FanFic - Max/Liz
"Kissing Rain"
Part 1
by Caitie
Disclaimer: I sadly don't own any characters.
Summary: Alternate Universe. Max and Liz meet but under different circumstances! Please read on.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Thanks so much to my beta readers: Kaz you give the best feedback, and hipntrendy thanks for helping me with my stucture.
Kissing Rain By Roch Voisine

Another night of falling rain
Your memory flickers like a flame
It echoes like a distant tune
Dances on the four walls of my room
With hair as black as a book of prayer
Your laughter filled the morning air
Now it doesn't seem so long ago
But how we ever parted, I donít know
Where are you now? So far away
If only some how the night would disappear
And I could have you here
There's a breeze on the water
Blowing time back to me
I can still see your face
Kissing Rain

We wandered through a hundred days
And watched the stars on Half-Moon Bay
Then like a season you were gone
You left me on a frozen April dawn
You were the storm-in my sky
If only once more I could be so free
Feel you washing over me
There's a breeze on the water
Blowing time back to me
I can still see your face
Kissing Rain

There's a long cool river
Running wild to the sea
And I am calling your name
Kissing Rain
I'm a prisoner of time
And I'm chained to memories
How can you be so free
There's a breeze
There is a long cool river
Running wild to the sea
And I am calling your name
Kissing Rain

There's a breeze on the water
(Daughter of the thunder)
Blowing time back to me
(Your face turned towards the sky)
I can still see your face
(Standing high on a hillside babe)
Kissing Rain
There's a long cool river
(I'm a prisoner of time)
Running wild to the sea
(I am chained to memories)
And I am calling your name
(Calling your name calling your name)
Kissing Rain

Night came quick, and the moon was bright that night, and she glared out the window as she watched the rain trickle down the paine, it came harder and harder with every minute, and the tears eventually came rolling down her cheeks, and wished she had stayed in Roswell, N.M although she only had Maria left, it was enough and Maria made her feel good to be alive. She did the right thing, she was sure of it but the ache in her heart grew and grew as each day went on, and that hollow place inside her would never be whole again. She sighed and rested her head upon the window frame, and looked out into the distance. She needed closure, from all the pain and suffering from the past 5 years of her life.

Only the light from the street lights and the moon illuminated the road, but as she quinted her eyes she could see someone out there, in the rain completely soaked and probably freezing, and getting pnemonia. He walked extremely slow as hoping not to be noticed then he stopped and look in her direction, she knew it was him, every time she saw him she flet a strange wave of deja-vu like she knew him in another life but she could never place it. Max. As to her knowledge he lived very much alone, she wasn't sure if he had a family or if he'd lost them like she had but he was mysterious to her, she wasn't sure if he was interested in her but he always seemed to be around even if she wasn't talking to him and there was almost like a force telling her to go to him.

She opened the door and she shivered as the cold water fell on her back chilling her to the bone, but not for one second was she going to leave him out there. "Max" she gently whispered as she got closer. He looked so scared and strained, the coldness immediantly left her body as she saw the sadness in his eyes, something had happened to him...... something terrible.

His eyes nearly melted her, she had never gotten this close to him before, he was breathtaking. "Liz" he whispered as he cupped her face in both hands, and pulled her closer, she licked her lips in anticipation and he leaned down and brushed his lips gently up against hers, she closed her eyes tightly praying this wasn't a dream. Her and Max briefly talked before but nothing like this had ever happened. they broke the kiss, and she looked down to his arm, which was bleeding and she gasped not knowing, "Max you're hurt," she looked at him with she must sympathy and tryed not to cry as she placed a warm kiss on his cheek before pulling him into an embrace, and he returned the gesture as their wet bodies emerged and she placed a warm kiss on the cheek. "Come with me." he resisted

"Liz, you don't have to...." he started.

"It's no problem Max, now come with me." She took his hand in hers, and they walked towards her house, as the rain pounded on them the whole way, she opened the door and pulled him inside with her, she could feel him shaking and she knew is she didn't get him out of those clothes soon he was going to get hypothermia or pnemonia. She turned around and examined his arm, as he watch her with his piercing brown eyes, she wasn't cold anymore as she felt him undressing her with his eyes, how long had he known about her? "You're gonna have to....uh... take your sahirt off so I can bandage that up." Liz said avoiding his eyes unknown of what his response may be, Liz pulled her wet sweater from her body and revealed a blue spaghetti strapped shirt. He began pulling his shirt over his head and Liz quickly excused herself to get the first aid kit.

She reached the bathroom and slammed the door behind her, 'Get a grip, Liz' she screamed to herself, she opened the cabinet behind the mirror and pulled out her first Aid kit, she took a deep breath, and headed back downstairs, 'He needs your help' Liz reminded herself. She wasn't completely sure why she was so taken with him, and she didn't want to take advantage of him because of his vulnerable state, they had talked before but it was nothing like this, but she knew one thing, she loved it. She reached the bottom of the stairs and her breath caught in her throat, he was a beautiful tan color, and she could see every muscle in his upper body, he looked at her, and he had a tiny smile on his face, since he had caught her reaction, Liz tried to look stern but eventually a smile creased her lips as she made her way over to Max.

Liz sat down and took a hold of his arm, and ever so gently cleaned around the wound that went from his elbow nearly to his wrist, she could hardly concentrate as she felt his hot breath upon her exposed neck, she kept her eyes focused and he winced as she hit a sore spot. "I'm Sorry, here." She slowly pulled his arm back as she watched his eyes for a split second, she bent her head down and gently blew on the would to stop the stinging, she did it repeatedly, then looked up "Is that better?" she asked with apprehension eyes, as he nodded and said: "Yes".

He said yes with such a force she wasn't sure if he was really talking about his arm or not. She took thw white gauze from the container, and slowly placed it around his arm covering every inch of the wound. She sighed and looked at him, "Max, Are you okay?, I mean truly okay?" She looked at him with so much passion she thought she might burst, she never did so much talking in her life, and she was almost afraid of what he might say.

"Thank You, Liz, I know we've only talked briefly but you have always ceased to amaze me, and I guess this was just a tough time in my life and you were the only person I could think of at the moment, I know you probably think I'm crazy but..........thank you." He stopped realizing he was babbling and looked at her unsure of what she might say.

"Max, I know you have secrets, secrets you're not prepared to tell me but I do know one thing, if you need me I'm here, and I also know you're not going anywhere tonight, I don't know your situation, but I know you're safer here." She finished and slightly smiled, she never had so much audacity in her life before but with him it took on a whole new meaning.

He smiled back at her and whispered "You're even more amazing than I thought." He instinctivly held his hand to her face , and traced thescar on her cheek with his index finger, she cast her eyes down knowing he was going to say something about it, and ask questions and right now was not prepared to answer. He put his hand under chin and raised it up so they were eye level, he saw the tears threatening to flow and he felt so much sympathy towards this women whom he'd barly knew, as the tear fell he spoke "You don't have to tell me, Liz."

"I'm sorry I must look like a total idiot sitting here cyring when you're the one who is injured." she said wiping under her eyes to get rid of the tears. She excused herself and told him she was going to get him some dry clothes. He sat flummoxed as he watched her go. 'Apparently I'm not the only one with secrets' he thought to himself.

Liz ran into her parents room and paused before entereing, she knew she had to, but it still hurt every time she looked, she slowly opened the dorr and she could smell the scent of her parents still on the walls, after the tragedy Liz moved up to the house which her parents would occassionally come up to, to get away from Roswell. She walked to the dresser and pulled out a shirt and some sweatpants, she had no idea what size he was but this had to do. Taking the clothes with her she excited their room, and walked downstairs to find Max right where he was before. "'s some clothes, I wasn't sure of your size but this is all I have" she finished and he thanked her with his eyes.

"I'm going to get out of these clothes abd take a shower, the bathroom is right down the hall so you can change." she instructed before leaving again and disappearing upstairs. *

She entered the bathroom upstairs and locked the door behind her, she shedded all her wet clothes leaving her nude reflection to be seen by the mirror. She grimaced at the horrible scar thay lay just about her breast, 'what a time for such terrible memories'

Liz turned on the shower and stepped in letting the hot water scorch her skin, and quickly reach all ends of her body leaving her completely wet, she turned towards the water and let it dribble down her face, her tears blended with the water as er whimpers pierced the air.


He walked up the stairs and towards the bathroom Liz was in, he could hear her muffled cried and was afraid she might be hurt, he found himself standing in front of the door contemplating whether or not to go in........he stayed outside the door as his heart broke for her. "It'll be okay I prmoise, Liz." he whispered as he listening to her cries.

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