FanFic - Max/Liz
"Leaving On A Jet Plane"
Part 2
by MistyMoo
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* One month later. Max, Michael, Alex, and Kyle are at a jewelry store. Maria, Isabel, and Tess are at the mall. Liz is still in Florida. *

Alex: “Hey, that one’s cool.”

Max: “Nope. Not what I’m looking for.”

Michael: “Well what exactly are you looking for, Maxwell? We’ve been in this store for two hours and I think that you’ve looked at every single one of these rings at least twice. I am so bored!”

Max: “Oh shut up Michael! You could have went shopping with the girls.”

Michael: “I said I was bored, but I wouldn’t dare go with the girls.”

Max: “You mean you wouldn’t dare go with Maria.”

Michael: “Same thing.”

Alex: “I think not.”

Michael: “ You know we could be doing something better than this.”

Max: “Go ahead, I don’t need you here anyway.”

Michael: “And what’s that suppose to mean?”

Alex: “What Max is trying to say, Michael, is that you have an awful sense of style, and that he want’s you to have no part in picking out Liz’s engagement ring because you’d probably pick out the ugliest ring in the entire store."

Michael: “Oh, so now you’re on his side!”

Alex: “No, I’m just a translator.”

Kyle: “Hey guys chill out, it’s not like it’s a big deal. I think we’re a lot safer in here with Max than we are with the girls. They’d probably be trying to talk us in to getting a makeover.”

Michael: “So now you’re on their side too.”

Kyle: “Oh quit acting like I'm a two year old.”

Alex: “Oh I know Kyle! We just can’t take him anywhere anymore.”

Michael: “You know what? I don’t have to take this anymore. I’m going outside.”

Alex: “Oh come on Michael we were just playing with you!”

Michael doesn’t respond and walks outside.

Kyle: “Wow, what’s his problem?

Max: “He’s just being Michael.”

Alex: “Yeah what a show off.”

Max and Kyle: “Oh shut up Alex!”

An hour later Max finally has a ring and the head off to pick up the girls. Maria has to make sure the Crashdown is closed up properly since the Parker’s left her in charge. They all decide to go with her and hang out at the Crashdown for awhile. Maria is about to unlock the door when she sees someone go into the back of the Crashdown where the rooms are.

Maria: “Oh my gosh!”

Michael: “What?”

Maria: “Somebody’s in there!”

Michael: “Oh chill out it’s probably just the cook.”

Maria: “But what if it’s not?”

Alex: “She has a good point there.”

Max: “Come on let’s go check it out. Maria, Isabel, and Tess stay in the café till we get back, ok?”

All of them nod their heads. The guys are quietly going up the stairs when Michael puts his hand on Max’s arm to stop him.

Michael: “Max what if it’s the FBI again?”

Max: “ Only one way to find out.”

Alex: “Well, whoever it is, is in Liz’s room.”

Max starts to go into the room when the person comes out.


Max quickly grab the person and put his hand over the person’s mouth.

Max: “Now are you going to scream if I take my hand off of your mouth?”

The person shook their head. Max then noticed that they were trembling. It was still really dark so he couldn’t see who the person was. Slowly, he removed his hand off their mouth. She let a sigh of relief slip from her mouth. “I hate you! You just scared the crap out of me!!!!”


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