FanFic - Max/Liz
"I Left My Heart in Roswell, New Mexico"
by Isabel
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Summary: The gang is in their senior of high school when tragedy strikes.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Liz gazed up at the stars. Usually they gave her peace and wonder about the vast, mysterious universe that they lived in. But tonight, they seemed to be mocking her. It's written in the stars, she heard herself say to Max. Hah! Written in the stars indeed. Like she cared. Like Max cared. But the fate of an entire species rested on Max's shoulders. His people. She had to let him go. Follow his destiny. Tess.

She took out her journal from its hiding place. "I've always believed that love conquered all. That no matter what obstacles Max and I faced, we would overcome them together. But now I've come to think that there's a more powerful being in the universe than love. Destiny. Tess was Max's destiny. And I can't get in the way of that. Not even love was as strong as that word that I'm beginning to loathe. Destiny."

Liz closed her journal and let the tears flow.

"Pssst, Liz!"

Liz stiffened. That voice. The voice of her dreams. She knew she should tell him to go away. But she didn't have the energy left. All of her strength and willpower had been drained when she turned away from Max that afternoon. So she just sat there. Sat there and waited for the soft thud as he climbed up the ladder and landed on her balcony. Sat there while he walked up to her chair and looked down at her. Finally, he reached down and tipped her chin up to look at him. And Liz inhaled sharply when she gazed into his eyes and saw all the love shining in them.

"I don't care about destiny. Tess will never mean a thing to me, Liz. I love you. Always have, always will. And I refuse to let anything change that. Please, I beg you to reconsider. You mean the world to me. And even more. I'd just want to die if you leave me because of this thing called destiny. We choose our own destinies. You said that yourself. Now believe it when I say that I choose you, Liz Parker, to be my destiny."

Hearing his passionate plea, Liz almost broken down right then and there. She tried in desperation one last time to let him walk away. "What about your planet, Max? Your people? I can't help you free them."

"Yes, you can Liz. You are my very reason for being. Without you, I'm nothing. And you, Liz, you have made me whole. With you by my side, I can do anything. In any world or galaxy."

That did it. Liz broke down sobbing at Max's words. Max's wrapped his arms around her. They clung to each other as if their very lives depended on it. And maybe it did.

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