Fanfic - Max/Liz
"I Was Meant For You"
Part 8
by Britt
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Roswell characters.
Summary: Liz's life 3 years after the aliens left to go to Antar.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
"Oh, Jeremy, come down here. I want you to meet somebody." said Liz, as she looked at Maria, apologetically. "Can we talk later?"

Maria nodded her head. "Sure." She wanted to tell Liz her news so badly. Liz had the right to know, but Maria also wanted to meet this Jeremy.

"Jeremy, this is my very best friend Maria DeLuca. Maria this is my fiance Jeremy Highland."

"Nice to meet you." said Maria, looking him over, and then shaking his hand.

"You look just like the pictures that Liz has of you all over our apartment." said Jeremy.

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" Maria asked.

"That's a good thing." replied Jeremy.

"Well, thank you." said Maria, and then turning her attention back on Liz. "You have pics of ME?"

"Maria, don't sound so surprised! Of course, I have pics of you!"

Just then Nancy and Jeff came down from upstairs.

"Well, hello Maria. I see you have noticed our company." said Jeff, referring to Liz and Jeremy.

Yea, I came in to get a burger and fries, and I'm gonna go out with my best friend." smiled Maria, as she gave Liz a wink.

"Mom, I was just wondering if Maria could join us for dinner tonight." said Liz, hopping that her mother said it was okay, because Liz wanted to spend more time with Maria. Two was way to long to be away from everything, thought Liz to herself, as she waited for her mother's answer.

"Lizzy, that is a wonderful idea. Maria, why don't you?"

"I don't wanna be imposing, since this is the first day, Liz has been back."

"You won't be imposing." Jeff said. "You're like my second daughter. You're part of our family, and plus I know the two of you have lots to talk about.''

"I guess, I could." said Maria.

"Why don't you bring your mother and Sheriff Valenti too. I haven't seen Amy and Jim in a very long time." said Nancy.

"Sheriff Valenti?" asked Liz. "When did that happen?"

"Ohh, he got his job back the year that you left to go to college, and also he married my mom."said Maria, smiling.

"Oh, chicha that is so cool. Congratulations! Oh my gosh, that means that Kyle is your stepbrother." said Liz, as she hugged Maria.

"Yup, it's pretty cool, since I have never had a brother."

"Where is Kyle? I haven't seen him around." said Liz

"Well, that is because he's not. He got a basketball scholarship to Yale, and so he moved out there just after you did, actually. But he comes back every now and then." stated Maria.

"Oh, I was just hoping that I could see him." said Liz, frowning. "But it is cool that he got a scholarship to go to Yale."

"Who's Kyle?" asked Jeremy.

"Kyle was...or still is a friend of ours. He's also the Sheriff's son, and now he is Maria's stepbrother." said Liz.

"Oh, okay." said Jeremy, obviously still a little confused.

Just then Liz heard a few glasses breaking.

"Oh, I guess I need to go in there and start helping Bridge." said Liz, as she walked back into the restaurant.

"Yea, and I guess I need to call my mom and Jim, and invite them to dinner." said Maria, following Liz's retreating form.

"Since everybody is leaving, I might as well go see if Bridge is okay, too." said Jeff, as he too walked into the restaurant, with Nancy and Jeremy walking right behind him.

Even though it hadn't even been a full day since Liz and Jeremy showed up, it already felt as if Jeremy was already part of the family, and that everything now was almost back to normal, thought Nancy to herself, as she sat in an empty booth across from Jeremy. While Liz went back to work and Jeff helped Bridge pick up the glass cups that had fallen on the ground and had broken. Liz was working so hard. It seemed as if it was busier now than it was during the lunch rush.

Maria finally gave up on trying to tell Liz her news, she knew Liz was busy, and she didn't want to bother her, because her news could wait another day or until she had dinner with Liz's family that night. So she decided to get to know Jeremy a little better. Maria moved from her spot on one of the stools, into the booth where Jeff, Nancy, and Jeremy had occupied.

Liz was wiping off a table, her back was towards the door. She had picked up one of the salt shakers when she heard the door chime, and recognized that tingly feeling she had not felt in 3 years. She had almost forgotten what it had felt like...well almost. But this couldn't be, thought Liz. She was so scared to turn around, she was scared of what she might see, but she did it anyways...very, very slowly.

Jeremy heard the glass hitting the floor, and spilling it's salty contents all over. He looked up and saw a dark haired man run and quickly grab a hold of Liz, before she even hit the ground, and even before he could get out of his seat to help her, for Liz Parker had just fainted, with one word and image in her mind...Max.

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