FanFic - Max/Liz
"Love Rejoined"
Part 1
by Mslayer713
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters--they belong to Melinda Metz and the people over at the WB.
Summary: This is my own little reunion for Max and Liz in the 'Roswell High' book series.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: This takes place right after book number 9 'The Dark One' so, if you haven't read it, you may be a little lost. I know book 10 has it's own conclusion, but I wrote this before they released number 10, it just took me awhile to get this up!
Liz stared down at her supper and cringed. She couldn't eat. How could she? Adam was dead, Max was trapped in the consciousness, and her life was a wreck. Two of the people she cared for the most in the world were gone. Liz knew it was wrong to think of Max that way; it made her sick to her stomach, but she had to face what was really going on. He was gone, and may never return; at least, not the way she wanted him. Ever since Max had connected to the consciousness he had been gone. And now he couldn't come out. He would just sit there and stare into space.

Liz nearly let her tears fall into her food. She pushed them back down and took a deep breath. She needed to get out of this room. It just kept getting smaller and smaller. The more she fought against it, the smaller it got. "Can I be excused?"

Both Jeff and Nancy Parker glanced up at their daughter. "You've barely touched your supper," her mother pointed out.

Liz couldn't stand to even pick up her fork. "I'm not hungry," she stated plainly.

"Are you ok?" Jeff asked.

Liz could feel her father's eyes on her and shuddered. She nodded and glanced down at the table, unable to even look at him. Please believe me, she begged quietly. She didn't even want to know whom he was thinking about; but she already knew. He was thinking about Rosa.

Nancy reached over and felt her daughters forehead. "Do you feel sick?"

Liz shook her head, making her mother's hand fall off. She didn't think she could stand much more. I shouldn't be sitting here eating supper while this is going on! She thought. "I just want to go...and-and study."

Jeff and Nancy exchanged a worried look. Liz wanted to jump up and scream. She wanted to shout and kick; throw things and curse who ever made all this happen.

Curse Rosa for leaving her alone without a sister, curse her father for acting like she was gonna be next to overdose.

Curse Max for saving her life in the Crashdown that day, for loving her, and connecting to the consciousness; Curse Adam for making her think about her feeling for Max.

Curse DuPris for killing Adam, for hurting Max and the others.

And curse her self for loving Max through it all.

Liz knew that was the one she wanted to curse most of all. For all the heartache that's come with her knowledge of Max's origins, she still loved him. She knew it was a waste to think about it now, but she still had hope that Max would come back to her.

"Honey..." Nancy started.

"Mom, please." Liz knew her voice sounded muffled by her emotions. She was on the verge of tears and needed to get away from them.

Liz never cried in front of her parents. Never. If she needed to cry, she did it in the privacy of her bedroom. "I just want to be excused," she said finally.

Jeff nodded and Liz got up calmly from her seat and walked slowly back to her room. As soon as the door was shut she felt the tears fall down her cheek. She walked over and sat down on her bed, grabbing her pillow and cradling it in her arms like she had Adams' body. She knew it was useless to think about it, but she couldn't get the image of Adam lying stiff in her arms out of her mind.

Liz thought back to earlier that day. A few hours before she had been kissing Adam and telling him that she just wanted to be his friend; that she would always be there for him. And then he was gone.

Liz choked back a sob and looked around her room. She didn't even have a picture to remember him by. She caught a glimpse of one of her and Max at the Crashdown and cried even harder. Max, the guy she loved more then life, was smiling and had his arm swung over Liz's shoulder. Anyone could look at the picture and tell that Liz was the happiest girl on the planet; or in any solar system. But it hadn't lasted very long.

Over the next few days Max's connection to the consciousness deepened, and he was being pulled away from her. And Liz could do nothing to stop it. All she could do was watch as all of Max's traits and personality were being stripped away. And when she tried to reason with him, it would turn into a fight where she was the bad guy.

She felt alone and had wanted someone to treat her like Max used to. And Adam was willing to do that and more. Ever since he had seen her, Liz knew Adam had a crush on her. It was cute and sweet, and Liz was flattered; but never once thought of Adam in that way.

But it all changed when he comforted her after a fight with her dad. Adam had been there when Max wasn't, and Liz knew she couldn't keep imaging everything was ok in her relationship with Max. She had broken up with Max later that night, breaking both of their hearts. But it had to be done. Max was a different person, and Liz couldn't be with him.

Liz pulled in a deep breath and put her hair up on top of her head. She noticed her hands were trembling when she reached for a hair-tie. She fastened her hair and took in another deep breath.

Maybe I should call Maria, she thought. Maria was always good to have around when someone is upset. She was perfect at making you laugh. But Liz didn't feel like laughing, and she doubted Maria was either. Liz might have been closer to Adam, but he was still a good friend of Maria's also. Adam was a good friend to them all, especially Michael. Liz felt guilty about Michael. How could she be sitting here crying about how she felt when Michael must have been going crazy. Michael was the closet to Adam. He was the first to meet him. They even lived together.

Michael befriended Adam while they were in the compound together. He stood by him when everyone thought Adam was a killer. I even did, Liz thought sadly. But she had been wrong, they all were. Adam wasn't Adam. He was being controlled by DuPris.

Liz hung her head at the thought of that monster. Dupris had been evil, pure evil. He tried to kill all of them, and succeeded with Adam. But moments after Trevor killed DuPris.

Liz was still wary of Trevor. He might have killed their enemy, but he had also worked with him. Liz felt pain for Michael once again. Trevor was Michael's brother.

All of a sudden there was a knock at Liz's door. She pulled her eyes shut and willed them to go away. She didn't need her mother hovering around her, asking if she was all right, or her father asking her a billion questions like she was being convicted of a murder. The knocking finally ceased, and Liz let out her breath. Then sucked it right back in when the door slowly opened.


Liz nearly screamed when she heard the voice. It was Max. She couldn't see his face, but she would recognize his voice anywhere. She slowly stood up and watched as he poked his head in.

"Can I come in?" he asked.

Liz couldn't talk. She was physically unable to speak, so she just nodded.

Max entered and softly closed the door behind him. Liz noted that he was wearing the same shirt he was when he saved her. She remembered looking up at him from the floor and seeing his deep green shirt and, although she had just been shot, she noticed how it looked perfect on him.

Max came a little more into the room and stopped when he noticed Liz's face. "Is it ok, that I'm here?"

Liz swallowed and finally found her voice. "Of course," she got out before she was crying again.

Max had his arms around her in an instance. Liz knew she shouldn't, but she laid her head down on her shoulder and cried. She felt him pull her even closer and caressed her neck with one hand, while the other rubbed her back. Liz though back to the nights she had ran to the UFO museum and cried as Adam did the same thing. Liz suddenly pulled away from Max and wiped her tears away. She glanced up at his face and saw the hurt in his eyes, but she couldn't be in his arms and think about Adam at the same time.

"I'm sorry...I'm just-" Liz tried to get it all out, but couldn't finish her sentence. Max went to reach for her again, but Liz stepped out of his grip. "What are you doing here Max? I thought...I thought you were-"

"I'm free," Max said suddenly.

Liz gasped and looked up into his eyes. He was telling the truth. He was 100% Max. Liz felt even more tears sting her eyes. This time, when Max reached for her, she let him and leaned into the embrace. Liz felt his arms snake around her waist and hook on her belt loop. She knew he was holding her close 'cause he thought she was going to leave again. Liz put her arms round Max and snuggled up closer to him, positioning her head over his heart She listened to his heart beat for a while before speaking again.

"I was so afraid you were gone for good."

"I'm not going anywhere," Max stated.

Liz shivered as his breath traveled over her neck. It had been so long since she was this close to Max. She slowly pulled away a little and looked up at him.

"Max, us getting back together...I don't know if it's a good idea," she said softly.

But Max just reached up and carefully pulled out Liz's hair-tie, letting her hair fall over her shoulders. Then he ran his hand though it. Liz closed her eyes and was surprised when Max spoke again. His lips were right in front hers and she could feel his breath on them. "I do," he said softly. "These past few days have been agony without you."

Liz felt his hand move from her hair and to her face. He was touching her, as if trying to remember every inch of her face. "I need you. I love you," Max added.

Liz opened her eyes at that. Max was right in front of her, staring into her eyes. Her bottom lip quivered as his thumb traced it ever so softly. She then moved her lips slightly, kissing his thumb. She knew Max felt it when his hand froze.

She reached up and gently pulled his hand away. "I love you too," Liz said right before she leaned up and kissed him.


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