Fanfic - Max/Liz
"I Was Meant For You"
Part 6
by Britt
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Roswell characters.
Summary: Liz's life 3 years after the aliens left to go to Antar.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Liz and Nancy both turned and looked at Jeremy and then at Jeff. Liz inhaled a deep breath waiting for her father to give her fiance his answer. Not that it really mattered or anything, because Liz would have married Jeremy even if her parents don't give her their blessing, but Liz really hoped that they would except Jeremy and love him just as much as she does, that is what Liz really wanted.

"I guess there is only one thing to say." Jeff said seriously. "Well, come to our family, Son." he finished as he shook Jeremy's hand with a big goofy grin on his face.

"Oh, Dad, thank you so much! That meant so much to me!" exclaimed Liz, as she gave her father a big hug, while Nancy gave Jeremy a hug.

"Welcome to our family, but you BETTER treat her right or you will have to deal with me and her father, and believe me you do not want that." said Nancy, as she gave her almost son-in-law a hug.

"Always and forever. You don't have to worry about that, Mrs. Parker." reassured Jeremy, just as the phone rang.

"Please, call me Nancy."

"Well, I guess it's my responsibility to get that, but I'll be right back," said Jeff, as he quickly went to go pick up the phone, before the people on the other end had a chance to hang up.

While Jeff was on the phone, Nancy lead Liz and Jeremy to a near by booth and they all sat down. While they were sitting, Liz told her mother what she had been up to for the past one and a half almost two years, and in small details of how she and Jeremy had meet. because her father wasn't back yet, she didn't tell her mother everything, because Liz wanted him to be here and know also.

Jeff walked up to the booth with an annoyed expression on his now older looking face.

"Dad, what's wrong?" asked Liz, curiously.

"Well two of our waitresses just called in sick, which I highly doubt they are, but anyway, the lunch rush is just now starting to come in and I am two waitresses short. What am I going to do?" Jeff asked, rubbing his temples with his thumb and middle finger.

"I know that it's been a while since I have even picked up a plate of food, but I want to help you, Dad."

"No, Liz, you just got here. I couldn't ask you to do something like that. But it was very sweet of you to offer."

"Dad, yes you can. You need my help, just admit it. Plus, I wanna help you. Please, pretty please with sugar on top, and a big juicy cherry." pouted Liz.

"Okay, if you really want to, I guess that would be alright." said Jeff, looking a little relieved.

"Cool, I think I still have my old uniform and my name tag, from when I worked here, in one of my drawers in my room. Let me go put it on, and then you will have another waitress."

"What about Jeremy?" Nancy asked.

"Well, this would be the perfect time for the three of you to get to know each other without little 'ole me to be in you guy's way." said Liz, smiling, as she started walking into the back room after she gave her parents and Jeremy all a kiss.


"That was so sweet of her to offer to help us." said Nancy.

"Yup, that's our Lizzy." Jeff added, looking at Jeremy.

"So Jeremy tell us all about yourself." asked Nancy.


Liz walked up the stairs, and then went into their part of the house. Liz took a deep breath, it smelled just like her parents. It was comforting, Liz smiled. She quickly walked around the house looking at every room. The house and rooms looked a little bit different from what she remembered, except for one room...hers.

She walked into her room and shut the door, softly. Everything was the way she remembered it, being as. All of the pictures, candles, little knickknacks, and everything else was all the same. She walked over to her window, and looked out. Her favorite lawn chair was still out there. Some more memories came back to her, some where good, and others not so good. She stepped away, and sat down on her bed. then she remembered why she came up here. She went to her dresser, pulled open a drawer, got her green alien uniform out and then started to undress.

When her ensemble was complete, including her name tag and the stupid alien antennas, she looked at herself in the mirror. She had put her hair up with a scrunchie that she had found, in one of her drawers. Her uniform surprisingly still fit her down to the "T" and it still looked pretty good on her. She then took another quick glance at herself, and then went back down stairs to help out her parents.

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