FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 11
by Meredith
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Authors Note: This is a future fic, the sequel to “The Language of Longing”, which you can find at the Crashdown After Hours section (in the Max/Liz section of course) ;)
"OK, what movie do you want to watch now, Micky?" Jordana asked her cousin as they lay on the couch, surrounded by mountains of junk food. Michaela yawned.

"*You* can watch a movie, Jordy, but I'm tired." She climbed off the couch and grabbed her blanket to go back into her room. Jordana sighed. She couldn't explain it, but for some reason she was on edge... like something was wrong. She couldn't sleep.

"Well do you mind if I stay out here in the living room for a while? I'm not really all that tired yet."

"OK." Michaela said, walking over to her and giving her a hug. "Goodnight, Jordana."

"Goodnight, Michaela." She whispered as her (slightly) older cousin walked down the hallway and in to her room. Jordana walked into the kitchen and grabbed a juice box from the fridge, returning to the couch to snuggle back into the soft cushions. She grabbed the remote off the coffee table and began flipping the channels. She stopped on Saturday Night Live, one of her favorite shows. She was smiling already.

There was a quiet knock on the door that startled her out of her peaceful state. She looked at the clock on the wall and it read 11:30 PM. She hesitated, but heard the knocking again and decided to slowly creep to the door and look through the peephole. She swung the door open when she saw her Mom standing there.

"Mommy!" She cried, running into her arms. "Is everything OK? I thought you and Daddy were having 'special time' tonight?" She looked into her mother's eyes and could tell she'd been crying. "Mommy, what's the matter?"

"It''s Dylan... he's sick... very sick. We have to take him to the hospital. Come on." Liz said quickly, grabbing her hand and pulling her out of the house.

"Mommy!" Jordana cried, tears rushing to her eyes. "Will he be okay? What's wrong with him?"

"He---um, he stopped breathing." Her mother replied quickly.

"Mom, wait, I need to tell Michaela that I'm leaving..." Jordana looked back towards the house as her mother dragged her away.

"No!" Liz cried, the anger in her eyes scaring Jordana. "I mean, no." She said quietly. "We don't have any time. Come on, dear." Liz opened the door to the Jeep Cherokee and gasped as she saw her mother and father bound and gagged in the back. Jordana screamed as "Liz" pushed her into the back seat and slammed the door behind her.

"MOMMY! DADDY!" She shook them, trying to wake them up by shaking them. She was unsuccessful. "MOM! DAD!" She screamed. She began crying and looked up to see her Uncle Michael staring at her as she felt the car start up. "Michael-- help them! What is going on? Why are there two of her?" He slowly put his hand on her forehead and watched as her tiny body slumped forward, stretching across her mother's and father's. Her chestnut brown hair spread over her parents like a blanket.

"I'm so very sorry, your highness." "Michael" leaned over to whisper in Max's ear.

"Where to now, Nasedo?" "Liz" asked from the driver's seat.

"Now, we get the little ones, Tessa." Nasedo/Michael said quietly from the back. "At Liz's mother's place."

Tess/Liz smirked. "Oh, good. I love babies."

* * * *

"It's midnight, who in the world could that be?" Nancy Parker muttered to herself as she got ready for bed. "Jeff, honey, can you get the door? I'm going to check on the boys one more time." Nancy Parker said as she and her husband heard the distinct ring of the doorbell downstairs in the Crashdown.

"Sure, no problem honey." Jeff called from the living room and jogged down the stairs. He walked quickly through the cafe' when he saw his daughter standing outside, knocking on the door. "Hey, sweetheart." He said as he opened the door. "Is everything all right?" She filed into the Crashdown and her father hugged her as she thought of an explination as to why she had come to get her children at midnight.

"Um, Max-- he's not feeling well, and we ended up *not* going out tonight after all-- and I'd just like to have my babies back tonight. It will just be easier for everyone if I am the one to feed them in a few hours..." She was rambling. "Lately, they've been getting really irritable when they drink the formula, so I think they need to drink the real stuff tonight... can't have them getting sick like Daddy, now!" She cried. Jeff looked at her and arched his eyebrow, but submitted to her request and lead her up the stairs to her old bedroom where her twin babies were staying in the portable crib set up inside. Nancy was holding a fussy Dylan in her arms and spun around on her heels in surprise as she saw her daughter come in the room.

"Lizzie, baby? Is everything OK?"

"Yeah!" She said, smiling. "Everything is fine. Max isn't feeling well, we didn't get to go out..."

"Oh, honey, I'm sorry. Maybe some other time?" Nancy said.

"Yeah, some other time... can I have my babies back now, Mom?" Liz asked quickly, trying to get out of there as soon as possible.

Nancy and Jeff smiled. They weren't amazed at all by the depth of the love she had for her sons, because they felt the same way for her. Nancy handed Dylan to her and he began wailing.

"Oh, shh..." Liz whispered, trying to soothe him, but failing. His crying woke up his brother and soon the sounds of both boys filled the room. Nancy picked up Matthew and cradled him to her chest.

"Oh, shh, it's alright, my precious grandbaby... you're fine, your Mommy's here. She's going to take you home now." She kissed the top of his soft head and Matthew began to calm down in her embrace. Liz reached her free arm to take Matty out of her mother's hands and he began wailing once more.

"What's going on, Lizzie? Usually they're so happy to see you!" Jeff said, chuckling.

"Maybe I did something to make them mad at me." She joked uncomfortably. Jeff and Nancy exchanged confused looks before looking down at their daughter, struggling to maintain control of her sons. She walked out of the room and quickly followed her.

"If Max is sick, honey, you should be taking care of him, not worrying about crying babies. Here, let us keep them for the night. We don't mind." Jeff said calmly.

Liz turned around and glared at them with fire in her eyes. "No. I'm taking my sons home. Thank you."

Jeff and Nancy were shocked. Their daughter rarely used that tone of voice with them. She started to walk through the front door of the Crashdown, screaming babies in tow, when Nancy stopped her by gently touching her arm. "Sweetie..."

"What?" Liz spun around on her heels. "What now?"

Jeff and Nancy looked at each other and shook their heads. "Nothing, Lizzie. Just... drive carefully, okay?"

Liz looked back at them for a moment and nodded. "I will. Don't worry. Goodnight."

They were quiet for a moment as they watched their daughter take the babies out to the Jeep. Nancy realized that she forgot their baby bags. "Jeff, something's wrong... that's not like her to leave things here..."

Jeff kissed his wife on her forehead. "It will be okay. We'll go over there in the morning- just to make sure everything's okay."

Nancy nodded, trying to bite back tears. She felt like she had just handed over her only grandsons to a complete stranger.

* * * *

Adam-Michael and Lauren were curled up in the back row of the movie theater, hardly paying attention to what was going on in the movie. "Adam...yes..." Lauren breathed between kisses as his lips moved lower to latch on her neck.

Suddenly, Adam was hit with a blinding pain shooting through his body, starting at his head and going to his feet. He broke away from the kiss and bent his head between his legs. "Oh, God!" He cried.

"Adam!" Lauren cried softly, wrapping her arms around his back and holding him. "Are you okay? What's wrong?"

The darkness was overtaking him, but he gathered his strength and pushed it away.

"Oh, man..." He whispered, sitting up slowly and sinking backwards into the seat. Lauren looked at him frantically and pushed his bangs back from his forehead.

"What happened?" She asked him. "What happened to you?"

Adam-Michael looked up into her eyes and reached up to cup her cheek. "Nothing. I'm fine. I just get bad... headaches every once in a while... really intense pains that cause my whole body to shake." *Something is very wrong,* he thought. *Something's happened to someone.*

She gasped. "That's awful! Do you want to go home? You should probably get in bed..."

"N-no, I'll be f-fine." He stuttered. She leaned down to kiss his forehead. "Let's go outside- get some fresh air. It will do you some good." She stood up, taking his hand and leading him out of the theater and through the lobby into the parking lot. They made their way over to Adam's car and he leaned over the back in pain.

"Adam-Michael, you're really scaring me. Maybe I should drive you home? You can come get the car tomorrow when you're feeling better."

He shook his head vigorously, trying to shake the pain away. "No, no. I'm fine." She wrapped her arms around his back and let her head rest on his upper back as she gently massaged his hair. He turned around in her arms and hugged her tightly as another wave of pain passed through him. "Something's wrong. Something's wrong." He whispered to himself, not realizing that she could hear him.

"Adam!" She pulled away from him. "You just said something's wrong... tell me! How can I help you if you don't tell me?"

His eyes welled with tears. The pain was just too much. He was so scared. Just then, his saw his parent's Jeep Cherokee pull up beside them and his heart skipped a few beats. Something definitely was wrong. His Uncle Michael was driving. Adam walked over to the car as Michael rolled down the window. He grabbed Lauren's hand and pulled her along beside him.

"Adam-Michael, you have to come with me. Your sister's in the hospital. She was in a car accident." Michael said firmly. "Get in the car, I'll take you to her."

"WHAT?" Adam cried. Lauren threw her arms around him.

"Oh, Adam..." Her eyes were wide with shock and fear. He looked at her in a daze.

"Something *was* wrong..." He whispered. "Lauren," He turned to her and squeezed her hand. "Would you come with me?"

"Of course I will, Adam!" She said, hugging him tightly. "I am so sorry!"

"No!" Michael cried roughly.

Adam-Michael glared at him. "Did you just tell me 'no'?"

Michael froze. "Um, no. No, Lauren can't come. Only family is allowed right now in the emergency room."

"I don't care, Michael. She's with *me*. She's coming with us." He said firmly. Michael paused, sighing. He opened up the car door and walked over to the side to let them in.

"OK, both of you. Get in." He shoved them into the car and saw Liz sitting in the middle seat next to them, carrying the twins in her arms.

"Mom!" Adam cried, grabbing Dylan out of her lap. "I didn't know you were in the car! Are you OK?"

"Mrs. Evans, are you all right?" Lauren asked, reaching her hands to hold Matty. "Here, let me take Matty."

Liz looked at them for a pointed moment as Michael started up the car again. Lauren turned her head around and in the darkness of the backseat, she could see the silhouettes of three bodies stretched there.

"OH MY GOD!" She screamed and pointed, causing Adam-Michael to look at what scared her so much. He gasped, looking back to the woman sitting next to him in the seat.

"Mother?" He asked, tilting his head, recognizing at that moment that he was sitting next to his birth mother, disguised as Liz.

"Adam-Michael. My baby." The woman next to them reached out and cupped Adam's cheek. He was mesmerized by her eyes- the same as his mom's, but yet different somehow.

"Adam!" Lauren cried, shaking him out of his trance. "Please, someone tell me what's going on! Your parents and Jordana are in the back seat, unconscious... but someone who looks A LOT like your Mom is sitting next to us? Wh-what?" She rambled frantically.

"Adam, I didn't want to have to do this... but, I have to." "Liz" said quietly, holding her hand to Adam-Michael's forehead, causing him to slump backwards into Lauren. She screamed as Tess/Liz got closer to her.

"Don't touch me, whoever you are! Don't lay a hand on me!" Lauren screamed. Tess/Liz frowned as she touched Lauren's forehead, causing her to slump into the side of the door.

"I'm sorry, Lauren. I really liked your father, a lot. I'm sorry I had to do that to you." She ran her fingers through Lauren's soft blonde hair and planted a kiss on her son's forehead as she took the squirming babies out of the teenagers' arms again. She bounced them on her knee as they screamed for their mother and father. She gently kissed the tops of their heads filled with soft brown hair. "You should have been my little ones, yes you should have..." She smiled at them as they continued to cry. "Oh, that's okay, sweethearts. I'm your Mommy now. You don't have to be scared. I'll take good care of you... you precious babies." She cooed at them.

"Tessa, we don't have time for your baby drooling right now, OK? We need to stick to the plan."

"Fine." She sighed. "Just trying to bond with my sons." Nasedo rolled his eyes as she smiled gleefully. Her tone changed as she responded to Nasedo's statement. "To the pod chamber. Quickly... I don't know how much longer they will be unconscious. You brought the serum, correct?"

Nasedo/Michael patted the small black bag in the front seat. "I packed four doses- one for Max, one for Adam, and two extra in case Sister and Brother Dearest decide to plan a rescue mission."

"Oh, no." Tess/Liz shook her head. "We are NOT having a repeat of last time."

"Tess, calm down. The plan will work."

"I sure hope so... for your sake." She glared at him. Nasedo caught her death stare in the rearview mirror and chuckled.

"Funny, Tessa. Very amusing." Nasedo said firmly. "Don't be deceived. I may have taught you many things, child, but you will NEVER be as powerful as me."

"Hhmph." She said, pulling the babies tighter in her lap. They wouldn't stop squirming. "We'll see about that."

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