FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 1
by Heather
Disclaimer: Roswell, the characters, and other situations belong to the wb.
Summary: Max and Liz go to homecoming, but will Kyle ruin it?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Liz is writing in her journal: Dear Journal, You wouldn't believe what happened to me yesterday: Liz is walking down the hallway with Maria and Alex. Alex looks up and sees Max, Michael, and Isabel coming in the oposite direction. Alex lets out a sigh which gets the girls attentions. Then all three of them are blushing. when they meet in the hallway, they pair off. Alex and Isabel. Michael and Maria. Max and Liz. Max and Liz: Max: hi. How are you doing? Liz: good. and you? Max: great. (few minutes of silence) Liz: so, did you here about the homecoming dance? Max: yeah. Liz heard the nervousness in Max's voice and decided to save him the trouble. Liz: Would you like to go with me? Max: sure. Michael and Maria: Maria: what do you want? Michael: hello to you as well. Maria: Do i have to ask you again? Micheal: fine. Would you go to the stupid dance with me? Maria: of course i would. Isabel and Alex: Alex is shaking infront of Isabel Isabel: do you want to go to the dance with me? Alex appears embarrassed. and then says yes. AT LUNCH: Liz, Isabel, and Maria are sitting at a table and talking. Do you guys want to meet and my house and get ready there? So the guys can just pick us up at one place?, Maria asked. Sure Liz and Isabel said at the same time. NIGHT OF THE DANCE: Liz is wearing a strapless purple dress. Maria is dressed in a dark blue spagetti strap dress that had flowers on the chest part and the bottom was sort of foamy. Isabel was wearing a black, silky strapless dress. As the boys arrived at Maria's house, they saw the ladies on the couch watching tv. Then turning to them and asking what took them so long. Max, Michael, and Alex couldn't talk. the girls were just to beautiful. Shall we go the dance? asked Max. Sure!.!.... AT THE DANCE: After a half hour had passed, Kyle was watching Max and Liz dancing and laughing with each other until he couldn't take it anymore. Kyle stomped up to Max and tapped his shoulder. the minute Max turned around, Kyle said "stay away from my girl" and slammed his fist into Max's cheek. Kyle's ring cut Max. Max took this opportunity to punch Kyle in the nose. Then Kyle returned the punch with another. Making Max bleed from the nose. Liz was terrified but at the same time enraged at Kyle and Liz could not watch Kyle beat Max up again. Liz stepped up behind Kyle. Kyle was laughing at Max who was stuggling to get up. When Kyle turned around laughing thinking that it was one of his friend coming to congratulate on his little victory. but instead was greeted with a hard punch in the nose from Liz. When Kyle realized he was bleeding screamed out," Damnit Liz are you trying to break my nose?" Liz just yelled back," you are not my boyfriend anymore. just leave me and Max alone or i'll punch you again you jerk." Liz heard Maria's voice from somewhere scream."You go girl!!!" Liz ran to Max who was not bleeding as much but was smiling. After all of that the six of them decided to go to the Cafe. it was about10:30. but of course, Liz could close up late today. the six of them sat and ate while talking. except for Liz and Max. Max had a ice pack on his face and Liz had one on her hand. Liz finally spoke up.This week for the break, i was wondering if you guys would like to go to my parents cabin. They all screamed" we'll go!!' Liz just grinned and snuggled against Max. PART 2 AT THE CABIN: Everyone had changed into their pajamas. Liz was wearing a sweater and long pants that had dogs on them. Maria was wearing a sports jersey and sweat pants. Isabel wore sweats. All six of them were watching Austin Powers. The girls decided to go get cokes fifteen minutes ago. Michael complained. Max got up and walked towards the kitchen. As he got closer he could hear laughter. when he cot there, he saw Liz holding a whip cream bottle. Maria was holding tomatoes. Isabel had pies. when Liz saw Max she covered his face with whip cream and giggled. Max whiped his face and smashed a egg on Liz's head. Liz laughed and fought with him. when Alex and Michael came in, Maria threw a tomatoe at Micheal and Isabel smashed a pie in Alex's face. Then Michael took a soda can, shook it and placed his thumb on the opening as he opened it to spray it at Maria. After they had all tooken showers and changed and cleaned up, they finished watching the movie. Liz and Max were on the chair snuggled up against each other. Maria and Michael were on the sofa next to each other. Isabel and Alex were on the floor with blankets. They all fell asleep together. Liz with Journal again: I haven't had that much fun in my entire life. love, Liz THE END
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