Fanfic - Max/Liz
"I Was Meant For You"
Part 21
by Britt
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Roswell characters, but I sure would like to, and I wish I did!!!!
Summary: What if Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess, actually had left Earth to go to Antar at the end of the episode "The Departure." This story is what happens 3 years later, after the Aliens left.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: This is my first Fanfic, so email me and let me know what you think about it!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!
"Bye, Iz. I'll call you and Maria when I get done talking with my parents, because I would like to start planning as soon as possible." yelled Liz, as she got into her car.

"Okay, I'll be waiting for your call. Bye, Liz. Drive carefully!" replied Isabel, as she waved to Liz as she drove away.

When Isabel could not see Liz's car anymore, she turned around and went back inside. She shut the door and when she turned back around she saw her brother walking up to his room.

"Nah, huh, Max. You're not getting off that easy...and if you even think that I'm gonna give up, then your wrong, my baby brother." said Isabel, as she put her hands on her hips, while watching Max walk back to her.

"I was afraid of that." replied Max, softly, as he sat down on the couch, while Isabel sat down on the recliner that was next to him.

"Max I know that when you came home last night, you knew about Liz and Jeremy getting married in Roswell, and I know that this is really hard to talk about, but if you just..."

"Wow, wait a minute. Liz and Jeremy are getting married in Roswell? When did this happen?" asked Michael, as he came down from his bedroom.

"Well, that is exactly what I'm trying to get form Max...see Liz came by and asked me if I wanted to help plan her wedding that she is going to have in two months..."

"Well, what did you tell her?" interrupted Michael, for the second time.

"If you would let me finish what I was saying, then you would know that I said that I would help her, but right now that is not the point. The point is that I want to know what Max is thinking." Isabel then turned her attention to her brother. "Please Max, I know this is hard, but please let us in!" exclaimed Isabel, as she pleaded with her brother to confide in her and Michael.

"Yea, Max. Iz, is right, do you remember that last time you didn't let it out? We almost lost you." finished Michael, quietly.

"This isn't like last time." stated Max, as he looked from Michael to Isabel.

"Isn't it Max? Last time you thought you would never see her again, that you had lost her...forever. And now she is marrying some OTHER guy, that is not YOU! Max, just listen to me! I CAN'T LOSE YOU!" pleaded Isabel, as she kept eye contact with her brother, so that he could see her every emotion, and know that what she was saying was true. Even though she detested being so vulnerable in front of Max and Michael, but if this was the only way to make Max listen to her and Michael, then she was determined not to break eye contact. She had almost lost her brother once, and she was not going to start now, not after they had come so far to get back to their real home.

Max clearly could see that Isabel was struggling to keep eye contact with him, and he knew it was because of him, and he also knew that she didn't like showing him all of her feelings like this, even though she was his sister. So, Max decided that he would end his sister's struggling, and just tell her and Michael.

"Okay, you're both right, I'll talk, I'll talk." said Max, as he started to tell Michael and Isabel what little had happened last night.


Max had just gotten done telling them what had happened, and now the three of them sat on the couch in silence,

"I'm so sorry, Max. That must have been so hard for you to hear Liz say that." said Isabel sadly, as she gave Max a hug.

"Thanks, Iz." replied Max, just as the phone rang.

Isabel got up and got the phone that was in the kitchen. A few minutes later she came back out into the living room.

"That was Liz, and she wants just me and her to go sleep over at Maria's, so that we can start planning her wedding, but I think this would be the best time to talk to her about what happened to us on Antar." suggested Isabel, as Max looked at her grimly, while he shaking his head, no.

"She has the right to know, I mean you did bring her into this, on that day five years ago.

Max thought about this for a moment, he did owe this to Liz. "Fine, I don't like it, but we'll tell her."

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