Fanfic - Max/Liz
Part 1
by K
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Summary: This story picks up where "Destiny" left off.
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Rating: PG
Author's Note: I wrote this last summer, after Destiny aired and just never got around to cleaning it up enough to submit. I would really appreciate feedback.
"What now Max?" Tess Harding asked as she gazed up at Max Evans. Max looked down at her, then turned his gaze to his friend, Michael Guiren, and his sister, Isabel, where they stood beside him, and finally letting his eyes rest on the place where Liz had just disappeared past a large rock in the distance. Max couldn't believe this was happening. He had just heard his mother tell him that he needed to save his planet, which he was the leader of, and then the love of his life, his reason for living, Liz Parker, told him that, because of some pre-decided destiny, they couldn't be together. It was just too much. He might have been able to make it, but without Liz… Max shook his head. Without Liz, he was nothing.

Michael placed a comforting hand on his best friend's shoulder. He could only imagine what Max was going through. He had the weight of two planets on his shoulders, and his girlfriend, no, Michael corrected himself, his soulmate, just walked out on him. Michael knew Max and Liz were supposed to be together, they all did. Their so-called "destinies" just didn't make sense. Michael couldn't imagine what it would be like to be separated from Maria. In all the times he had pushed her away, for fear of hurting her, there had always been that part, deep inside, where he knew that they would always be there for each other. But now, everything was different. What would happen if he could actually go back to his home planet? Would he be able to leave Maria behind?

Isabel stared out into the silent desert. She couldn't believe she had just seen her mother. It had always been a dream of hers that she would, one day, be able to meet her real mother. As a child, she had made up fantasies of how beautiful and wonderful she would be, of how she would take Isabel and Max away to a castle somewhere far away where the three of them would live happily ever after. Isabel laughed inwardly at the thought of how sappy her childhood dreams really where. But still, she had just seen that mother, and she was more beautiful than Isabel had ever imagined. Isabel felt excited, in a way she never had before. She wanted to run off and tell Alex everything that had just happened to her. A pang of pain stabbed her heart at the thought of Alex. No, Isabel thought, I can't see Alex. Just seeing him, no, just thinking of him would make her think of what she had just seen, had just been told. She looked at Michael. She was supposed to be betrothed to him. How could this be? Isabel watched as he put his hand on Max's shoulder. She had always thought of Michael as a second brother. She couldn't imagine him and her together. It was just too weird.

"Come on Maxwell," Michael urged quietly. Numbly, Max followed the other three down the slope, staring at his feet and thinking that this was the path Liz stumbled down just minutes before, though it seemed like just seconds since Max had seen the tortured look on Liz's face as she turned to leave. His mind replayed the picture over and over again.

Max ran his hand along the large rock Liz had disappeared behind, and his eye caught a faint glimmer at his feet. Squatting, Max brushed away the dirt and picked up a small, bright, silver necklace with an odd symbol on it. "What's this?" Max muttered to himself. He turned it over and ran his thumb along the smooth, unmarked back. Max scanned the object for scratches from the dirt, but found none. "Odd." Max murmured and pocketed the necklace.

Max continued down the incline to where they had parked the Jeep. Silently, deep in his thoughts, Max climbed into the driver's seat and rummaged in his pocket for his keys.

"They're in the ignition Max," Isabel gently pointed out. Max quickly started the car and pulled the Jeep toward the road. Isabel and Tess exchanged a glance, both of them hoping Max could make it home. He had been through so much, Isabel thought. She had almost forgotten about his time with Pierce in all the excitement of seeing her mother. It had been a rough week for Max, to say the least.

Back at the Evan's house that night, Max sat on his bed, flipping the necklace back and forth in his hand, tracing the symbol with his thumb, thinking of the day's events. He had given up trying to think about what he had heard from the orb's holograph. It was too confusing and he was too disoriented at the time. So, Max thought about Liz. The way her eyes look into his. Her smile. The touch of her skin. Her lips. Max sighed. If only he were a normal teenager. Then he wouldn't have to worry about saving planets or unwanted destinies. "I just wish I were a normal human being," Max muttered to himself as he distractedly traced the symbol on the necklace for the dozenth time. Just to be free from these alien problems and worries. Max lay back on his bed and tried to imagine what it would be like to be human. To be able to be with Liz without all the distractions and complications of alien life. Thinking of this, Max fell asleep, still clutching the odd necklace in his hand.

Michael cracked open Max's door. Isabel had invited Tess and him to stay over for the night, since Mr. and Mrs. Evans would be gone for the next few days. Michael was worried about Max. Never before had he seen his best friend so distraught. Michael looked in to see Max lying on his bed, eyes closed in deep sleep. Good, Michael thought. He needs his beauty rest. Max had been so pale and weak since the escape from Pierce's lab. Though he had tried desperately not to show it, he was exhausted. For good reason too, thought Michael. Michael switched off the light and closed the door quietly behind him.


Mists swirled around Max Evans. A chanting could be heard all around him. Max searched the mist fruitlessly for a sign of any beings other than himself. "Hello?" Max called out, hoping that someone would answer him. The chanting continued, but got quieter and a bit of the mist cleared from in front of him. Max stepped forward and was confronted with a string of fire, the flames leaping up from the ground and crackling loudly. The mist had turned to smoke and Max choked on the think air. The wall of flames went down a little bit, and slowly gave Max a view of what lie beyond. A figure sat, facing Max, chanting slowly. The smoke was completely cleared around him and the light from the fire that surrounded him danced against the figures deeply tanned skin. Max couldn't see the face, but he knew automatically who this figure was. "Riverdog?" Max asked, advancing slowly. The elderly Native waved his hand in the direction of the flames and they parted, allowing a path for Max to go through. Still chanting, Riverdog motioned for Max to come closer and sit. As soon as Max had walked through the fiery door, the flames burst up again to their full potential. Looking back warily at the flames, which sputtered and crackled with a life of their own, Max sat facing Riverdog. Seconds past and the old man continued to chant, eyes closed.

Suddenly, the Indian stopped and the world around Max became silent, even the flames eerily quieted. Then, Riverdog spoke. "You ask for the impossible." Max looked confusedly at the Native, but before he could question the statement, Riverdog began again. "You ask for the impossible," he repeated, "but I will give you what you ask for."

"What did I ask for?" Max asked, even more confused than ever.

"Come," was all Riverdog said, and he stood up and began to walk. Max got up and followed. As they walked, the flames opened passages for Riverdog and quickly closed themselves behind Max. Max soon found himself climbing up an extremely steep incline. He tried to speak, to ask his guide where they were going, but he couldn't for he was breathing too hard. Max didn't know how long he climbed, but when Riverdog finally said, "We're here," Max collapsed on a rock, completely exhausted. Riverdog watched him quietly, then sat down on the ground. The old man wasn't even breathing hard, Max thought bitterly. After a while rest, Max got his breath back. Seeing this, Riverdog stood and walked to the edge of the cliff that they were standing on. Max followed and peered down upon the spectacle. The symbol from the necklace, was laid out in the flames below them. Rocks filled in the metal of the necklace and trees outlined the edge, with a flowing river as the string. So high up was Max, that the entire scene below him looked about the size of the actual necklace. As Max watched, Riverdog bent down and picked up the entire thing, and as he brought it up, it turned into the necklace itself. The symbol smoldered still, a visible sign that it was indeed the same bit of flames that Max and Riverdog had just trekked through. Riverdog then turned to Max and held out the necklace. "Your freedom." He simply stated. Max stared at the necklace, bewildered. Slowly he reached out his left hand and Riverdog pressed the necklace into his palm, the fiery symbol scorching his hand.


Max cried out in pain and sat up, dropping the necklace onto his bed. Max's mind raced. It was a dream, he thought, just a dream. But, one look at his left palm told otherwise. The symbol was burned slightly into his skin. It was only barely noticeable, but it still throbbed painfully. Max placed a finger on it and rubbed softly. What was going on? The door opened and Mrs. Evens stuck her head in. "Are you okay Max? I heard a shout."

Max rubbed his shoulder worriedly. "Yeah Mom," he assured, "Just a bad dream." Mrs. Evans nodded. "Why'd you and Dad get home so early?" Max asked. He could have sworn Isabel had said they wouldn't be home for a few days.

Mrs. Evans looked at Max. "Get home from where?" She asked.

Max stared at his mother, even more confused. "Isabel said you two would be gone for a few days with that new deal you were working on."

Mrs. Evans shook her head. "No. No new deals." She said. "Well, you had better get up and get ready for school. You don't want to be late." Max nodded and his mom left the room, closing the door behind him. Max sat on his bed, thinking about what had just occurred. Finally deciding that Isabel had just mistaken what their parents had said, Max thought of what had happened yesterday. It was all so clear, especially the part of Liz, the hurt on her face, the pain in her voice. No, Max thought, I won't get into that. Max quickly threw on some clothes, grabbed his bag, and headed to the kitchen.

Isabel was sitting at the table and Mrs. Evans was busying herself around the room. Max sat next to his sister and watched quietly as his mom left the room. Quickly, turning to Isabel in a hushed voice, Max questioned Isabel about yesterday's events. "Is, we have to talk about what happened yesterday."

Isabel raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?" she asked.

Max continued, "With the orbs, and our mom, and Liz."

Isabel looked worried. "Liz Parker? Orbs? Are you feeling okay Max?" Max returned her stare and nodded dumbly. Isabel shook her head. "Listen, Max, I have no clue what you're talking about, but I really need to get ready for school and I don't have time to listen to your Liz Parker fantasies." Max merely stared at his sister as she quickly gathered her books and walked out of the room. Something was out of whack, and Max didn't have a clue what it was.

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