FanFic - Max/Liz
"Caving In?"
Part 18
by John
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Summary: If you haven't read part 17, this won't make a lot of sense. If you have, you don't need a summary. (Oh...This is the next to last part.)
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Rating: PG
(In the plaza at school, looking at the e-mail)

Maria: Whitman is nuts. No way am I going back to that cave to reset my balance. I'm not unbalanced, it's the rest of the world. If he wants to go there, let him.

Michael: I gotta admit, I'm a little dubious about this whole idea and it's me that has to be convinced. Riverdog gave me the stones; he thought they'd be better in my hands than his, and Riverdog won't let just anyone in the cave. I'd have to be the one to convince Riverdog we need to do it. He trusts me.

Maria: I knew there was a reason I liked you.

Michael: On the other hand, Max and Alex do have a problem and I for one can't give them any thing else to try.

Maria: You'd actually go along with this?

Michael:'ve got the stones to thank that I'm even here talking to you.

Maria: Not to mention Max, Isabel, Alex, Riverdog, ME, and even Liz.

Michael: How many times do I have to thank you...I mean I'm grateful I think...

Maria: Listen to what I'm saying! Alex was right. I do seem to need to be thanked a lot. You're what's important to me, not your gratitude.

Michael: Thanks! I am getting tired of being indebted...

Maria: OK, OK...lead me to the cave...but I want you there with me.

Michael: I don't think it would be a good idea if I wasn't...besides...maybe I do need to tweak my balance ...just a little. If Alex is right, it was set by amateurs.

(Liz comes by)

Liz: No doubt you're talking about Alex' e-mail. Michael, could he be right? I mean about Max and the balances being frozen?

Michael: I'm not sure. What you people did for me was restore balance...we know that. I wouldn't say what Alex is thinking is impossible. If you'd asked me a few weeks ago, I'd have said no way could it have affected humans. Now though...Max going over the top in accepting you, Maria and Alex...kinda forcing me to do likewise...I'm beginning to see that maybe we do have some common something from somewhere. It's possible that everyone was affected.

Liz: I keep wondering if Max is OK? This may sound silly but I've been having a hard time convincing Max that I can mold myself to flow with whatever his life has to be like. I know I can do it, but I keep coming off as just "human normal" to him and it scares him. Maybe my balance point is normal. After all, that is the way I was interacting with Max when this all happened...we were doing normal teenager stuff.

Michael: I'm getting more convinced.

Liz: So you think we should try it?

Michael: I don't think it can be a unilateral decision.

(Max and Isabel walk up)

Isabel: A brain trust if I ever saw one.

Michael: You've been spending too much time with Alex.

Isabel: I think he's been spending too much time with himself. Did you get his e-mail?

Max: I'm not so sure he's wrong.

Isabel: What? No way...he's read one to many science fiction novels.

Michael: I agree with Max. At first I was skeptical...but after talking with Maria and Liz...and thinking about what he said...maybe he has nailed the problem.

Maria: Are you ready with another smacker...Alex is gonna need one soon.

Isabel: No way...I don't care how many voices he hears.

Max: I think he really does suffer when that sense gets overactive...and by the way power's starting to fade again.

Liz: That I can fix! Now or later?

Max: Later...when we're alone.

Liz: If this...what Alex suggests... does work, can I still kiss you at least every three days?

Max: Well...I'll have to think about...(feels kick on shin)...just kidding!

Maria: Could I at least get Michael to kiss me once every three weeks?

Michael: (Wraps arms around her and gives rather passionate kiss) That should hold you.

Isabel: Michael, you seem more at ease today.

Michael: I'm just thinking about where I'm going to set my balance point.

Max: Alex said we shouldn't tell each other where we want them set...and I think he's right. I think there's a danger we could become clones of each other. That would not be good...our strength comes from our individuality.

Isabel: So you really do think we should do what Alex suggests? You sound like you think it might actually do something.

Max: It did something when Michael was sick...and I don't have any other ideas, do you?

Isabel: (Her back to Alex, she doesn't see him walk up) So where is Mr. Know It All Anyway?

Alex: I think he was on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.

Liz: The what?

Alex: The Rocky and Bullwinkel's my dad's favorite comes on that satellite channel that plays the old TV shows. It's a great source of puns.

Isabel: In that case it should be rated NA...not for Alex.

Alex: Hey...a joke...there's hope for you.

Isabel: I prefer the serious Alex.

Alex: You're just saying that.

Isabel: Yes, I am.

Michael: I can't believe this! We're deciding if we should do something that will direct our lives for the next... who knows how long... and all of a sudden we're talking about Rocket and Bullpucky.

Alex: Uh...You're right...sorry I brought it up.

Max: Needless to say, your e-mail is the topic of discussion.

Alex: And?

Michael: We need to try something don't we? It's a better idea than trying to adjust the body electric.

Max: You've really been thinking about this haven't you, Alex?

Alex: If you were getting headaches like mine, you'd think while you had the chance...but yes, I have...and the statement in class about computer power supplies just made some ideas fall into place. You have to admit; things have been different since our last cave experience.

Liz: Too different!

Max: I'm think we ought to go for it... I'd like to have a power I can count on.

Michael: So we all agree then...we should revisit the cave? I have the stones safely stashed.

Liz: The thought of that place makes me nervous. I just think of when Michael was lying there and we didn't know if we'd ever talk to him again.

Michael: This is's not life and's life or life.

Isabel: I don't like it...I don't think we should fool with that power unless it's life and death. We don't know how many times it can work...what if we had another Michael situation? (long silence) I can see I'm outvoted.

Max: We can't do this with any negativity, Isabel...but we've got to have you there too. You were there the first time. I think this is serious enough to warrant it. It's not a matter of voting either...either we all agree or we don't do it.

Isabel: I'm in...let's just be careful...take some time deciding where we want our balance points to be.

Michael: I agree. We can't rush into it may take me awhile to convince Riverdog. Let's try to do it this weekend.

Max: In the meantime...maybe the ladies could give Alex and I one more fix?

Isabel: more time...but this better be it. See you after school Alex.

Liz: Max, Come by the Crashdown at closing...I'll be the best fix you've ever had.

Max and Alex: (together) Thanks!

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