FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 1
by Sarah M
Disclaimer: I donít own the characters or names, though I wish I did.
Summary: Max leaves Roswell and Liz. But is it forever?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Let me know what ya think please.
Dear Journal; itís been five years, 1,825 days, five long years. Some times it feels like just yesterday. But it has been five years since my ray of sunlight was born, Claudia Marie Parker. Even longer has he been gone, almost six years. The night we made love is one Iíll never forget. We were both so in love and we started to plan our future. Then the weeks after that were great. Then I took the test. It came out positive. I know the first thing I had to do was tell him. But when I go to his house and went into his room I found the note. I still remember so clearly what it said, "Liz, Iím sorry for leaving like this, but if I had stayed I would have lost Michael and Isabelle forever. Some day Iíll come back, I promise. Please wait for me. I love you. -Max-" as I read the word the tears just fell nothing I did made them stop. All I could do was think of what I was going to do. I was pregnant with his child and I had lost him. ! But now Iíve live for six years without him. I donít know how I could have done it without Maria. The funny thing is that she could never have made it with out me. Every day she talks less and less about Michael. I know it kills her to get over him. And it kills me to get over Max, but it kills us even more to live without them. What makes it even harder is the other day she asked the question Iíve dreaded. She asked why she didnít have a daddy like the other kids. All I could make my self say was that she did. The she asked the second feared question, where is he? The question alone almost brought me to tears but I told her that her had to go away for a while. Thank God she didnít ask any more questions. I think the look on my face must have explained it. She is so smart and she understands so much. She is exactly like her father. What I couldnít tell her was that I didnít know when or even if he was really coming back. Iíve alm! ost given up hope.

Liz slowly wiped a tear off her cheek as she put down her journal and pen. Why? She wondered, why? A blast of giggles stirred her from her thoughts. Claudia woke up! She slowly got up from the couch and walked to Claudiaís door. A stir of giggles came from the room. Liz opened the door to find the curly, brown hared five yr. Old wrestling with her little cream colored puppy.

"Good-morning Claudia." Liz said as cheerfully as she could.

"Mommy! Good-morning. Look and the puppy! Isnít she cute!" Claudia replied with all the joy of a five-year-old.

"Have you thought of a name for her?"

"UmmÖ I know! Michael!"

The words made Lizís heart jump into her throat. Michael!!! Does she knowÖ how could she knowÖcan she sense them? All the hopes, fears, and thoughts flew through her mind.

"Where did you get that name? Is there some one at you school with that name?"

"No. It just came to me. I donít know why."

Maybe it was just coincidence. I had to be. How could she have know.

"Oh, wait I canít call her that!"

"Why Claudy?"

"Because, silly, itís a boys name. My puppy is a girl. Iíll call her Isabelle!"

How could she have known!!! That could not have been coincidence! She had to call Maria.

"That sounds wonderful! Why donít we get some breakfast and the we can takeÖ Isabelle to the park and play."


"Do you mind if we invite Aunt Maria too?"


Before Liz could reply Claudia and Isabelle had bounded into the kitchen.

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