FanFic - Max/Liz
"I Left My Heart in Roswell, New Mexico"
Part 8
by Isabel
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Summary: The gang is in their senior of high school when tragedy strikes.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Liz’s eyes slowly opened, but all she could see was blackness. What was this place? Was she…dead? Was this the passageway between Heaven and Earth? Woah, she thought, as she sat up and quickly became aware of her pounding headache. As she rubbed the back of her head, her head swiveled around, trying to locate the brilliant white light that, in movies, you were supposed to walk into.

But, wait, what was that way off into the distance? It was definitely a patch of light, all right, but why was it green? As Liz continued to stare at it, she realized that it was slowly approaching her. For some reason, instead of being terrified, Liz felt a sense of utmost tranquility. As it came closer still, Liz could barely make out a figure in the center. Was that…? Liz squinted, trying to get a better view of the elusive shape. As the picture became clearer, it was all Liz could do to not cry out. For, bathed in the eerie green glow that seemed to emanate from within, was Max Evans.

Liz felt a sudden burst of happiness. I’ve done it! Now, we’re finally going to be together forever, without the daily frustrations related to his extraterrestrial background! She wanted to jump up and down, screaming with joy, but she knew that it would be totally inappropriate for this extraordinary occasion. Instead, she stood there and impatiently waited for Max to finish his snail’s crawl towards her. When they were at last at eye level, Liz was all of a sudden speechless. Max seemed to have trouble forming words, too, so the two lovers gazed into the depths of each others’ eyes, satisfied just to be together again.

Finally, Max broke the silence. “Liz, you shouldn’t have tried to solve our problem this way.”

“But, Max, I just couldn’t stand to live without you.”

“Liz, listen to me. You are in a coma right now, with everyone crowded around your hospital bed, praying for you to pull through. You can’t do this to them. Wake up, Liz, for me.”

“Max…don’t you want to be with me?” Liz was on the brink of erupting into tears.

Max’s expression softened. “Of course I do. But this isn’t the way to do it. You can’t take your own life just because I was supposedly in a car accident, and presumed dead.” Max’s eyes carefully roamed Liz’s face, searching for her reaction to this information.

“Woah, wait a second. Supposedly in a car accident? You mean…” Suddenly the everything came crystal clear to Liz. The U-Haul hitting Max’s Jeep, killing the three Czechoslavakians. Tess’s mysterious disappearance right before the alleged disaster. It had all been staged. Which meant that Tess, and possibly Nasedo, were responsible for setting up the so-called crash. After all, Tess had probably been overwhelmed by the rejection she had received at the prom. So it only made sense that she would employ Nasedo’s help in getting Max back. The overall truth of it hit Liz hard, almost knocking her over, but in a good way. Max was alive and well! But, where?

“On Cayornia, my home planet.” Liz jumped at his words. She had almost forgotten that they could read each other’s thoughts. Max was on his home planet. Could he ever return to Earth, and her?

“Liz, I honestly don’t know. Nasedo and Tess have told my people about how Michael, Isabel, and I are refusing to follow our destinies. The other aliens are preparing to attack Cayornia, and they could be here any day now. The people on my planet are insisting that there is no way that I could survive and save the planet without fulfilling my destiny with Tess.” Liz shook her head no, not wanting to believe what he was saying. She had hurt his planet, his people by being with Max, by loving Max and having that love returned.

“Well, then, I guess there’s only one thing for you to do. You have to carry out your destiny by being with Tess. It’s the only way.”

“Liz, I’m sorry.” She could see the hundreds of emotions swimming in his eyes.

“No, don’t apologize. I don’t blame you for any of this, because it isn’t your fault. This is written out for you before you, Max Evans, were even born. And now, no matter how much you don’t want to, you have to obey.”

“I promise you, Liz, that after all this is over, I will find a way to come back to you, or die trying.”

“Don’t make any promises you can’t keep. Who knows? Maybe by the end of the war, you’ll…actually…love Tess, just like you once did in another lifetime, and was meant to in this one.”

“No, don’t say that, Liz. I could never love anyone like I love you. Especially not my destined bride.”

“Max, it’s too early to tell. Besides, you said yourself that it’ll be next to impossible to return to Earth. And I don’t want you to die because of me. Who are we to say what the future holds for us?”

“Alright, but, Liz, I want you to give me your word on something.”

“Anything for you, Max.”

Max took a deep breath, and prepared to say the one thing that he would never have thought that he would say to Liz. He just hoped that someday, she would understand and forgive him. “Liz, please, realize that it will be very difficult for me to find a way to come back to you. If it’s been too long, I…I’m begging you, try to move on with your life. Don’t let your life waste away before your very eyes. Fall in love again. Marry a normal man and start a normal family. A family that won’t have to worry about the FBI or evil aliens constantly on their tail. I’ll love you forever, Liz, and I’ll be watching over you, always. But I can’t give you the one thing that you need the most right now, even if you won’t admit it to yourself. You need a normal life, whether you are aware of that or not. That day, when I thought I was saving you, I was actually just setting you up for a broken heart. Being with me equals hurt, pain, suffering. But, don’t you see, it’s time to correct all that now. This is your out. Your life can still be…normal.

Liz stumbled away from Max, not wanting to acknowledge the truth in his words. She would not give him up. Ever. “I don’t care if I have to wait forever for you, Max. And I could never love again. Not after I’ve found my…soulmate.”

“Alright, if you won’t do the same for me, then why should I agree to follow my destiny, even if it makes me happy, which it most definitely won’t?”

Liz admitted defeat. Max wanted a trade-off, and she would agree to one. He had said for her to try to move on. That didn’t mean she would. “Fine, Max. It’s a deal.”

“Thank you.” Max reached out, and gently caressed her cheek with one hand. Liz’s eyes fluttered shut, as she relished the tender, affectionate touch that she had missed so much. It left her feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, and she could sense it all the way down to her toes. But when she moved to return the gesture, her hands only met empty air.


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