FanFic - Max/Liz
"Now My Life Is In Your Hands"
"Questions Unanswered"
Part 4
by Misako
Disclaimer: A Roswell Fanfiction. I in no way own Max, Liz, Maria, Michael, Isabel, Sheriff Valenti, Kyle Valenti, and Alex. They are owned by the WB, 20th century Fox, Jason Katims Productions, Melinda Metz, and anyone else that does.
Summary: What happens when the truth about Max, Isabel, and Michael is about to be revealed?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Authors Note: This is set after the episode “Heat Wave” Some aspects from the books may be incorporated into the story.
Maria leaped up. “What do you mean that he found an object he believes is not of this earth!?” she yelled, fully shocked and angry all at the same time. Maria sat down and ran a shaky hand through her close cropped blond hair.

“I don’t know. But this could revel them.” Liz said, desperation apparent in her voice.

“How can we help?” Maria asked, wondering what would happen if Valenti discovered the teen’s secret.

Flash to Outside

“What do you mean Valenti found an object that’s not of this earth?” Michael yelled.

“Michael…Liz overheard Valenti telling Topolsky about it this morning.” Isabel said, fidgeting with her hair nervously.

“How do we know she’s not lying?” Michael tried to challenge the fact, running a hand through his spiky brown hair, making it stick up even more.

“You think she’s lying?” Max asked, a bit incredulous. “Michael. This is Liz we’re talking about. Not Kyle.”

Isabel remained silent, but inside she worried for all of them.

“She may not be Kyle, but she’s human.” Michael countered.

“So you’re saying that just because she’s human she’s lying?” Max practically yelled at his best friend, wondering when Michael had gotten so insensitive.

“Stop!” Isabel shouted, pressing her fingers to her temples. “Michael, stop jumping to conclusions, and Max, you never know.”

Max looked shocked. “I knew it. Neither of you trust her. God, and how long have you been putting on this smiley face for all the humans?”

“I didn’t say that Max. I just want you to be careful. Appearances can be deceiving.” Isabel warned, but her eyes didn’t meet his.

“I’ve known Liz since the third grade! And so have both of you! What’s causing doubt now?” Max asked, nervously shifting on his feet.

“Maxwell. The thing that’s causing doubt is the fact that it’s only recently that Liz has discovered who we are. What we are. We have to be careful.” Michael said, running a hand though his hair.

“But what about Maria? And Alex? Why is it just Liz that’s in question then?” Max didn’t understand why his sister and his best friend were acting this way.

“Ok, Max, I’m not saying that she’s a liar and that all humans are bad, but we don’t know. It was only Liz that saw this, and we need evidence. I just don’t want to plunge into a waterless pool.” Isabel said, terror in her eyes.

Max’s defensive barrier lowered a little, and his eyes were less angry. “Isabel, you’re right.” Max turned and hugged Isabel close to him. Flash to Valenti’s Home

Kyle Valenti turned the object over in his hand. “Why would my dad have this? It’s…otherworldly.” He wondered.

Suddenly the door slammed open. “Kyle!” Sheriff Valenti thundered. “What are you doing?”

Kyle confronted his dad. “What is this dad? Why do you have it?”

Sheriff Valenti’s eyes were hard. “It has nothing to do with you Kyle.”

“Oh, doesn’t it? I see you going after Evans, Parker, and Guerin, all of them! What the hell is this all about?”

“And what do you know about them?” Sheriff Valenti challenged.

“Just that you are always going after them. Dad, if they’re nothing wrong with them, why are you investigating?” Kyle asked, his jaw set firmly.

“Kyle, that’s enough. This has nothing to do with you. This is my business.” And with that, Sheriff Valenti took the object from his son and disappeared into his room.

Kyle stared after his father, wondering what his father was up to.

Flash to the Parker’s, nighttime

Liz bolted up when she heard the sound of feet climbing up the ladder.

“Max?” She called. No answer. Liz grabbed her chair and was ready to swing it at whoever it was.

Max appeared over the wall, and Liz put down the chair. “Why didn’t you say anything? You scared me.” Liz said, muffled against his chest as she hugged him.

“Come with me.” Max said, starting down the ladder.

“Where are we going?” Liz asked, following him down.

“You’ll see.” Max replied.

Liz followed Max to a nearby park, where they sat down and snuggled on a bench, staring up at the stars, and whispering to each other. Suddenly, they heard a rustle behind them, in the bushes. Max whipped around, fully expecting to see someone, but all he saw was an object. Max gently picked it up.

“It’s from my home.” He said softly.

“Who do you think put it there?” Liz asked.

“I don’t know, but I want to find out.” Max said, getting up. Liz got up beside him, and they held hands as they walked toward Michael’s apartment, clutching the object between them.

Flash to Valenti

Sheriff Valenti frantically searched for the object, but it was clear that it was long gone.

“Kyle!!” Valenti roared, and his son calmly walked in.

“What dad?” Kyle said wearily.

“What did you do to that object?” Sheriff Valenti asked hurriedly.

“What object?” Kyle asked, genuine puzzlement on his face.

“The one you were holding the other night.”

“Oh, that thing. You took it back remember?” Kyle said.

Sheriff Valenti studied his son’s expression, and realized that Kyle wasn’t lying. Kyle hadn’t touched it after that night. So who had taken it?

Flash to outside, in the shadows

A shadowy figure lurked behind trees in the darkness of night, watching the Sheriff and Kyle argue, and smiled.

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