FanFic - Max/Liz
"It's Not Fair"
Part 6
by RJ
Disclaimer: I do not own anything except my head, especially including, but not limited to, Roswell, all the characters, episodes, etc.
Summary: Max and Liz talk, a lot, set after Christmas Carol.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Max spent most of Sunday in his room. He thought about Liz, their relationship, and what could possibly have possessed her to lie to him. The situation was just so baffling. He kept going over everything he knew. Finally, he decided to confront her.

That evening, after dinner, Max again found himself on Liz’s roof. “Liz, I really have to talk to you,” were the first words out of his mouth as he reached the top of the ladder and saw her. “And you can’t interrupt,” he continued, “You owe me.”

Liz was not exactly surprised at Max’s appearance, but she wasn’t really ready for another confrontation. *But it’s Max! * she thought to herself. *You do owe him one uninterrupted rambling speech. * “Ok,” she agreed, nodding.

Max sat down on her windowsill. “Ok, all day I’ve been thinking about all this, and I just need to understand Liz. I mean, first you set me up with Tess, and you give me this whole speech about destiny. Next, I catch you in bed with Kyle, but then that was a setup,” he paused for her reaction. Liz was very stunned and opened her mouth to speak, “No talking!” Max reminded her. “I know about that because I kind of tricked Maria into telling me. Now, don’t get mad, it was al my fault, but you shouldn’t have lied to me like that. That’s really the part I don’t understand...sort of. You said yesterday that the world would end if we were together. How do you know that? I mean, you can’t tell the future. Liz, you just aren’t being fair! You have to explain this. You just have to!” Max ended pleading.

“I’m not being fair,” Liz half stated. She had had enough. She had to let it out before she exploded. “I’m not being fair! Life isn’t fair! You having a destiny isn’t fair! The fact that you and Maria talk about me behind my back isn’t fair! Having the future self of the guy you’re in love with come back in time to tell you you can’t be with him, and he can’t love you or the world will end isn’t fair! Hearing all the details about the wedding you’ll never get to have isn’t fair! I’m sorry you got hurt, but you’re not the only one! Get over it, that’s just how life is!” Liz said, finishing her shouting. She never knew she had it in her. She took a deep breath. “Now, I need to break something, and you need to leave.”

Max had been sitting quietly throughout Liz’s outburst, absorbing everything like a sponge. “How did it happen? I mean, why did the world end?” he asked quietly.

“You and I got together, and I guess you were mean to Tess or something...For some reason she left and when your enemies came you all couldn’t win the war because you needed Tess,” she answered, calming slightly.

“I see...” he paused, searching for words. “I’m sorry that you had to carry that. It wasn’t fair, your right. And I’m sorry I pressured you like that, I just...I just didn’t realize.”

“It’s ok Max. Just, please, go home. We both need some time to think,” Liz said with a sad tone.

“You’re right,” he agreed, getting up slowly. He started toward the ladder, but he stopped at her. They looked into each other’s eyes. Both sets showed a thousand emotions. Max brushed his hand gently against her face, and she thought he was going to kiss her. But he didn’t. He turned away, walked to the ladder, and descended without a word.


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