FanFic - Max/Liz
"Someday We'll Be Together"
Part 1
by James
Disclaimer: In my alternate universe I own them.
Summary: The alien trio went to their home planet leaving Liz, Alex, and Maria in the dark. Will they return to the ones they love or be gone forever?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is for Danette and Betty who are my best friends on-line. Also, the LNC whose craziness I’ll never get enough of.
Liz sat down at her desk and grunted at the amount of work she had to finish by 5:00. She opened her top desk drawer and pulled out a picture of Max and herself. It had been almost ten years since Max, Isabel, and Michael left for their home planet She didn’t have to look at the picture anymore to have the memories rush into her mind. She remembered standing in the middle of the desert and looking at the space ship fly away, their last kiss, the death of Valenti, and Maria moving out of town with her mother. A tear ran down Liz’s face and splashed onto the paper work. “I’d better get to work or I’ll never be leaving tonight,” Liz thought. She put the picture away and started on her work, only to be stopped by Teresa, her co-worker and friend.

“So, are you going to do anything tonight, Liz, or are you going to stay home and veg in front of the TV again?” Teresa smiled and sat in the chair that was in front of Liz’s desk.

“I thought I would stay home and cook some dinner for myself, read a good book, and relax. I will probably go out tomorrow night with everyone,” Liz said looking at the paper she just grabbed.

“You always know how to have fun, Liz,” joked Teresa. “Well, I will stop by before I leave to check up on you.” With those words Teresa walked out of Liz’s office and into her own office. Five o’clock came and went with Liz still at her desk working.

“Well, sis, I’m leaving and I think you should to,” Teresa said, standing in the doorway with Liz’s jacket in her hand.

“Yeah, I guess you're right. I’m never going to get these calculations correct when I’m so tired.” Liz stretched, gathered up her papers and grabbed her jacket from Teresa. Liz beeped the alarm off her car and started it. The song, “The Power of Good-Bye” by Madonna, came on the radio. “This was the song that was playing in the background when Max told me that he was leaving for his real home.” The memory flashed in her mind, and she found herself standing in the Crashdown with Max at his usual booth.

“Can I get you anything, Max?” Liz asked.

“I think I will take a Coke with some Tabasco sauce and some fries, please,” Max replied. Liz walked to the kitchen, gave Jose the order and went to get Max’s drink.

“So, what is lover boy doing here today, as if I didn’t know already?” Maria said. “Where is his Siamese twin, Michael?”

“Max is here to eat, and I don’t know where Michael is. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t doubt it if Michael never set foot in here again after what you did to him,” Liz shot back.

“Hey, it was an accident, and he knows that. It’s his own problem now. I have forgiven myself and moved on.” Maria turned to see that her food was ready and walked away.

Liz sat down across from Max and said, “Here is your soda. Your fries should be up soon. So why weren’t you at school today? It’s only about two weeks to graduation. You missed me giving my valedictorian speech to the class today,” Liz proudly said.

“Well, I have something to tell you, and well, I don’t know how to tell you except just to say it. Michael, Isabel, and I have found out how to fly the space ship. After we graduate, we are leaving to go home.”

Max’s tone was so soft that Liz almost didn’t hear what he said. Liz could tell that Max had thought very hard about what he had just said. Liz just sat there. She opened her mouth, but she couldn’t say anything. She somehow managed to form a sentence. “What do you mean, leaving?”

“Well, you were there. You know what happened. After Nasedo killed Valenti we didn’t have to be scared anymore. In the past few weeks, Nasedo has taught us how to fly the ship,” Max responded.

“So that’s it. You’re just going to leave, and that’s it?” Liz shot up from the booth and walked to the back. Max got up from the booth and chased after her. He finally caught up to her and turned her around to face him. Liz couldn’t look at him and she didn’t even want him touching her.

“You of all people should know how hard it was for me to decide this. I mean, I could never leave you, but I need to see where I come from and finally answer those question that I have been asking about myself.”

“I know, I know. It’s just that I never really thought about you leaving me and never coming back,” Liz said, trying to hold back the tears.

“Who said anything about not coming back?” Max tried to hold Liz closer to him but she yanked herself away. “I will always love you and not even space will stop me from coming back to you. Do you understand me, Liz? Nothing.” Max held Liz’s face and looked into her eyes so she would know that he meant what he said. Max lowered his head, placed his lips on hers and kissed her.

The noise of a car horn snapped Liz out of the trance she had been in. Liz pulled up to the apartment complex that she lived in and parked her car. She could hear the sound of her cat, Ford, meowing by the door. She opened the door only to have the cat run past her and down the hall. Liz placed her keys on the dinning room table and started dinner. She turned on the evening news, which was talking about the project that she was working on at the Lawrence Livermore Lab. The news said that when the project was finished it would be able to reshape objects and reform them into different things. “Yeah, if we can get the thing to work properly,” Liz laughed. Liz started cleaning the dishes but had to stop to let Ford back into the apartment. She opened the door to find Teresa standing there with a sad expression on her face holding Ford.

“Well, what happened? Did you meet another guy and he turned out to be like the last one hundred you have dated in the past?” Liz grinned at her and took Ford from Teresa’s grasp.

“How did you know? Are all men like my ex’s or is it just the men that I have dated?” Teresa questioned.

“I think it’s just the men that you have met and gone out with. That magic someone is out there for you. You just need to look in the right places.” Liz put Ford down and walked over to the couch and motioned for Teresa to come sit down.

“I’m just getting really tired of searching! Why can’t Mr. Right just fall into my lap?” Teresa started to get even sadder than she was. “Have you ever met that special someone, Liz?”

“Well, I did, but I let him get away from me. The relationship was very complicated, but with your soul mate everything is complicated. Time went on and he left because he said that he needed to find himself, and instead of me going with him, I let him go.” Liz was keeping the tears back because just the very thought of Max was still painful, even though she did not confess it.

“Your soul mate, huh? Well, I think that my soul mate is either not out there or else with another person. With my luck, my soul mate is probably gay.” Teresa laughed at what she had just said. Liz yawned so that Teresa would get the hint that she came over at a bad time. “Okay, I get the hint. I will let you sleep, but you are going out with me tomorrow night even if I have to drag you,” Teresa said as she got up and walked over to the door. Liz let her out and locked the door. It was about midnight when she finally got to bed, and it was not long after she shut her eyes that the same dream she always had, started.

Maria was fast asleep in her bed when something woke her up. She looked outside and saw a person walking away from the house. What the hell was that all about, she thought? Maria walked to the door and saw that the person had dropped an envelope through her mail slot. She picked the letter up and opened it. It said

In two weeks Bring Liz and Alex.

Maria opened the door to see if she could catch the person. She looked around but did not find anyone. Who was that and how did they know about the crash, Liz, and Alex? Maria couldn’t get the letter out of her head so she pulled out her phone book and dialed up Liz. The phone rang a couple of times and then someone picked up.

“Hello,” a sleepy voice said.

“Liz, is that you? It’s me, Maria. I need to talk to you. Please don’t hang up.”

“What is it, Maria? Do you know what time it is?” Liz asked, sitting up in bed.

“Tonight I was awakened up by this sound, and when I looked out my window I saw this person walking away from the house. I walked to the door and saw that the person had put an envelope through my mail slot. Anyway, the letter said that in two weeks Alex, you, and myself have to be in Roswell at the crash site.”

“What guy? What letter? You are making no sense, Maria,” Liz commented.

“What if it was an alien telling us that Michael, Max, and Isabel are coming back? I mean, only the three of us know about them and who they are,” Maria started to get excited.

“Come back down to Earth, Maria. Well, it has been a long time since they left, but no, I think it’s just someone pulling your leg. Our high school reunion is coming up. That’s what it was—probably an invite to the reunion, and it’s at the crash site. That person was probably a neighbor who got the note and decided to bring it to you.” Liz was pulling her “logic talk” with her.

“Yeah, you are probably right. Besides, Michael doesn’t even want to see me. That is what he said when we saw them leave.”

“He was still hurt by what you did to him. Are you still thinking about that?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, I do everyday. If he hadn’t broken my heart none of that stuff with Devon would have happened. Devon just caught me at a time that I needed someone, and I took him for all he was. You were so busy with Max that you forgot all about Alex and me.” Maria looked down at the floor and tried not to cry. “Devon was the only person that I could talk to, and he took advantage of that. I didn’t mean to sleep with him, and I knew it was wrong after I did it, but I didn’t know any better,” Maria cried over the phone.

“Maria, I know you didn’t mean to do that. Devon—that jerk—knew that you had just had your heart broken and that you were vulnerable, and he took advantage of that. I think that Michael knew that, but he just couldn’t let go of that fact. You know Michael—kick butt first then ask questions,” Liz tried to make Maria feel better, but it was not helping.

“I know, but I would have just liked to hear him say that he forgave me,” Maria said long enough to stop the tears.

“Maria, you have to stop beating yourself up about this. You have to let it go and move on. I did and look at me now. I have done everything that I planned on doing pre-Max.”

Maria stopped crying and said, “Well, my herbal store is almost done. The grand opening is about a week away. I think I just got my hopes up that it was Michael leaving the note, but you are probably right about the reunion.” At that moment, a knock came from Liz’s front door.

Alex’s band, The Whits, finally got the break that they needed to hit it big. After Maria quit the band, they went on a nationwide search for a singer. They played different clubs around Roswell and the United States. The band picked this girl name Sara Kennedy. She was a quiet girl, but when she got on the stage she could make your heart melt.

“A one, a two, a three,” Alex said, and then the band started playing. They were playing the Blast Off Club in Roswell for two weeks. They played the club favorites like “You Can Only Break My Heart Once,” “Love Hurts,” “Rip My Heart Out,” and everyone’s favorite, “Elizabeth.” Instead of Alex getting emotional about Isabel leaving, he wrote song after song until the hurt was gone. “Thank you. This is our last song for the night,” Alex announced to the crowd.

In the front row Alex saw a person throw something onto the stage then walk into the crowd. Alex lost the person because the crowd started dancing around and hopping up and down. He looked down and saw that it was a letter. The crowd started yelling “Encore! Encore!” when the Whits walked off the stage. The house lights went on, and everyone started to leave the club. Alex walked onto the stage, picked the letter up and opened it. He read the letter, folded it, and put it in his pocket. “Excuse me, guys. I need to make a phone call.” He walked to the back were the pay phone was and dialed a number.

“Hello,” Maria said.

“Maria, it’s me Alex. I have to ask you a question about something that I received tonight.” Alex’s voice sounded like he didn’t know what to say next.

“Was it a letter, Alex, because I also received one? Did your letter say something to the effect of getting Liz and me to the crash site in two weeks?” Maria confirmed what Alex was going to say.

“Yeah, it did, but what does it mean? Are Isabel, Michael, and Max coming back?” Alex got a lump in his throat when he said Isabel’s name.

“Liz and I think it has to do with our class reunion, but we are not sure.” Maria grabbed her cordless phone, turned it on and walked to the kitchen so she could make something to eat.

“Well, I highly doubt that, because my invite was thrown on stage while I was playing. If it were for the reunion it would have been mailed to my house. The letter said that Liz had to be there also, so is she coming to Roswell? I miss the two of you and all the fun we had together.” Alex tried not to sound too girlish when he said that.

“I know, me too, Alex, but Liz is busy with some kind of project in California,” Maria replied. “I will ask her if she will consider coming to Roswell just because we can’t ignore the letters that you and I received. Why don’t you come over? I have Liz on the other line. I will tell her that you are on your way over here. That way we can all talk about what we are going to do.”

Liz got up from her bed and walked to the door. She found a letter that had been slid under the door. She opened the door only to find no one was around to ask who was at her door. Liz bent over and picked up the letter. She opened it only to find that it said the same thing as Maria’s letter. She ran back to her room and picked up the phone, “Maria, are you still there?” Liz did not hear an answer; a few second later a click was heard and Maria’s voice came in.

“Liz, are you still there?” Maria asked.

“Maria, where were you? I got a letter, and it says that same thing as yours.” Liz could hardly keep the excitement in. “Maybe this does mean that Max, Michael, and Isabel are coming back.”

“Maybe, but I still want to know who that guy was. By the way, Alex called and said that he got a letter also. He is coming over my house so we can all talk about what we are going to do.”

Alex raced down to Maria’s house and saw that she had left the porch light on. He knocked on the door, and Maria quickly answered it.

“Hi, Maria, it’s been a long time.” Alex smiled at Maria. Maria grabbed him and gave him a huge hug. “Maria, I need to breathe to stay alive.” Maria let him go. She put her phone on speakerphone.

“Liz, Alex is here, so what are we going to do?” Maria asked the both of them. “Hi Liz, been a long time since the last time I heard your voice,” Alex commented.

“I know Alex, I’ve been very busy here in California. Sorry to both of you for not being the friend I used to be.”

Alex didn’t want to seem excited about the letter but he wanted to see what Maria and Liz thought. “What are we going to do about this letter? I think it’s worth checking out because what if it does mean that they are coming back. The Evans have moved away from all the looks and news accusing them of killing their kids. I don’t think that Max and Isabel would want to tell them about them coming back, anyway.” Alex tried to make all the images he had from those days stop flashing in his head. “There would be too many question to answer from the Evans, and we already know about them and where they went.”

“Then it’s settled. I have some vacation time coming so I will be in Roswell in three days,” Liz stated. “When I get there we will get to the bottom of this whole thing. Well, I’m dead tired and I need my sleep because I have to head into work tomorrow for a few hours to try and solve some of the problems we are having with the project.”

“Liz, wait a minute. Call me when you land so I can come and pick you up, unless you want your dad to come out and do it?” Maria asked.

“I will call you when I land at the airport Maria. Alex, you take care of yourself and keep all those girls at a distance,” Liz joked. Liz hung up the phone and fell asleep.

The next day, Liz was sitting at her desk when her boss, Mr. Walker, asked how the calculations were coming along. “They are coming along sir, it’s just that I have pin pointed the problem but I can’t figure out how to fix it,” Liz answered.

“Well, keep at it Liz. You are one of the top people here and I know you can do it.” He smiled and walked out of the office. In the background Liz could her the sound of pumps hitting the floor. That can only be Teresa because no one dresses up on Saturday, Liz thought. Right after the thought, Teresa walked in the room with her lunch bag in her hand. “Time to eat, Liz,” Teresa suggested. Liz grabbed her lunch and followed Teresa to the break room.

“I thought that we would get some of the others girls and go to a club. Maybe I’ll meet Mr. Right and you might actually meet a guy.” Teresa took a bite of her sandwich and offered Liz some of the pretzels she brought. Liz shook her head no and took another bite of her sandwich.

“That sounds fine with me. Get a hold of the others for me. I have to get back to work or Walker will be all over me Monday if I don’t get these problems solved.” Liz stood up and walked out of the room leaving Teresa there with her thoughts. Liz didn’t want to get into the relationship talk with her again. There was only one person for her and he was in a galaxy far, far away. Liz finally got the problems solved and gave Walker the finished product. He was so happy he almost hugged her. Liz took this opportunity to ask him for the time off. “Sir, if you don’t mind, I would like to take my two weeks vacation starting tomorrow,” Liz asked.

“Huh, sure Liz, whatever you want. Make sure that you fill out the paperwork and have me sign it.” Walker was still doing his happy dance when she left him. Liz filled out everything and had him sign it. “Thank you sir, I will see you in two weeks.” Liz took her copy of the paperwork and went to clean her desk up. She walked into Teresa’s office to find that Teresa was reading a book on how to catch men instead of working.

“Well, I’m gone. By the way, I asked for my vacation and Walker said yes. I’ll be leaving tomorrow for Roswell to visit Mom and Dad.”

“You are leaving me? Who am I going to ask men advice from and go men searching with?” Teresa asked.

“Well, you are just going to have to wait until I return from Roswell, Teresa. Well, I’ll see you tonight then.” Liz walked out of her office and headed for her car. When she got home she started to pack her clothes, where she stumbled upon her old journal from her high school years. Liz sat down on her bed and opened the journal to the last page. She started to read the page, but closed her eyes so that the tears would not come. She closed the journal and lay on the bed.

“Liz, are you coming to see us away?” Max asked.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world, Max.” Liz was sitting in her lawn chair that was on top of the Crashdown café. “So, this is it Max, you are actually leaving.” Max shook his head but did not say a word. They didn’t have to say anything to each other because they both knew what was going to happen. Max was going to leave her and they both didn’t know if he was coming back. He said that he would return, but she could tell he didn’t know for sure. Liz turned to put her journal down but when she turned to face Max, she was standing in the desert with Maria and Alex. Maria was standing next to the car because she and Michael had said their words to each other and it looked like they were not saying good-bye on good terms. Alex was hugging Isabel and trying to make her stop crying. Liz looked into Max’s bright blue eyes and just kissed him. Max wrapped his arms around her as if to say I’m never going to let you go. Each kiss got more passionate, but Liz knew that Max had to leave. She slowly pulled herself away from him and said, “I don’t want you to leave, and I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.” Liz couldn’t stop herself from crying.

Max ran his finger over her mouth and said, “I’m never going to leave you Liz. Whenever you need me just look up at the stars and think of me thinking of you, because I will always be thinking about you.” Max took Liz by the hand and continued, “I will always love you and that love will never die.” Max turned around and released Liz’s hand. He started walking towards the ship and motioned to Isabel to come along. Isabel kissed Alex and followed him into the ship. Liz watched the door dissolve into the rest of the ship, and in a bright flash of light, they were gone.

Liz opened her eyes and saw nothing but blurred images because her eyes had watered up. She wiped her eyes and finished packing. She decided that she was going to leave tonight for Roswell and surprise everyone. Liz dialed Teresa’s phone number and after a few rings her answering machine came on. “Teresa, this is Liz. Something came up at home and I’m leaving tonight so that I can't be there. Sorry about tonight and have fun with the girls.” Liz hung up the phone and left her apartment.

Liz parked her car in long term parking at the airport garage, and grabbed a shuttle up to the airport. After going through all the hassles of the airport, she sat down and waited for her flight to be called. There was a TV in the corner of the terminal and it was switched to the news. They were talking about a cop that was killed in the line of duty from a gang shoot out in Oakland. Liz started to remember the night that Valenti died and seeing the space ship for the first time.

“Son. Put your hands up where I can see them.” Valenti yelled at Max, “I knew that you were into something weird. Ever since the Crashdown incident three years ago I knew you were a freak. Turn around very slowly so that I can see ya.” Max turned around slowly to face Valenti. Nasedo jumped at Valenti and tried to grab the gun away from him, but the gun went off and Nasedo lay there motionless. “Everyone stay right where you are and don’t move!” Valenti yelled at Liz, Alex. Maria, Michael, Isabel, and Max. Valenti bent over the body and checked to see if he was alive. “There is no blood. I know I shot him,” Valenti said out loud. Liz got this feeling that something was going to happen, and she was right because all of sudden, Valenti flew backwards and fell to the ground. Nasedo stood up and raised his hand in Valenti’s direction. His body started to shake, then this bright light surrounded Nasedo and a beam of light shot out at Valenti, who was getting up from the ground. The light engulfed Valenti in a matter of seconds and his screams were loud and painful. A strong burst of heat vibrated out of the ball of light that was holding Valenti and made everyone turn away. Valenti’s screaming stopped; the light and the heat were gone too. Liz turned around to face Valenti who was lying on the ground with smoke rising off his lifeless body. Max ran over to Nasedo with a look of surprise on his face.

“You killed him! How could you?” Max asked. The rest of the gang gathered around Valenti and Max. “He was a bad person, but you did not have to kill him.”

“I did it so that you three could be saved from him searching for answers. How do you think he found us here? I told him where we were going to be, and I knew he would be here. With him out of the way…”

“You had this whole thing planned out didn’t you?” Max interrupted. His normal calm manner disappeared and was replaced by anger.

“You don’t have to be scared of him or anyone coming after you anymore. You should be thanking me, not asking why I did what I did.” Nasedo’s voice got angry. “I have watched out for you three ever since I returned three years ago and this is how you repay me?”

“That’s not it at all. We are all thankful for what you have done for us,” Michael said. “What I think Max is trying to say is, why couldn’t you have just knocked him out and erased his mind? I'm not sad that he is gone, because he was nothing but a thorn in our sides from the start. You just didn’t have to kill him to make sure that we were safe. What are we going to do about him?” Michael asked.

“We are going to do nothing. We’ll just leave him here and let the desert take care of him,” Nasedo said with a smile.

“I knew you were cold, but even though he was a jerk, he still deserves some respect,” Liz commented.

“Fine, then hold on to your hats.” Nasedo walked over to Valenti’s jeep and grabbed the handset to the radio. “We have an situation out here on South 280, I’m going to need back up to contain the situation.” Nasedo sounded just like Valenti. Nasedo walked back over to everyone, and had Max and Michael help him put Valenti in the jeep and move it to a place where police back up would see it. “Now lets go see what we all came here to see, shall we.”

Nasedo walked over to the rock formation that looked like something out of Close Encounter of the Third Kind. He put his hands together and slowly started to separate them. The rock formation rumbled and started to split in two to reveal a door. Everyone walked down this long hallway until they were in this huge hanger. Inside the hanger was the space ship that the alien’s crashed. The space ship looked in perfect shape, no dents or scratches anywhere.

“I thought that it did not exist; that the government dismantled it, but look, it’s right here,” an awe struck Michael commented. Michael walked up to the ship and ran his hand along it. He looked around for a door but he couldn’t find one. “One question though, where is the door?”

Nasedo walked past the group and placed his hand on the ship. A few moments later, a sound came from the ship and a door appeared. “Well, are you coming or are you just going to sit there with your mouths open?” He said to Michael, Isabel, and Max. The three joined Nasedo in front of the door and walked into the ship. Liz grabbed Maria and Alex and said, “We do not belong in there. It’s for them, not us.” Maria and Alex looked at Liz and agreed with her.

“Flight 280 to Albuquerque, New Mexico is now boarding. Will all passengers please line up on the right hand side of me so that we can begin boarding,” the flight attendant for the airline said. Liz got her carry on bag and got in line.

The flight was long and Liz slept through most of it. The plane landed and Liz exited the plane. She walked over to the rental car agency to get her rental car. She left the airport in her rental car and started the long drive to Roswell. Liz drove up to the Crashdown around five in the morning. All she wanted to do was get to Roswell. She had had this feeling when she left that something was going to happen, but she didn’t know if it was good or bad. Liz didn’t want to disturb her mom or dad so she went in through the back. Thank goodness my key still works or I would have had to sleep in the car, Liz thought. She opened the door and went into her room, which was just as she had left it. She unpacked her bags and went to sleep, but was awakened by her mother screaming. Liz jumped out of bed and saw her mother in the doorway with her hand around her face. “Liz, what are you doing here? I thought you were in Livermore working?”

“No Mom, I took some time off and decided to come back and surprise you and dad.” Liz walked over and hugged her mother and saw her dad running down the hall to see what the yelling was all about. “Hi, Dad. How are you doing? It’s been a long time since I have been back. What, about two years?”

“I think it has been that long, Liz. So, how is everything with you?” Her dad asked.

“Everything is going well, the project is almost done at the lab. I took some time off to come see you two and Maria,” Liz told her dad.

“Well, come down stairs after you have taken your shower and have gotten ready, and eat breakfast,” her father demanded.

“Yes, sir,” Liz saluted her dad and went back into her room. She stepped into the shower and got her body wet. It’s only two more days until we have to be out in the desert. I hope it’s them returning because I have been so lonely with out Max, Liz thought. She started to cry because, for the first time since Max left, she felt alone. As if a part of her body had been chopped off. Liz stood there crying with the water pouring over her head hitting the ground.

It had been a long day for Alex and the band. They were working on their next album and finished writing all the songs for it. Alex said goodbye to all his band mates and went home. He opened the door to his house and walked into the kitchen. He sat down at the dinner table with some dinner and a drink, when all of sudden two arms wrapped themselves around his neck. The hands were woman hands, soft and gentle. Alex looked up and saw Isabel there. “Did you miss me, Alex?” She asked with a smile. Isabel bent down and kissed Alex, but when he opened his eyes from the kiss, she was gone. A cold shiver ran through Alex’s body while he sat there looking for Isabel. “Get a hold of yourself man. Your mind is playing jokes on you,” Alex demanded. He finished his dinner and walked into the living room to watch some TV before he went to bed. He turned on the TV, but instead of seeing images of a program, he saw images of a spacecraft flying through space. The scene changed to someone walking down a hallway; it was as if the camera was a person and Alex was looking through his or her eyes. The person turned and faced out a window and they saw the planet earth in the distance. “I’m coming for you, Alex,” the voice said. The voice was familiar, but one that he had not heard for a long time. Then it popped into his head that it was Isabel’s voice. The images blurred then went all snowy, and only the sound of the TV snow could be heard.

Alex pinched himself to see if he was dreaming, but he wasn’t dreaming. This is just too weird, he thought. He grabbed his phone and called Maria.

“Hello,” Maria answered.

“Maria, it’s me, Alex. I just had something really weird happened to me. It is something that I wouldn’t have believed, if it didn’t happen to me,” Alex said still not believing what happened. “Can you come over so I can talk to you about it?”

“Sure Alex. Let me change out of my work clothes and I’ll be right over,” Maria said in a worried voice.

“Then I’ll see you when you get here.” Alex hung up the phone and went to his room to put some other clothes on. On his way to his room, the phone rang. “Hello?”

“Alex, is that you? The voice asked. “It’s me, Liz. I’m in Roswell at the Crashdown. I thought I would call and say that I….” Alex interrupted Liz.

“Liz, you have to come over. Something really weird happened to me earlier. I think it has to do with us going to the crash site,” a hyper Alex said.

“Really, Alex? I will be over in a couple of minutes. Did you call Maria and tell her?” Liz questioned.

“Yes, I did. She is on her way over here as we speak. Here is my address so you can find the house.” Alex gave Liz his address and hung up the phone. Alex barely finished getting dressed when the doorbell rang. He answered the door to find Maria standing there.

“Hi Maria. You’ll never guess what happened to me. I got a sign from Isabel, and don’t look at me as if I’m crazy, because I’m not. “

“Well, don’t just stand there, tell me what happened,” Maria said. Alex motioned for her to sit, but she couldn’t. She was getting excited from what Alex had just said.

“I came home from work tonight and sat down to dinner. I was about to take a bite of food when a pair of hands hugged me. I looked up to see who it was and the person was Isabel. She looked older but I could tell that it was her. Anyway, she kissed me. When I opened my eyes from kissing her, she was gone. I thought that it was just my imagination running away from me, but I sat down to watch some TV before I went to bed. I turned on the TV and saw this spacecraft flying through space, but when it cut to the next scene, I was watching a person walk through a hallway in the ship. The person looked out a window and I saw Earth in the distance. The person said, ‘I’m coming for you Alex,’ and the voice was Isabel’s. Then the TV went snowy,” Alex said very fast.

“So, you are telling me that Isabel some how showed up here, hugged and kissed you, then you saw her in a spacecraft and she told you she was coming for you? Well Alex, I would say that is a very weird dream,” Maria said, not believing anything that Alex said.

“I’m telling you the truth Maria. That really did happen. I pinched myself and everything.” Alex showed Maria his bruised arm

“Why did you pinch yourself, Alex?” Liz said walking into the room. “The door was unlocked so I let myself in.” Maria automatically turned around and hugged Liz as hard as she could.

“I have missed you so much, Liz. I thought that you were not coming in until tomorrow?” Maria asked.

“I wasn’t going to come in until tomorrow, but I couldn’t wait to see you guys,” Liz said with a smile. “So, what happened to you Alex that was so important to bring me out here?” Alex told Liz the whole story while Maria went to the kitchen to get something to eat.

“Maria said that I was dreaming, but what do you think, Liz?” Alex questioned.

“Well, I have to agree with Maria at first, but on the other hand, I’m not ruling out the possibility of it not being a dream,” Liz answered. Maria walked back into the room from the kitchen.

Maria stopped suddenly and dropped her sandwich she made. “Guys, turn around and look who is behind you.” Maria’s voice was shaky and scared. Liz and Alex turned around and what they saw made their months drop. Standing there were Max, Michael, and Isabel. Their bodies were floating and you could see through them. They just floated there and disappeared shortly after. Maria, Liz, and Alex just looked at each other in disbelief.

“I believe you now, Alex.” Maria could barely get the words out.

“Was that was happened to you, Alex?” Liz asked.

“Well sort of, but Isabel didn’t look like she was dead. You think that was another sign from them?” Alex asked, still awe struck from what he had just witnessed.

“Well, it doesn’t matter, because tomorrow night all of this guessing and X-Files stuff will be answered, and we can go back to our lives again,” Liz said, getting angry because she wanted Max back, but did not like the games they were playing with them.

“What’s wrong Liz? You haven’t been yourself. Ever since you left for California you have not called either Alex or myself, and we have all been wondering what is going on with you. I mean, you don’t even talk to your parents anymore. Where is the sunshine that use to light up your face?” Maria walked over to Liz and put her hand on her shoulder.

Liz yanked herself away from Maria and walked over to a window. “I miss him, what can I say. He was everything that I wanted and now he’s gone. It was as if someone yanked my heart out and didn’t put it back. So, when I left, I told myself to not look back and not think about anyone in Roswell. Well, I did that and now look at me, I have nothing.” Liz turned around so she could face her friends. “I’m sorry for dealing with him like that, but it was a good idea at the time. It was working too. I got a good job, and good friends, and a cat.” Liz forced a smile. “Then, this letter thing started and now this image of them, and everything that I forgot came rushing back. I’ve been having flash backs of everything with Max and the gang.” Liz couldn’t hold back the tears that she had been holding back for ten years. Maria ran over to her and hugged her. “It’s alright Liz, let it out.” Maria just held Liz and let her cry on her shoulder.

Liz woke up and felt different because of all that had happened last night at Alex’s house. All the memories that she had kept locked up had been released during the last week. After taking a shower, Liz went downstairs and into the Crashdown Café. She stopped in her tracks when she saw who was sitting at the counter. Kyle Valenti. Kyle was wearing a sheriff’s uniform and drinking coffee. He turned around and saw Liz standing in the doorway. “Liz Parker, is that you?”

“Kyle, is that you?” Liz returned.

“It’s Sheriff Kyle Valenti now, Liz.” Kyle got out of the chair and walked over to Liz to hug her. Kyle had finally realized that she and Max were meant to be together and he had gone his own way. Liz remembered her mother telling her that Kyle went into the police academy, graduated from there and returned as sheriff of Roswell. “How are you, Liz? It has been a long time.” Kyle smiled.

“Yeah, it has, Kyle. I see that you have taken after your father. What ever happened to being the short stop of a professional baseball team?” Liz asked. Kyle and Liz sat at one of the booths and talked about old times and how each other had been for the last ten years. Kyle had married some lady that he met when he was at the police academy. They had two children and that was basically all he said.

“Nothing really happens around here anymore. Well not since Max Evans, Isabel Evans, and Michael Guerin disappeared.” Kyle was getting at the open wound that Liz had just healed. “Do you know whatever happened to them, Liz? I thought that you and Max would get married and live happily ever after.”

“I have no clue, Kyle. I’m as clueless as you are as to where they could be,” Liz answered. “Will you look at the time, noon already. It feels like we have only been talking for a few minutes. I have to see Maria DeLuca. I haven’t seen her since I came here. It was nice to see you again Kyle, take care.” With that said, Liz got up and walked out of the Crashdown.

Liz pulled into the parking lot of Oils, Herbs, and Beyond. She could see Maria through the window at the cash register ringing up a customer. Liz opened the door and a bell rang. Maria looked up and smiled as she saw Liz walk in. “Hi Liz, and welcome to my shop.” Maria gave the customer her change, and watched the customer walk out of the store.

“I like the store Maria and it smells good.” Liz picked up one of the bottles off the counter and smelled it. “Never guess who was at the Crashdown today? Kyle Valenti himself. Who would have thought that he would have became the sheriff,” Liz smiled.

“I guess you can say, like father like son on this one.” Maria and Liz had a good laugh because Kyle had turned out just how they said he would. Liz stayed at the shop the whole day helping Maria out with customers and stocking shelves. The two women caught up on old times and how each other was doing now that Max, and Michael had left. Before they new it, the clock sounded closing time and Maria locked the shop up.

They agreed to meet Alex at the Crashdown before they headed out to the crash site. Liz pulled up in the parking lot and saw her father counting money from the cash register. They closed early that night because her mom and dad had a bingo party to attend. Liz knocked on the door so her father could let her in. “Hi Dad, how was business tonight?”

“Well, since we closed early tonight not a lot of people came in, but we’ll make up the business tomorrow. If you’ll excuse me, I have to get your mom or we’ll be late for the party. Do you mind letting Maria in, hon?” Liz’s father pointed to the door. Liz turned around and saw both Maria and Alex waiting at the door.

Liz opened the door and said, “Let me grab something and we can go.” Liz ran upstairs and grabbed a jacket from the closet. She joined Alex and Maria at the door and they were off to the crash site.

Alex pulled off the road and into the desert. He drove out ten miles in a straight line and turned left. “I guess you have not forgotten how to get there, huh Alex?” Liz smiled.

“It’s kind of one of those things you never forget about,” Alex said keeping his eyes in front of him. The huge rock formation where the ship was hidden rose in the background. “We’re almost there girls.” From when Alex said those words and until he stopped the car seemed like an eternity to her. Liz didn’t want to admit it, but getting to see Max again made her feel as if she were in high school again; when times were better and the hint of them leaving was far away. All three of them got out of the car and headed over to the rock formation. Alex laid the logs, that he grabbed from the trunk, down and started a fire. “Well, if it’s them that sent the letters and the ghost figures were them, they should be here any minute,” Liz informed the others.

“I can’t wait to see them again, and hear about their planet; very interesting if you ask me. I also get to see Isabel again.” Alex smiled. Maria looked at Alex and smiled.

“Alex Whitman, this is the first time in years that I have seen you smile,” Maria joked.

“I can’t help myself, knowing that they will be coming home which brought back old memories that I forgot a long time ago. What is that?” Alex pointed over in the direction of the car. In the background a light appeared. “Is that them?” Alex asked. The three of them sat up and looked at the light. “Well, whatever it is, it’s coming very fast.”

The light was about two miles away when red and blue lights flashed. “Cops! What the hell are they doing here?” Maria asked.

“Kyle. What the hell is he doing here, no one told him about it, right?” Alex asked, but got no answer because Liz and Maria were confused just as much as he was. “We have to get rid of him, fast. They’ll be here any minute.”

Kyle stopped the car and got out. “May I ask what you three are doing out here?” Kyle asked. He walked over to them and covered his mouth with one hand. “Could it be to meet aliens, or should I call them by their names; Max, Isabel, and Michael.” Liz’s mouth dropped and so did Alex’s and Maria’s.

“I have no idea what you are talking about Kyle. We are out here catching up on old times, since I’m leaving for California tomorrow,” Liz said, still not knowing how he knew their names, or even that they were aliens.

“Please Liz, don’t treat me like some stupid ass. I knew a long time ago what they were and how you three were involved with them. My dad, before he mysteriously died, told me about them, and well, I put the pieces together. Would make great headlines wouldn’t it Liz, Earth Woman in Love with Alien? Wait a minute, but they left in their little ship, didn’t they Liz?” Liz didn’t know how he knew this stuff because he couldn’t have found all this out from his dad.

“Maybe you’re right Kyle, but do you have any proof of this?” Liz asked. Kyle ran his hand behind his back and grabbed a hold of something. When the hand appeared again, he was holding Liz’s dairy. “How did you get my journal?” Liz yelled.

“Well, after my father was killed, I figured that Max had something to do with it, so I broke into your room and stole your diary. You wrote everything in here, and when I was done reading it and photocopying pages, I returned it without anyone being the wiser.” Kyle smiled. “This is the photocopied version, and don’t think about taking it and burning it because I had more made.”

“You’re so evil Kyle, just like your father, aren’t you? A cold hearted asshole.” Maria spat on his shoes. Kyle lunged at her and grabbed her. Kyle took his gun from its holster and pointed it at Maria.

“Don’t think about being a hero Alex, because I’ll have no problem shooting you,” Kyle yelled at them.

“Why are you doing this, Kyle?” Alex asked.

“I thought you were smart, Alex, but I guess those years in your band have fried some brain cells. I’m doing it because….” Liz interrupted Kyle.

“He’s doing it because of his father. He figures by killing Max, Isabel, Michael, or even us, he will avenge his father death,” Liz said, looking straight into Kyle’s eyes.

“We have a winner, Pat, tell her what she’s won.” Kyle smiled a most devilish smile at her. “Well, they win three beautiful plots at the Roswell cemetery, courtesy of Kyle Valenti.” Kyle pointed the gun at Liz and fired. Maria screamed with the sound of the gun going off. She closed her eyes because she didn’t want to see Liz collapse when the bullet hit her. There was an eerie silence, then Kyle slowly let go of Maria. Maria opened her eyes to see the bullet suspended in mid air. Somehow the bullet stopped right before it hit Liz in the chest.

Liz looked down at the bullet. She couldn’t move partly from being so scared and confused as to why she was not shot. Alex grabbed the bullet and held it in his hand. “You can’t even buy bullets that will kill someone, Kyle. You were always a loser.” Alex laughed. Kyle let out a scream and pulled the trigger this time, but no bullet came out of the barrel. “Well, this is just totally weird boys and girls.” Alex always joked when he was scared.

“You’re starting to become a hazard, Liz Parker; everyone wants to shoot you,” a voice from behind her said. Liz turned around suddenly to see Max and the others walk into the light. “Looks the whole gang is back together again.” Max smiled. Liz didn’t know what to do, her legs gave out and she fell to the ground. Max ran over to Liz and helped her to her feet. “Are you okay, Liz?”

“Uh, yeah, I am just a little shocked that you came back.” Liz smiled.

Kyle looked down at his gun and then around at everyone. He didn’t know what was going on and he didn’t care either. He stared at Max and rage rushed over him again. Kyle gave out a scream and jumped for Max. Max waved his hand and Kyle flew backwards to the ground. “Will you excuse me, Liz?” Max walked over to Kyle and bent down over him. Max put his hand on Kyle’s forehead and concentrated. Kyle gave out a scream and fainted.

“What did you do to him?” Liz asked.

“I just erased everything he knew about us, his father’s death, and everything that happened tonight. He’ll wake up and remember nothing about tonight.” Max smiled and walked over to Liz.

Michael walked over to Maria and kissed her like he had never kissed her before. “I missed you so much Maria. Everyday that I was gone I thought about how I left you there crying. I know now that what you did was not your fault, it was mine.” Michael took Maria’s hand. “Can you forgive me?”

Maria didn’t know what to say. She had all this anger built up inside her, but looking at him, she melted. “Of course I do Michael. How could I ever be mad at you?” Maria smiled then slapped him. “Now I most definitely forgive you.”

Michael massaged the handprint she left on his cheek. “I guess I deserve that, Maria.” Michael took Maria’s hand and they started walking towards the car. They passed Isabel hugging Alex.

“Isabel, I need to breathe,” Alex said, gasping for air. Isabel released him and smiled. “I have missed you so much. No one, not even on my planet, understood me like you did.” Alex took Isabel’s head in his hands and kissed her. “A part of me left when you did, and nothing could replace it but you.” They hugged and this time, neither one of them cared that they couldn’t breathe.

“Are you back to stay, Max?” Liz asked.

“I am, until I die, Ms. Parker. I went, I saw, I learned, I got lonely, so I returned. I told you that I would come back, and that I would never forget you. I love you Liz and always will.” Max took Liz and kissed her. “Excuse me guys?” Michael yelled, “I have a question. How are six people going to fit in a Mustang?”

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