FanFic - Max/Liz
"Jagged Little Pill"
Part 2
by Ash
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, etc. from Roswell just borrowing and giving them back; Sarah is, however, mine!! :0)
Summary: Starts moments after the events in "Balance"...
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Fanfic challenge: based on "It's a Wonderful Life" (which should receive all credit due to it for the borrowed character of Clarence and the "rules" of guardian angelship, etc. A GREAT movie!!)
Sarah bent over Max slowly, taking great delight in studying his face. What would it feel like to be kissed by him, by any man? To be held by someone with passion and longing, as she had seen on the faces of lovers.

Love itself mystified her...human love, that is. She understood the love of God and its mysterious ways, as humans never could. But the type of love that would lead a man to throw away his own life rather than live without his love...what did that feel like?

Max suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the beautiful face above him.

Sarah was startled at first, and felt herself blush at his gaze. She had forgotten that he would be able to see her now. As she backed away, her smile was bashful, but nonetheless radiant, as all angels' are.

Max sat up, entranced by the girl before him. "Who are you?"

She gave him a mysterious smile. "Something you don't believe in."

Max frowned and thought a moment.

"You're going to have to be more specific."

"You want to know where I come from," she turned and walked a few steps away from him.

Max stood. "Yeah."

She turned around with a mischievous grin....and pointed upward. She couldn't resist. She had been watching Max for a while now, knowing that she was to be his angel.

Max was stunned.

"From...." he couldn't make himself say it.

"Heaven, Max. I'm your angel," she said simply. "And you should be dead right now, but you have another chance. I'd take it if I were you."

Max suddenly remembered his jeep...the fall...and...and... He turned around and stared at the guard rail, where it was broken. He ran to the edge. The blackness obscured his view below and he turned to Sarah.

She was suddenly beside him, startling him again.

He stared at her radiant aura for a moment before asking his question.

"The jeep is down there?"

Sarah nodded.

"But I'm up here," he continued, watching her intently. "How did you do that?"

Sarah turned her luminous blue eyes on him and answered in a patient voice, "I didn't do anything. I tried to stop you, but I couldn't. HE stopped you, and granted your wish. Look, I would love to sit here and explain this to you, but you have to get back. Things have changed and I think you'll want to be there."

She vanished.

"Wait-" Max began, but suddenly, he was back in the jeep, driving away from Liz's apartment.

He stopped suddenly, trying desperately to get his bearings.

"Sarah?" Wait-how did he know her name?

Her voice wafted down out of the air to him. "Max, you got your wish. You're human. You're a normal teenager born to your parents sixteen years ago. Be careful, a lot will have changed. I'll be close by..."

Max strained his eyes for a glimpse of her, then turned his eyes on the road again. He couldn't even imagine this circumstance. He must be delusional, hysterical from the events that took place at the reservation. Maybe he really had been pulled off balance in that vision...

But what if things had changed? If he were normal? Then, Liz...

Hope began to tug at his heart and he turned the jeep around.

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