FanFic - Max/Liz
"I Love You Too"
Part 1
by Helle
Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I'm not not affiliated with Roswell or the WB. I don't owe any of the characters, i've just borrowed them, and i'll promise to return them, when i'm done
Summary: I'm danish, and my english is not very good. I hope you don't mind? This is my first fic, so read and -hopefully- enjoy. It all hapens after "River Dog"
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
It was a busy day on The Crashdown. Liz wiped some sweat off her forehead, and looked out of window. From were she stood, she could see the UFO Center, where Max worked. Max.....his handsome face, his shy and sexy smile.....

Maria: "Liz, wake up!!"
Liz: "Huh?, Maria, what's up?"
Maria: "What's up? was that a joke or somethin'? Okay, maybe you haven't noticed, but we're actually working in a restaurant...a very busy restaurant so get together and help me with these orders" (She walks up to the counter)
Liz: "Okay, I'm coming"

Liz turned around and almost bumped into Max's chest

Liz: "Max?"
Max: "Hi Liz"
Liz: "What are you doing here?"
Max: Well, I was hungry.."
Liz: "Oh.....can i take you order?"
Max: "I think I'll have a special"
Liz: "A special.....I'll be back in 5 minutes"
Max: "Hey Liz?"'
Liz: "Yeah?"
Max: When are you done with your shift?"
Liz: " In about 2 hours....why?"
Max: "I need to talk to you...about something important......can I stop by your rooftop later?"
Liz: "Yeah, sure"
Max: "Great..."

Later. Liz is sitting on her rooftop, waiting for Max to stop by.

Max (standing down the street, looking up): Liz...are you there?"
Liz: "Yeah.."

Max startes to climb up the latter. When he reaches the top, he crawls into the rooftop

Liz: "So...what is it, that is so important?
Max: "Well, I've been thinking....about us"
Liz: "Us?...I thought, there was no "us"!!"
Max: "I didn't say that...I just said, that I wanted to slow down..."
Liz (takes a step towards him) : "Max?....why did you really show up here tonight?"
Max (takes also a step towards, so he's close enough to kiss her): "I've forgot"
Liz: " you think, this is a good idea?"
Max: I don't care.....because I love you, Liz Parker (kisses her softly, and gently touches her hair)
Liz (answers the kiss): "I love you too, Max Evans"


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