious to her, what he was feeling. Her own body crying out for further attention.

Michael sliding his hands under her shirt, caress her soft warm flesh beneath his touch. He desired to feel her pressing her flesh to his flesh. They broke their kiss only long enough to remove their shirts. Maria also wanting to feel him as close to her as they could get.

Returning to his lips Maria whispered into his mouth. "I want you Michael, I want you.." He groaned as he moved to unfasten the remainder of her clothes.

Maria tuning her attention to the helping him with the button on his jeans. They kissed periodically as they struggled to remove each others clothes.

Both freezing at the sound of keys in the door. They jumped up and grabbed what ever cloths they could find, and made a mad dash for Maria's room where they dressed quickly.

Michael kissed her quickly on the lips and headed for the window. Maria grabbed hold of his arm. "Stay! I'll be right back." He saw the pleading in her eyes and silently agreed. Before leaving the room Maria smiled "It's probably a good thing she came home when she did."

Maria wanted to check on her mother. She never come home this early from a date.

"Mom, is that you?" She asked as she came around the corner. To her surprise there stood her mother and Jim Valenti. Maria looked at her mother questioningly. "Mom, what's going on? I thought you were going out. Did something happen? Why is the sheriff here?"

"Maria your mumbling." Maria went quiet as she wait for her mother to explain why the sheriff was there in her home. "Sweety, there's nothing wrong, Jim is my date."

Valenti noted the look of surprise on Maria's face as she went pail "Are you okay?" he asked as he helped her to the couch.

Maria had seen her mother and the sheriff talking at the cafe awhile back, but never guessed that they were dating. The thought of her mother and Valenti together made her fell physically ill. This was the same man that interrogated her just a few months prior. The same man that tried everything to find out the secret about Michael, Max, and Isabel. The horror able image of him hanging around the place flashed through her minds eye, and she swallowed hard. She tried to tell herself to remain calm, that he didn't suspect them any more. She still felt panic and was sure that he was trying to read her. She had to get out of the room before he could figure her out.

"Mom, I am sorry I guess I had something that didn't agree with me. I'm going to lay down for a moment."


Liz looks around with a puzzled expression on her face. " I have to admit I'm a little confused Max. Of all the place you could have picked, why did you pick the Crashdown. Don't we spend enough time here when we're awake?"

With a bright smile on his face Max draws Liz into his arms. "Liz, I wanted to do this right. Make it as real as possible, you know. Start this evening off here, the place that holds so many special memories for us."

"Memories, what memories would those be? Liz asks provocatively

"Liz, for years I have been coming here hoping that I could catch a glimpse of you. Back then I could only dreamed about you, I never really thought that we were possible. Then everything changed, and I saw into your soul, and showed you mine; all of it happened here Liz, here in this room. That is when I first had real hope that we could be. I wanted you to remember the good things that have happened here. Now close your eyes, and we'll be on our way.."

"What are you up to now, Max?" She asks, as she closes her eyes with a smile on her face.

Max pictured another location in his mind, and their surroundings changed.

Whispering in a deep husky voice. "You can open your eyes now." Liz opens her eyes and looks around. They are no longer in the cafe, but are now in a warm cosy room in front of a fire place. There are candles lit all around them. "Do you remember this place?" Max questions.

She looks around, it feels familiar, but she doesn't recognizing it. Then it dawns on her. "Isn't this the same place we came the night we first dreamed together?" Liz looks deeply into Max's intense, soulful eyes.

"I thought tonight we could finish what we started that night. That this could be our special place. No one will ever be able to spoil this place for us. Tonight, we will start to make new memories. But I don't ever want to forget the past. Our past, brought us to the present, which leads to our future." Max places his hands, one on each side of her face. "Liz Parker I have loved you for so long. There will never be anyone else for me. I am yours, and only yours."

Before she can say a word Max leans in and brushes his lip against hers. They both take in a deep breathe of anticipation. Liz rests her hands on his shoulders as they kiss with intent to possess each other. As the hunger builds between them their kisses builds in intensity to match.

Liz slides her hand under the back of Max's t-shirt and sweater, felling his warm skin beneath her touch. She runs her hand from his back, around his sides, and onto his chest. Feeling ever rise and fall of the contours of his body along the way. Moving her hands downward she takes hold of his shirt and sweater. Pulls them over his head, and tosses them to the side. Liz admiring examines Max's well defined physic.

Max places his hands along the sides of her face, bring her attention back to his eyes, and kisses her soft welcoming lips. Slowly he lowers his hands down the collar of her shirt. Tracing the collar line until he reaches the buttons in the middle; wanting to enjoy every moment with her; he delicately unbuttons each button in turn. As her shirt opens a black lacy bra is revealed. He eases her shirt off of her shoulders, discarding it to the ground below. Max kiss a trail of kisses along her collar bone. She moans in delight at his touch. He slides his hands around her waste and up her back to the clasps of her bra. It takes him a moment to release the hooks. Liz pulls back from his hold, looking deep into his eyes she slides the straps from her shoulders. Revealing herself to him for the first time. Liz never takes her eyes from his. She watches his eyes as he approvingly takes in the sight of her.

He strokes her newly revealed, soft delicate skin before wrapping his arms around her waist pulling her close against his chest. Max had longed to feel her body next to his, to feel her warm soft flesh pressing against him, to smell the smell that is specially Liz. Their kisses have drawn to a hunger surpassing those of their past. Liz, wanting to feel more of his body next to her own; takes a step back and finishes removing her clothes, letting them slide to the ground.

Max stands there in awe as he takes in her full beauty.

Liz; embarrassed by the why he is staring so intensely, blushes from head to toe.

Max seeing her change of coloring realizes how uneasy his staring has made her feel. Not wanting to look away from the sight of her, he forces his gaze back to her face. Her eyes meet his piercing gaze, and he whispers, "You are so beautiful Liz, more beautiful than I ever imagined."

Still blushing she drops her eyes from his, and smiles bashfully. He raises her eyes to meet his once again. "Your beautiful." He gingerly kisses her lips. Liz hands wonder down to the button on his jeans, and tries to unfastens it. He moves her hands aside and unfastens and removes them himself. Cradling her into his arms he eases them to the ground below. The heat coming from their bodies drives them to the point of no return. Their excitement escalating with every touch, every kiss.

Suddenly, without warning Max disappears.

"!?#!?, Here we go again, Max were ever you are I can't take much more of this."


In Max room standing over him is Isabel. "Max you know you are getting harder and harder to wake up. I have to talk to you."

With frustration in his voice and written on his face, Max losses control, "!#?! Isabel couldn't this have wait until morning!"

Isabel is completely taken back by Max's outburst. "Well, I can see now's not a good time." She says with an attitude and turns to walk away. "Oh by the way you left the phone off the hook, I hung it up for you."

Max's anger irrupts again. "You did what!?" She doesn't understanding why he is so upset. After all she did him a favor. She stands there looking at him is disbelief. She tries to figure out why he would be so angry, it's not like her and Michael have never woken him up in the night before. With Michael it's almost a regular occurrence. "What is wrong with you Max, I did you the favor, I hung up your phone for you. You feel a sleep with it off the hook." Isabel looks really puzzled by Max's obvious frustration.

Max reaches over and grabs the phone and dials Liz's number. He was hopping that she had awaken and realized that he was no longer on the other end of the line. Her number was still busy. He closes his eyes and covers his face with his hands.

"Max are you okay?" she asks with concern in her voice.

"Isabel you don't know what have done. But I promise you one day you will. I'll get even, just you wait I'll get even. It's going to happen to you too. Someday it's going to happen to you and I'll get you back."

"Okay Max, what ever that means." She's really puzzled now.

Max composes himself. Looks up at his sister and comes to the realization that she didn't know what she had done. In fact she had no clue. He hadn't told her anything about what was happening between Liz and himself, and he knew she wouldn't have woke him up unless she felt it was important; only Michael did that. "Sorry Isabel, it's not your fault. What did you want?"

"Are you sure? It sounds like your the one who needs to talk. I don't ever remember you yelling like that. Did something happen between you and Liz?"

He sighs at the thought of how close they were to something happening between himself and Liz. "Everything is fine Is. You could say I was having an unforgettable dream. So, what did you need to talk to me about?"

"If your sure there's nothing wrong."

"Trust me. It's not something you can help me with."

She's not sure if she believes him or not, but figures it would come out in time. After all it couldn't be more important than what she need to know. "Can we talk about the connection you made between you and Liz? The one you told me about." Max can't help but smirk and turn a little red. "Are you sure you okay Max." Trying not to break into a full fledge laugh at the irony of the situation; Max just nods his head in the affirmative.

"Well, it just happened between me and Alex, you know the connection. I need to know what you found out about it. I mean can you tell me what to expect."

Max cannot hold it back anymore. He laughs so hard that his stomach begins to hurt. "I don't see what's so funny, Maxwell. This is important." Isabel is now really infuriate, and she turns and heads for the door.

Trying not to laugh, Max calls out to stop Isabel. "Is wait, I'm sorry it's really not that funny. It's just your timing. Please come back and I'll try to explain."

Isabel crosses her arms over her chest and sits down beside Max on his bed. "It better be good Maxwell." she warns him in a very stern voice.

Max clears his throat. "Is, the connection you two have made is how our people select their eternal mate."

"Our eternal mate. You mean like your spouses." Isabel asks in disbelief.

"Teomner said that we make a connection with only one person in our lifetime, our soulmate and then when we reach the age of maturity our desired to bond with that person grows."

"Are you telling me that I'm considered married to Alex? He's my soul mate and that we're connected for.... life? Wooo! Wait a second, at what age do we reach maturity, when does this bonding begin?"

Max smirks, "Is, there's good news and bad news, which do you want to hear first?"

Isabel gets a strange look on her face. "Good news and bad news, I think I better take the good news first."

"Okay, the good news is you don't have to worry about when it will start. If your like Michael and me it actually started before the connection was made. Were you or weren't you making out when the connection was made.

Isabel looks at Max all smug. "So we were making out, what does that have to do with it, it's not like we took it to far, or anything. Your telling me that I'm going to want to start bonding with Alex, like now. If that's the good news what's the bad news?"

"Not yet there's still more good news. The connection between you and Alex will continue to grow and the more you try to fight it, the harder it will be on both of you. Your going to be out of control. Trust me I know, and it's enough to drive you insane. Now Teomner told me that until we reach the age of accepted marriage in this world it's safest to limit our bonding to our dreams."

"You mean dream walking?"

"No, that's the bad news. Dream walking doesn't work, believe me, I've tried. There's more need to make the right kind of connection. You have to share the dream, and the only way Liz and I have been able to do that is when we've slept next to each other, and the times we've fallen asleep talking on the phone. It's like you have to be able to hear each other breathing or something."

Isabel looks like she's just had a revelation, and she turns five different shades of red. "Is that what you were doing when, I woke you up?"

"Let me put it this way, we were trying! Liz and I have been connected since we first got back together, but because of everything that has happen since then, we still haven't bonded. Tonight would have been the night, but you see, you hung up the phone."

"Oh,.... sorry,..... how was I supposed to know. It's not like you've shared any of this with me or Michael. Wait Michael knows doesn't he. You told Michael, and didn't tell me."

"Hold on. I only told Michael earlier today. He had some questions, just like your having. In fact he knew less than you did. I never mentioned the connection to him at all. Things have just been too crazy."

"Michael connected to Maria didn't he?" Isabel asks excitedly. She thought that Michael and Maria were good for each other.

The expression on Max's face changes. He now has a determined look about him. Grabbing a few items he heads for the window. All he said before climbing out the window was, "Cover for me." and he was gone.

Isabel didn't need to question where he was going. She already knew. She only hoped that he didn't get caught.


Amy DeLuca inters her daughters room to check on how she was feeling. To her surprise she found Maria and Michael sleeping soundly on the bed. It first sight furry ran through her, and then a sudden realization. Who was she to speak, even at this moment Jim was sitting in her living room and before coming in here she was contemplating doing more than sleeping in his arms. As she watched her daughter she couldn't help but envy her a bit. She looked so content with just sleeping in Michael's arms. She couldn't remember when having a mans arms wrapped around her was enough to make her happy. Amy walked into her room, retrieved an extra blanket, returned and covered them both.

After picking up her daughters phone book for her desk. Amy walk into the living room, picked up the phone and dialed Michael's number. She knew nothing of Michael's family situation. She was hoping that they would accept her offer for him to stay over for the night. She was surprised when a drunken voice answered the phone. "Is this Mr. Guerin?"

When the sheriff heard the name Guerin he instinctively sat forward in his seat, and listen to the conversation Amy was having. "My name is Amy DeLuca, I want to know if your son would be allowed to stay over with" She paused for a moment and decided it was best not to mention with her daughter. That sound like she was promoting sex between this teens. "He feel asleep while doing some studies with my child, and I just really didn't want to wake him.

All she heard from the man on the other end was, "I could careless where he sleeps." and then the phone went dead.

"What's up?" asked Jim.

************************ Max quietly enters Liz's room, removes his shoes, and lies down beside her on top of her blankets. He lays his arm across her waist and matches her breathing with his own. He slowly drifts off to sleep.

Liz is wrapped in a blanket sitting on the floor watching the flames as it dances in the fire place. Max walks up behind her placing his hands on her shoulders. Without turning to look at him she said, "I was hoping that you would come back."

Max sat down beside her, "I'm sorry I was called away. Isabel hung up the phone, she didn't know." Max looked in to her eyes she had been crying. Max aware of her tears worried that she was having regrets over what they were about to do when he got pulled away from her. "Liz, what's wrong?

"I know how this is going to sound, but I don't care. I can't take much more of this. I need you, I need to feel you or I'm afraid I'll lose my sanity."

They worry from Max's face was replaced with a smile. "Your not crazy at all I feel the same way. That's why I came to you. I need you Liz. I need you tonight. No more interruption."

Max wastes no time removing his clothes and joining Liz on the ground in front of the fire place. As much as Max wanted Liz right then, he also wanted to take his time devouring his beautiful Liz. Meeting her lips with a need to taste her on his lips was all it took to fully rekindle the heated flame between them.

Liz pulled him down beside her. With their hands they caressed each other insatiably. Max parted her lips with his tongue, tasting every part of her mouth like he couldn't get enough of her. In fact that's how he felt, he wanted more, he wanted all of her at the same time.

He allowed her the same privilege she had allowed him, full access to exploring his mouth with her tongue. It felt so good, but he still had to fight the impulse to take charge and resume his exploration. Liz could since his need and allowed him to resume making love to her mouth.

Liz moaned in delight at his desperation to engulf her. Her body shaking in anticipation of their union. He must have felt her shiver and thought she was cold; he couldn't have been more wrong on that account, she was on fire; he covered her body with his, as if to warm her. She wrapped her legs up around his legs. Looking into his eyes she knew he was thinking the same thing she was. It was time for them to share their love completely.

Max knowing this was the first time for both of them; took it very slowly. He wanted for them both to enjoy this togetherness. Max smiled shyly at Liz and teasingly said. "Just think, we get to do this for the first time twice."

She looked at him puzzled at first, then realized what he meant. This first time was in their dream. The next would be for real. They moved together taking in this new sensation. Liz running her fingers through Max's soft dark hair seemed to add fuel to his fire. Their movements quickened until they collapsed into each others arm.

"I love you, Liz Parker."

"I love you too, Max Evans"

They lay quietly in each others arms savoring the moment. When something unexpected happens. They find themselves standing under the stars in a place that neither recognizes. They see a symbol on the ground in front of them. "It's the same symbol from the pendent." exclaims Liz. She feels the impulse to walk to the path on the right. Max walks to the path on the left, looking directly at each other they both knew what to do. They walk to the end of their path, meeting near the center. They both looked to the center, it was empty. Not trying to understand what was going on they both felt the need to step into the emptiness in the center. Liz and Max reached for each others hands and step to the middle. They expected to fall, not seeing anything there to support them., but they didn't. Instead they were raised higher. And they heard the words. "You are now one. Let love be your strength."

They were both laying on Liz's bed, Max still lying with his arm around her waist.

Liz turned to face Max. "Max the greatest power that any of us possess is the ability to love."

To continue.

Mary N.

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Part 9
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