FanFic - Max/Liz
"I Shall Believe"
Part 6
by Aquila
Disclaimer: I am the owner of nothing. All things Roswell belong Jason Katims et al. The song I Shall Believe belongs to Sheryl Crow and Franz Schubert wrote the Unfinished Symphony.
Summary: My version of what should have transpired after The Harvest.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is my first attempt at fan fiction, actually any fiction since high school English way back when. I’m used to writing scientific papers, which may explain the big words. I just suddenly had a need to write this. It stared out simple, but the story took over and I have very little time to write so it’s taking much longer than I anticipated. I welcome all sorts of comments and criticism, especially constructive. If you’ve never heard Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony, I highly recommend it. It’s probably one of the best pieces of music ever written.
The seven teens huddled on Liz’s balcony. Her parents were out of town, so at least they hadn’t had to worry about making up a cover story. Michael sat next to a shaking Maria, trying his best to offer her some comfort in his own awkward way. Isabel paced back and forth in the small space, trying to figure out where the Skins may have taken Liz. Alex had found a shedding lying next to Liz’s lawn chair, which had confirmed their worst fears. Nicholas had Liz and there was no telling what he would do with her.

Max stood stoically staring at the wall, which was stained with small spatters of Liz’s blood. He could barely breathe, thinking back to the pain, her pain that he had felt when he assumed she had been thrown again the wall. His heart ached to think that Liz had suffered that pain because of him.

Suddenly Alex blurted out “Isabel, why don’t you try to dreamwalk her? She might be unconscious.” He added carefully, noticing Max wince at his words.

Isabel looked over at Max sympathetically, “I could try; maybe she knows where she is.”

Max looked back at his sister, his eyes threatening to spill the tears they were holding back. He was so grateful to have friends and family he could count on, who realized just how much Liz meant to him.

Isabel sat back in the lawn chair that was Liz’s favorite spot and closed her eyes. Within moments her breathing evened and she appeared to be asleep. An anxious Max held her one hand tightly and looked up at Alex who was standing on her other side. Alex smiled reassuringly and gazed back down at Isabel whose face was now clouded with some unseen discomfort.

Isabel found herself standing in a dark damp stale-smelling building. It felt strangely familiar. She peered around, her eyes adjusting to the darkness when she heard it. A faint sobbing was coming from the shadows to her left she turned to seek it out. The sight that net her eyes nearly tore her heart in two. There was Liz lying crumpled in the corner of the wet floor. Her body was bruised and her hair was matted with blood that was seeping from an ugly gash at the back of her head.

“Oh my God Liz!” Isabel exclaimed as she fell to her side and gingerly laid a hand on her arm. She was immediately assaulted by a wave of blinding pain that knocked her back to the floor.

“Oh Liz, what have they done to you?”

Liz looked up and at seeing Isabel, her eyes clouded with panic. “No Isabel! You can’t be here. Nicholas… it’s a trap… for Max…for all of you!”

Isabel tried to soothe her. “Shh Liz, we will get you out of here…”


“Liz, do you honestly think my brother is going to give you up without a fight? Of course it’s a trap, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to help you after all you’ve done for us.” Her words seemed to calm Liz a bit and Isabel stoked her hair gently, marveling at the strength of such a fragile-looking girl. Suddenly footsteps were heard coming towards them and Liz’s head shot up, hurtling Isabel back to reality.

Isabel sat up with a start, shocking the others back into reality as well. Max kneeled in front of his shaking sister as Alex stroked her hair to help calm her down.

“Oh God, Max.” she gasped. “Liz… she’s in bad shape. It’s Nicholas. I think he has her at the old soap factory. She says it’s a trap for you.”

Max could feel his sister’s fear coming off her in waves and it only steeled his resolve to find Liz and bring this confrontation with the skins to an end. He stood up and turned to the group who were waiting for some kind of decision. He felt like this was truly his first real moment as a leader. He fixed them with a look of determination and said, “We need a plan.”

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