FanFic - Max/Liz
"Mothers Know Best"
Part 1
by Susan
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, the belong to the WB. I just borrowed them for a short period.
Summary: Diane Evans and Nancy Parker set their children up to find out why they broke up.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Setting: Parker Residence

Nancy Parker was not surprised when she answered her front door and found Diane Evans. "Hi Diane."

"Hello Nancy. Do you have a few minutes?"

"Yes, of course. Why don't you come on inside?" Nancy Parker motioned for Diane to sit. "Would you like some tea or do you prefer coffee?"

"Tea sounds good. So how is Liz doing these days? We haven't seen her around the house lately."

"I was just about to ask you the same thing regarding Max. We haven't even seen him at the Crashdown in quite awhile."

"Nancy, I know I shouldn't be asking you this...."

"I'm as concerned as you seem to be. Liz hasn't been herself at all." Nancy sat down and placed her hand on Diane's hand.

"Max has never been one to open up to neither Philip or I, but for a while now he has just been like he is almost not even there at all."

"I know exactly what you are saying. There for a while all Liz would do was cry. Not only would she not talk to Jeff or me, but she doesn't even talk to Maria or Alex any more. It's like she has shut off all of her emotions."

"I'm sorry Nancy. I wished I would have thought to come over sooner."

"No, Diane. I should have called you. You know a few months back I was afraid those two were seeing too much of each other and now... I just don't what to think."

"Well, I know my son enough to know how he truly felt for Liz. The problem is I think my son is still in love with your daughter."

"And Liz has just as strong of feelings for Max. What do you think happened between those two? I mean from what you have said about Max it is obvious that they both have strong feelings for each other and don't want to really be a part, but..."

"That's why I came over today. I was hoping you knew something about what happened between them. Now that I know Liz is just as upset as Max about their break up I just can't help but wonder what happened between them?"

Both mother's sat in silence sipping their tea for a few moments. Diane was the one who finally broke the silence first. "I'll tell you what, I would like to invite your family out for a nice dinner with my family. I for one am more then eager to see how the two of them react to seeing each other again. What do you say?"

"On behalf of my entire family I accept your invitation to dinner. Where and when?"

"Tonight, say seven o'clock at La Cruiso's. I've been wanting a reason for Philip to take me out there and now I have the prefect excuse."

"Seven sounds perfect."

"Well, I better get going and break the news to my family that I expect them to dress and act on their best behavior tonight in front of my dear old friends family."

Nancy showed Diane to the door and they said their farewells. As soon as the door closed Nancy decided there was no time like the present to inform Liz she was going to be going out to dinner with her parents and their friends. Nancy gently knocked on Liz's bedroom door. "Liz, it's mom. Can I come in please?"

"Come in." Liz stated almost in a whisper.

Nancy walked into her daughter's bedroom and noticed how dark it was. Then took one look at her daughter and the darkness of the room was just how dark her daughter's feelings were inside. She let out a sigh seeing how her eyes didn't have any spark of life to them. "Liz, a very good friend has invited the whole family out for a nice dinner tonight and I would like you to come with us."

Her voice still very low and without much emotion to it she replied to her mother's request. "I really don't think I'm up for it tonight mom."

"Elizabeth Parker, my friend has invited my whole family out for this dinner and until you have prove that you are not part of my family you will get out of that bed, shower, dress and look presentable by 6:30 sharp. Do I make myself clear?" She hated having to be so hard on her daughter when she was clearly already hurting, but Nancy knew this was the only way she would get her to the restaurant.

"I'm sorry mom, I didn't know this dinner meant so much to you. So where are we going?"

"She has invited us to that new restaurant in town called La Cruiso's. So be sure to wear something nice. Okay?"

"I'll go get in the shower now. I'll be ready by six thirty."

"Liz, I didn't mean to sound so angry before. I'm sorry if I came off being a little harsh."

"It's okay mom. I know I haven't been very exciting lately. I've just....things are complicated right now."

"Well, tonight we are going to go out together and please for me try to have a good time tonight." Nancy stepped out of her daughters bedroom and sighed once again.

At the Evan's Residence:

Diane walked into her home and immediately called for both of her children to join her in the living room. Isabel was the first one to join her. "Mom, what's going on?"

"I need to speak with both you and your brother. Where's Max at?"

"I think he's in his room. Do you want me to go get him?"

"No, I'll get him." She went upstairs and gently knocked on her son's door. "Max?" When he didn't answer she opened his door and sighed when she saw him lying on his bed looking lost to the world.

When she touched his shoulder it was like she pulled him out of a deep trance, startled he turned around "Mom?"

"Max, I need to speak to both you and your sister. Could you please come downstairs for a moment?"

"I'll be down in just a minute, okay." He slowly pulled himself up and Diane stepped out of his room and sighed once again.

She walked back down the stairs and into the living room to await for her son. "So mom, what's so important that you need to speak to us about?"

Just then Max appeared at the bottom of the steps. Diane looked at her son and noticed how his eyes were almost blank looking. "I've invited a good friend and her family to dinner tonight at La Cruiso's and I would appreciate if you both would be able to attend."

"La Cruiso's! Isn't that the new restaurant in town?" Isabel asked excitedly.

"Yes, and I have been wanting your father to take me there for a while and this gives him the perfect excuse to take me."

"Mom, I for one would love to go, but don't you think it would be better for you if just you and dad went by yourselves."

"Isabel, I have invited not only my friend, but her family as well. She has a daughter and I really want to see her again and she wants to see my children again as well." Diane didn't bother to mention any names at this time and even though she knew she was stretching the truth a bit she was eager to see Liz again.

"Okay, what time should I be ready by?" Isabel couldn't help but have excitement in her voice. She had heard the restaurant was extremely nice and she always wanted to please her mother whenever the possibility arose.

"We have dinner reservations at seven."

Max being quiet until now finally spoke up. "Mom, I don't know if I'll be up to a nice dinner this evening..."

Before he could finish his excuse his mother interrupted him. "Max I don't ask much of my children these days, but I do expect both of you to be showered, dressed and ready to leave by 6:30 sharp. And this family means a lot to me so I expect both of you to be on your best behavior. Do I make myself clear?"

Isabel threw Max a look to kill and he didn't protest any further. He nodded his acceptance of her proposal for dinner and apologized for his behavior. Then turned and went back upstairs to his room.

Diane turned to her daughter and sighed heavily enough for Isabel to notice. "Don't worry mom, Max will be ready in time or he'll have to deal with me. I for one can't wait to go."

"I just wish your brother would talk to someone. I'm really worried about him."

Isabel glanced up the stairs and under her breathe she said "so am I." After she excused herself to go get ready she immediately went into Max's room without bothering to knock. "Max you have got to snap out of this. Mom is getting worried enough to ask questions and you know that is not what we need right now.!"

Max turned to look at his sister, but just lowered his head in defeat. He knew she was right, but he couldn't find the strength to feel anything yet. "Is, I'll go to dinner tonight and be the prefect son, but don't ask me to snap out of this. I can't. I love her, don't you understand. I will always love her."

Isabel knew her brother was hurting and she wanted to let him know she would be there for him if he needed her. She went up to him and gently stroked his shoulder. "I'm here if you need me."

"Thanks, Is. Now you better go start picking which dress you are going to where tonight. You only have a few hours to get ready."

"Very funny. You best get your butt in the shower now if you know what's good for you or you won't get a chance if I get in there first." She started heading out the door and turned back around just as she was in the doorway. "So what are you going to where tonight?"

"Isabel, I'm seventeen years old I think I can dress myself."

"Fine, when you come to your senses call me and I'll help." With that she walked out the door and went to her room to decide what she should wear.

Max laid back down on his bed and his mind immediately drifted to Liz. Before he knew it Isabel was in his room again dressed to kill. "MAX! I can't believe you haven't even started to get ready yet. It's six o'clock! Now get out of that bed and get in that shower before mom sees you!"

Max hadn't even noticed any time had passed by and reluctantly got out of his bed and headed for the shower. Isabel started to go through her brother's closet and found his black suit, a deep green dress shirt and the prefect tie to match. She wanted this evening to go well for her mom. Then she laid out a pair of socks, and found shoes to finish her brother's attire off. When she was satisfied with her choice of clothing for him she headed back to her room for some last minute beauty prepping. She had decided on a midnight blue dress that fit the curves of her body to the hilt. She had her hair swept up with a few strands that she had curled up and left down around her face. At 6:25 she walked out of her room to meet make her brother finishing adjusting his tie as he came out of his room.

He looked at his sister and said. "I'm sure mom will be happy with your choice for both of our outfits. Thanks, Isabel. I owe you one."

"One, I think you owe me several by now." She gave him a quick smile. "You look hot too."

He crooked his arm and she took it without hesitation and they headed down the stairs to let their mother take them out to dinner and show off her perfect *normal* family. Philip and Diane Parker stood in the living room when their children came down the stairs. When Diane seen her children she realized how they had grown up into the adults that were standing before her without her even knowing when.

"You two look fabulous, thank you for doing this for me. I think we all will appreciate this evening. But before we go I want a picture of us all dressed up." Philip already had the camera set knowing full well his wife would want a picture of her family. They all smiled brightly for the camera, except for Max who tried, but his smile had walked away from him when Liz had walked away.

"Okay enough of the picture taking we better get going if we are going to make our reservation." Philip Evans stated as he opened the door and ushered his family to the car.

Back at the Parker Residence:

"Liz, it's time to go are you ready?" Nancy Parker yelled from her living room while trying to put her necklace on.

Jeff Parker came up behind his wife and grabbed the necklace in both his hands. "Let me help you with that or we are never going to make that reservation."

Liz walked into the living room just as her dad finished hooking his wife's necklace. Both her parents turned to her and were taken back by her appearance. She was simply beautiful. Stunning in a deep purple dress that was so deep it almost looked black. The dress was form fitted and the back swayed downward exposing most of her back. Her father was just about to say that she looked a little to grown up in that dress for his baby girl. Nancy of course noticed her husband trying to deal with the fact that his baby girl was now almost an adult and gentle touched his arm. She looked at her daughter and said. "Honey, you look wonderful tonight. Thank you for doing this for me. I'm sure this evening will be eventful for all of us."

"Well, all I know is that I have two beautiful women to escort this evening and I couldn't be more proud of both of them." He offered one arm to his wife and then offered the next one to his daughter. "Shall we."

At LaCruiso's Restaurant:

The Evans family arrived prior to the other party and Diane thought it would be best to wait for the other family so they could all be seated together. She was determined to have the right person seated next to the right person this evening.

The Parkers pulled up and when they stepped into the lobby of the restaurant Diane immediately watched her son for his first response at seeing Liz Parker. Nancy on the other hand was keeping a study eye on her daughter to see how she would react to seeing Max again. Max had his back to the entrance, he didn't see Liz, but every ounce of his body felt her personas. He turned slowly around till his eyes fell upon her beautiful face. "Liz" He whispered to himself.

Liz had walked into the lobby listening to her father telling her how old she was making him feel when she felt him. She stopped dead in her tracks when he turned around and she heard him say her name. She whispered back "Max." That was all that was needed to be said as the two of them stared deeply into each other's eyes. The expression on both of their faces was enough to convince their mother's that they had done the right thing in arranging this dinner.

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