FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 16
by Emma Whitfield
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the WB, Melinda Metz or anyone else involved in the production of the show or the book series. I am merely borrowing the characters, and promise to return them as good as new. :)
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: As I have said, this story takes place directly after The Balance. If you can remember that far back, LOL, this is the episode where Michael gets sick, and Max asks to take a step back from Liz. None of the alien mumbo-jumbo occurred. There is no Tess, and Nasedo is just a name. Anyway, try to read this story in that mind set. I wrote this way back in January, and any similarities are PURELY coincidental. (That, or I'm just a mindreader, lol).
Max didn’t want to leave. He wanted to stay here, with Liz, forever. He wasn’t scared of what he was feeling anymore. Of what he had felt for so long. And Liz felt the same way. He knew it. It shone through her eyes, her touch, her soft spoken words. He was falling in love with her all over again.

But he inevitably knew he had to leave her dream. And things would have to go back to the way they were the night before. Or did they? Liz’s feelings were genuine. But their circumstances were keeping them apart. He had to see her once they woke up. He had to.


Liz’s sweet voice cut through Max’s muddled thoughts.

“What?” he stammered questioningly.

Max could feel Liz smile and he wasn’t even looking at her. He had to smile too. He was so deep in thought about her, he couldn’t even come back to the dream. But he could sense how she was feeling just by being near her. It was the most amazing feeling.

Liz slowly turned to face Max. He continued to keep his arms around her. He didn’t want to let go just yet. Resting one arm on his shoulder, Liz raised her other to touch his face. She stared deep into his eyes -- they never once wavered.



“What’s going to happen when we wake up?”

“What?” Max was taken by surprise. He hadn’t expected Liz to know this was a dream.

“What’s going to happen when we get up, and realize that all of this isn’t real? That you’re still scared of us being together. What’s going to happen?”

Max shook his head. “Liz, no. I’m not scared anymore. I don’t even know why I was scared to begin with.”

“But what about everything else? I mean, you are right. There are some very big things in our way.”

“Don’t you want to work at it together?”

“Yes. I do,” Liz said sincerely. “But are you really and truly ready?”

Max wasn’t sure what to answer. He thought he knew the answer, but that nagging feeling at the back of his mind kept him from saying anything.

“Max?” He stood silent. Liz’s expression fell. “Max?” she whispered.

Max was heartbroken at the sight of her face. He felt like hitting himself. He really did have no doubts. He knew there was a risk, but it didn’t matter. He was simply pausing for no reason. Wanting to reassure her, Max quickly opened his mouth to speak. But something very strange happened. The eyes he had loved from afar began to change. The endless lull of the waves transformed into a muted silence.

What was going on?

Liz’s eyes were no longer brown, they became blue. And Liz was no longer Liz.

It was his mother.

His mother? What was his mother doing here?

“Max, honey. You need to get up. It’s almost noon!”

It took him a minute to figure out what was going on. His dream was over. He had come back to reality.

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