FanFic - Max/Liz
"Lost and Found"
Part 8
by Emma Whitfield
Disclaimer: I do not intend to infringe on any of the people truly involved in the production of Roswell, the TV series and the books. I am neither affiliated with the WB or Melinda Metz, but I am a crazed fan who needs to write pretend stories to keep from going mad during the week. For this story, the only things I own are the characters Audra Cristiensen, James Conway, Anna Lisa Evans, and Ben Thomas.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Some of the things I have in here all have a purpose. In other words, if there is something you think I should have explained, there is a very valid reason why I have chosen not to include it, or done the opposite of what you may think should happen. Anyway, you’ll understand more as this story comes along. For once, I actually know how this story will play out, and will end. So, the time it takes for me to get this done will be relatively short -- I just need the time to actually type it up. Also, I understand the season finale has aired, so my advice to you is to forget the past two months of episodes. I know it will be hard. But otherwise, many of the points discussed in this fic will not make sense. I just have a second comment. Have you noticed that my rambling at the top always manages to be a fic in itself? If you have read up until this far, you deserve my commendation. In fact, I bestow upon on you an Emma star. Alright, alright. I can take a hint. I’m done. :)
Max was near giving up. Maybe he was so delirious he was imagining everything. Maybe it was just some other woman. There were more than six billion people on earth -- someone was bound to look like her.

Max wanted to sit down. More than anything, he felt like plunging into despair. It was like he had lost her all over again.

Sighing, Max looked to the end of the last terminal, and started to trudge back. He may as well find Isabel and Anna Lisa. He hoped to god that Isabel had had better luck.

On his way back, he decided to get a coffee. His eyes were tired -- he could feel them bloodshot and wary -- and some caffeine would help him.

He didn’t even notice her, all of ten feet away from him.


“What did you call me?”

Ben panicked. “Audra. I said Audra.”

“No you didn’t. You called me Liz. Who’s Liz?”

“I didn’t say ‘Liz.’ ”

“Yes, you did. You said, ‘Talk to you later, Liz.’ ”

Ben was at a loss for words.

“What’s going on?”

“I need to go, Audra.” Quickly turning on his heel, Ben took off.

Audra was too stunned to even more. Who on earth was Liz? And why did it click in her brain? When Ben had called her ‘Liz,’ she had been ready to respond. Audra hadn’t even known a Liz in her entire life. What was going on?

Looking out into the terminal, she couldn’t see Ben. He had just disappeared. Audra wasn’t sure whether or not she should take after him. Maybe it was just a mistake. Maybe she had just imagined the whole thing…

‘I need to sleep,’ Audra thought to herself.

Gathering her things, she decided to find a taxi, get to a hotel and sleep. She would have to figure out some way to find out who the man was. He was wearing a Stanford jacket. Maybe she could call the school and find out...

But now, she needed to sleep.

Audra headed to the nearest elevator, a few hundred feet from the food court.


Max threw away his coffee. He couldn’t drink. He was worried about Anna Lisa now. He was so confused. He berated himself for deserting Anna Lisa. What if something happened to her? He would never forgive himself.

But what if there was a chance the woman had been Liz? He didn’t know what to do.

But apparently, the woman wasn’t Liz. Liz would have come after him. He knew Liz. She felt the same way about him as he did about her. They would drop everything for each other.

Max couldn’t help but feel rejected.

Sighing, he turned.

And saw her. She was in an elevator.

And the door was closing.

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