FanFic - Max/Liz
"I Love You, Always and Forever"
Part 1
by tictac
Disclaimer: I don't own anything!!!
Summary: This is what I hope will happen at the beginning of next season.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is my first fanfic! Please send feedback! :)
(Liz is wiping the counter at the Crashdown, and she looks very run down.)

Liz VO: I never realized that a person could depend on someone else so much. I am literally thinking of Max every second. I can't sleep at night and I cry every day. Ever since that day at the cave, I haven't laughed or even smiled. I just wonder what Max is going through...

Cut to Max's Bedroom

(Max is lying on his bed, listening to Counting Crows. He looks like he is about to cry but he is trying to hold back the tears. He has a picture of Liz in his hand.)

Max (whispering): Oh Liz, I love you so much. (He suddenly can't hold back the tears anymore.)


(Max is walking down the hall at school and Tess 'accidentally' bumps into him)

Tess (trying not to sound so excited): Hi Max!

Max: Hey.

Tess: So I was just wondering if you wanted to go see a movie or something this weekend.

Max: Tess, just because Liz walked away from me doesn't mean I don't still love her.

Tess: Yeah, but she walked away from you. You'll just have to face the facts, Max. She's moved on.

Max: Don't you get it?! She walked away from me because she loved me too much! But I guess you don't understand that word, love. We're still in love, Tess. We just broke up because of YOU.

Tess (twisting her hair around her finger): Oh really, it was nothing.

(Max looks at her, shakes his head and sighs.)

Max: Tess, you know what? I think you should move on and get out of my life. I'm totally serious. I never want to see you again. If you leave someday to go back to our home planet, I'm not coming with you. I was raised as a human. And I am going to stay here with Liz and fulfill my own destiny. Got that??

Tess: But...

(She tries to finish but Max is already out of sight.)

Cut to art class

(Michael is sitting on a stool with his paint brush in one hand and his head resting on the other.)

Michael: God, what the hell am I doing here? I have to paint something.

(He suddenly has an idea and starts painting a face with short blonde hair. He smiles a sad smile.)

Cut to Biology

(Max and Liz are sitting at their normal seats, not saying anything to each other. They are working on their own separate assignments. Max secretly slips a note in Liz's bag. The bell rings that signals the end of school.)

Cut to back room of the Crashdown

Liz: So Maria, how are you ::sniff:: handling this stupid Czechoslovakian ::sniff:: destiny thing?

Maria (handing Liz a tissue): It bites, babe.

Liz: Ditto.

Maria: I can't stop thinking of Michael. I was so shocked that he said he loved me. I thought he'd never do that. But of course typical Michael says it when he says goodbye to me as well. (Starts crying)

Liz (chokes a laugh and hands Maria a tissue): Gosh, we are so lovesick. ::sniff:: But I think I know what might cheer us up. Maybe.

Maria: Like anything will right now! But what did you have in mind...

Liz: Oh, the usual. ::sniff:: Carton of ice cream and a few chick flicks and hottie flicks.

Maria: Oooh! Can we rent Forces of Nature? I love Ben Affleck!

Liz: You read my mind! Lemme go get the keys...

(On her way to get the keys, Liz spots Max's note in her bag. It says To Liz, Love Max. She blinks back tears and stuffs the note in her pocket, promising she will read it later.)

Cut to the Evans' house

(Max and Isabel are in their rooms and both are on the phone. They are talking 3-way with Michael and Tess.)

Michael: So what are we going to do now? Just start looking for the bad aliens? Oooh, that sounds easy.

Isabel: Michael, calm down. I'm sure the answer will come to us.

Tess: We could just ask Nasedo, right?

Max: Yeah right! He was the one who didn't want us to communicate like that in the first place!

(Tess sneers at the other end of the line)

Tess (yelling): Well how else are we going to find out about our destiny and how we fight these aliens?!

Isabel: Like I said! I'm sure the answer will come to us! We are alone on this one.

Max (muttering to himself): If she says that "D" word again, I'm gonna go over there and pull her little curly hairs out of her head!

Michael: Well, I gotta go. The hockey game is almost on. See ya.

Max, Isabel and Tess: Bye.

Cut to Alex's room

(Alex is sitting on his bed composing a new song on his guitar called "Love Sucks". He quickly changes the name to "Love Rocks" because he's thinking of Isabel.)

Alex (talking to himself): I should probably call her or something to let her know I still love her...

Cut to Liz's house

(Liz and Maria are watching "She's All That" and eating popcorn.)

Maria (sighs): Gosh, Freddie is sooo hot.

Liz: I know! Hey I'm going to go make some tea. Want some?

Maria: Sure.

(Liz goes into the kitchen and starts making the tea. She remembers the note in her pocket and takes it out and smooths it out on the counter. She begins to read it to herself and you can hear Max's voice reading it.)

Dear Liz,

I'm not really sure why I am writing this letter, but I just want to say I miss you so much. I think of you every second and I can't even sleep at night. Without you, my life is nothing. A void. A black hole. I understand if you don't feel the same way, but I just really needed to tell you that and I couldn't get up the nerve to talk to you in person. And by the way, I really meant it when I said you mean everything to me. I love you so much Liz. More than life itself. Hope I talk to you soon.

Love always and forever,


P. S.

Go look on your porch.

A big smile spreads across Liz's teary face. Completely forgetting about the tea, she races up to room and out her window onto her porch. There she finds a dozen roses laying on her chair. She starts to cry again, but this time tears of joy. She turns around to go back inside and looks up and gasps at what she sees.


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