FanFic - Max/Liz
"My Lover's Gone"
Part 1
by Larua
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell and I'm not making any money off of this. The song "My Lover's Gone" is by Dido and is on her CD No Angel.
Summary: Max has left Roswell to go back to his planet and Liz is trying to cope.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
My lover's gone,
his boots no longer by my door,
he left at dawn,
and as I slept I felt him go
Returns no more,
I will not watch the ocean,
my lover's gone,
no earthly ships will ever
Bring him home again,
bring him home again
My lover's gone,
I know that kiss will be my last,
no more his song,
the tune upon his lips has passed
I sing alone,
while I watch the ocean,
my lover's gone,
no earthly ships will ever bring him home again,
bring him home again
~ "My Lover's Gone", Dido.

Liz watched the sunrise over the town of Roswell. She was sitting on her roof, journal by her side with tears in her eyes. She picked up her journal and began to write it all down.

He's gone. They were coming for them this morning. The war was tearing his planet apart and they need their king. But don't they understand that I need him too. I need him to be here with me, to love me. God, it hurt so much to let him go.

Liz looked up at the rising sun, tears streaming down her cheeks. She remembered how Max had come to her roof the night before, how he had told her that he was leaving and that he loved her. Liz continued to write in her journal.

He told me he loved me. In spite of all that I had done to him, he still loved me. I had to tell them truth about Kyle. That I never slept Kyle. That I couldn't sleep with anyone but Max. I couldn't let him leave without knowing the truth: that I still and will always love him.

Liz tears started to blur her vision as she started to sob. She remembered the loving and tender way Max had made love to her. How she cried and held onto him afterwards and whispered her eternal love. Her tears fell onto her journal soaking the page as her body shook with her sobs. She remembered feeling him kiss her forward softly as he prepared to leave. He whispered that he loved her and would always be with her. The sun was now over the horizon as Liz looked up into the sky. She saw a small flash of light race across the horizon. She knew it Max.

He's gone now. He's really gone. He's fulfilling his destiny. Being the leader he was born to be.

Liz wiped her tears away and sighed. She continued writing.

I'll be strong. I can go on without Max because I have his love to keep me going. Just like he has mine... forever.

My lover's gone,
no earthly ships will ever
Bring him home again,
bring him home again.

The End

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