Fanfic - Max/Liz
"I Was Meant For You"
Part 10
by Britt
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Roswell Characters, and the lyrics are by Jewel.
Summary: Liz's life 3 years after the aliens leave to go to Antar.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
"You were meant for me" By: Jewel

* Called my momma, she was out for a walk.
Consoled a cup of coffee, but it didn't want to talk.
Picked up the paper it was more bad news.
More hearts being broken or people being used.
Put on my coat in the pouring rain.
Saw a movie it just wasn't the same.
'Cause it was happy and I was sad.
It made me miss you oh so bad, 'Cause
Dreams last for so long.
Even after your gone.
I know you love me.
And soon you will see.
You were meant for me.
And I was meant for you.*

Max gently laid Liz down on her bed, and then brushed her hair back out of her face. She was so beautiful, she looked like an angel, and it was just the way Max had remembered her to look. She had the same perfect complexion, same button nose, and the same full red lips. Ohh, how he wanted to kiss those soft lips of hers right at this very moment. But three things stopped him, 1.) she was unconscious, 2.) her parents were here, and 3.) there was some strange guy looking at Liz in a way that Max did not like what so ever.

"Is she okay?" asked Nancy, on the verge of tears, as she looked at her baby girl.

"I think she'll be okay, Nancy." said Max, looking at Nancy and then at Jeff.

"Thank you, Max, for catching her." said Jeff.

"That was not a problem." said Max, looking at Jeremy and then turning his attention back to Liz.

So this was the famous Max, that had broken Liz's heart by leaving her to go off in search of his biological parents, thought Jeremy angrily. He wanted to take this Max outside and have a few words of his own with him, but for Jeremy talking would not be involved.

"Oh, Max. This is Jeremy Highland, Liz's fiance." said Nancy, introducing them. "Jeremy, this is Max Evans, an old friend of Liz and Maria's."

Max was incomplete shock, his Liz was engaged to this guy. Max looked him over, and found out that he was taller and more leaner that this Jeremy fellow. Jeremy had dirty blonde hair that was very short and spiky, he wore a green button down plaid shirt and a pair of khaki shorts, and he also wore those little preppy glasses that Max hated.

"You two are engage?" asked Max, after shaking Jeremy's hand quickly just to be polite.

"Yea, we are. I love her, and she loves me." replied Jeremy, trying to size Max up.

Well, she loved me first, thought Max. He knew he shouldn't think that way about Liz, but it really was true. Max had seen into her soul, felt her every feeling, every emotion, and she had seen into his and experienced the same thing. How many guys can say that...well besides Michael...NONE.

"Congratulations." Max barley managed to get out of his throat. "You've found a wonderful women."

"Thanks, and I know, she is the best thing that has every happened to me."

Max looked away for a moment when Jeremy said that. It hurt him too much to hear those words coming from another guy.

"Hi, guys how is Liz?" asked Maria, as she came through the door, with Michael and Isabel behind her.

The first thing that Isabel noticed when she walked into the room was Liz lying completely still on her bed, unconscious. Isabel couldn't help but fell a little sympathy for Liz, because in the past 20 minutes, her life has probably turned upside down and inside out, and Isabel meant literally. But she was also glad to see her other best friend in both of her worlds, due the fact that Liz was still unconscious. Then she felt the tension in the air of the room and knew it was radiating off of Max. She walked up to her brother and put an arm on his shoulders to try and comfort him, but when Max didn't look at her, she followed his gaze to a simi-goodlooking guy on the other side of the bed who was holding Liz's hand. So this must be Liz's fiance, what did Maria call him...oh yea, Jeremy, so this must be the illusive Jeremy, thought Isabel.

Jeremy looked up from Liz, when he noticed Maria and two other new people that he had never seen before, a girl and a guy, come into the room. He noticed that the girl put her hand on Max's shoulder. He must be dating the tall, blonde women, thought Jeremy. He also noticed the other guy go and stand protectively behind Maria.

"Yea, she's gonna be fine, Maria." said Jeff, "she just needs a little time to recover,"

Maria nodded her head to show that she understood, then she remembered the two new guest.

"Oh, Jeremy, this is Michael and Isabel. Isabel and Max are brother a sister, and Michael is a really, really good friend, practically like a brother just not blood or anything," Maria chuckled at the last words that came spilling out of her mouth, and then looked up at Michael.

Michael looked at Maria and gave her once of his lopsided smiles. "Not now." whispered Michael, in Maria's right ear.

Maria nodded her head again. "Sorry." she said, Michael smiled at her again.

Jeremy looked closely at Michael and Isabel. Well, I guess Max isn't dating her since she is his sister and all, thought Jeremy, before putting out his hand towards Michael. "Nice to meet you." he said, as he shook Michael's hand, "you too." he finished as he shook Isabel's well manicured hand.

"Like wise." said Michael and Isabel at the same time, both looking Jeremy over, just like Max had done, but for two totally different reasons.

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