FanFic - Max/Liz
"Love and Loss"
Part 1
by Mslayer713
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, no matter how much I want to.
Summary: This is my take on why exactly Max travels back from the future.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: G
Authors Note: This gets kinda sad, so be warned. It's my own little version of Liz's encounter with 'future' Max. I know I kinda leave it hangin' but I just wanted to get this scene out of my head! It's all I've been able to think about since I first read about this episode, so I had to get it down. Feedback is welcomed, if not demanded :>)
Liz's heartbeat was beating so fast, she was sure it was about to burst out of her chest. All her mind could think, or rather scream, was "Run! It's not really him!!" But there was something about him, the way he walked, talked, sounded, and even looked like him; like Max. The Max 'thing' was standing over her, his shadow dwarfing her little form. His hair was longer, and it seemed like he hadn't washed it in days; which was true, if she believed what he said. He told her he'd been hanging around, waiting for the right moment to come to her. "More like stalking" is how Maria would've put it; but Maria wasn't here.

It was just her and him, alone, in the Crashdown. Liz studied him some more, like she was doing an experiment. He was taller, his shoulder broader. She noticed the muscles, wondering how she would feel in them if his arms were like that now. Would it matter?

You're barley speaking to him, she reminded herself. She dared a look into his eyes and knew he was telling the truth. They were older, much wiser and so much pain...but they were his; they were Max Evans.

The deep brown orbs he called eyes were so familiar, so enchanting that she wanted nothing more then to hole up in them forever; to banish away all the pain and make them loving again.

He looked back at her and Liz realized he was speaking to her. She watched as his lips moved, but now sound reached her ears. She was in a trance, just soaking in his looks, his smell, his feel, his everything into her body; her soul.

"Liz...did you hear me?"

Finally, his words seeping into her muddled brain, Liz looked up at him. His eyes caught hers and Liz could feel the pull, the longing to be near. After all the years, it was still there.

"I...I believe you," she whispered, feeling the air being whooshed out of her lungs. Just saying those words meant so much.

"Everything? You believe everything?" he asked, bowing his head in shame.

Liz felt her heart quicken up and took a deep breath, trying to calm down. If she believed everything... >I...I don.t want to...> she admitted.

"It's true; I wish it weren't, but it is. We can't be together...ever," he reminded her.

Liz felt her heart break again as he said the words. That was mostly what he kept saying, "We can't be together". The words were cutting her down, making her feel weak.

"I love We could make it work..." Liz stumbled on her words trying to form a good argument.

"We tried."

"How do you know? You coming back here could change it all!"


Her name on his lips was enough to make Liz lose it, but she tried to remain in control.

"I've seen in; lived it. It's not something you wanna go through," he admitted in a soft, soothing tone that only Max could pool off.

"How do you know that?" she replied, her voice stiff with control.

Max, or the older version of Max that was standing before her, ran a hand through his hair. Liz knew he was stressed, it was his signature move.

"You told me," he answered. "You told me right before you were..." His eyes got hooded over and Liz knew what was coming. He didn't need to finish the sentence.

"You're lying."

"Liz, I would never lie to you..."

"And I would never regret my decision to be with you," Liz challenged. "No matter what happened to me."

Max took a deep breath and Liz could hear the tremor in his voice as he spoke. "It wasn't because of what happened to you, you regretted it all because of what happened to everyone else."

Liz never once thought about the others as Max had recalled the story of why he had come to her; traveled through time to stop what was about to happen.

"What happened?"

"I don't think..."

"What happened?!"

Max looked at the ground, not even meeting her eyes as he told her what she wanted to know. "When the attack happened, we were all at the front line; us, Michael, Isabel, Maria, Alex, Kyle, and Tess. There was so much going one noticed Kyle was down until it was too late. Tess went to his rescue and was killed in her attempt."

"The skins...all they really cared about was me. The others were...were just...fodder," Max said in a shocked voice. Liz knew it was hard for him to recall the events. She walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.


"They came after you and Isabel, knowing I would protect the both of you till my death. Michael, Alex, and Maria were beside me, fighting for you both. They...they shot an energy ball and took Alex out with contact." By the time he was finished, his hands were in fist by his sides.

"Isabel lost it, rage filled her and she broke free from her captures. Maria took the opportunity and rushed them, helping you break loose also. Within seconds, I lost sight of everyone. I tried to reach you, but you were so far away. I saw Isabel getting beaten down and I went to help her. I knew Michael was with you, I thought he would protect you; you and Maria."

"But then I heard Michael's scream...and saw Maria lying on the ground. I found out later that she took a hit for you. Michael then connected, letting all of it absorb into him instead. It was too much for him," Max explained.

Liz was in tears, numbly listening to Max. "And Maria?"

"She...lived long enough to reach Michael's side. Michael died for her to leave...and she died for you... Isabel killed the ones who took out Alex and she tried to help me fight for you. They got you both--they wanted me to choose who I loved more," Max had tears in his eyes now too. "You screamed for me to choose Isabel, sobbing how it was all your fault. Before I could react, they...they killed you."

Liz was choked back with emotion, now understanding how she died. She gave up her life for Isabel. "Did they..."

"Me and Isabel were both taken into captivity. We found out later that no one survived as long as we did. Kyle was found alive and beaten until he told them all he knew about us, then they killed him too." Max sat down on the floor, pulling his knees up as close to himself as he could.

"Max..." Liz got down in front of him. "They killed everyone I loved, everyone." He gazed up into her eyes and Liz could feel all of his hurt. “I gave up after that. Isabel continued to fight back; every time getting no where. She came up with a plan. She told me she knew they had a way to time travel. Isabel planned on going herself, but she never made it."

"Max, no..." Liz knew Max blamed himself if anything happened to Isabel.

"I knew she wanted to do warn you; us. So I came."

Liz didn't know what to say, so she just sat with him, hoping it would help. Finally, when she couldn't stand it anymore, Liz spoke up. "What can I do about it?"

Max looked up at her and looked straight into her eyes. "I need you to help me fall out of love with you."

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