FanFic - Max/Liz
"Hidden Paths"
Part 8
by Mslayer713
Disclaimer: I don't own the character's, just the plot.
Summary: Alternative reality fic.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Isabel fumed as Michael loomed over her. "Are you that stupid to not see the signs?!" he asked her.

Isabel sighed and could tell her temper was about to go, and Michael wasn't the best person to unleash it on. "Michael…back off," she said in a stern voice. "I'm not having this conversation with you," she added, glancing at Max's back as he raided their refrigerator.

Michael spun around and mumbled something, then faced Isabel again. "Where did it go?" he asked, for what must've been the hundredth time.

Isabel flared up. "I don't know!" she hollered at him. "Just let it go," she added in a lower voice.

Max walked into the living room at that. "Let what go?" he asked, carrying a turkey sandwich. Isabel could smell the hot sauce on it and sighed. She didn't realize she was that hungry.

"You guys ok?" he asked.

Isabel eyed Michael then said, "Yeah, we're great." She dared Michael with her eyes to contradict her.

He sighed then mumbled, "We're fine." He crossed his arms and headed toward the kitchen. "Any more of that hot sauce left?"

Max nodded. "Second cupboard to the left," he said. He then turned his gaze onto his sister. "Is…what's wrong?"

Isabel just smiled. She was not gonna drag Max into Michael's weird universe. "Nothing. Me and Michael just had a little tiff," she replied.

Max looked down at his feet. "Is this about that dream?" he asked suddenly.

Isabel almost forgot that Michael had already tried to talk to Max, but he had freaked on him. "No…but that had some basis in it," she said finally. Isabel couldn't lie to Max, but it didn't mean she had to tell the whole truth.

"Isabel-" Max started, but she cut him off.

"You know what?" Isabel said suddenly. "I really want some space fries." She headed toward the kitchen and glared at Michael. "Leave Max out of this," she said right before grabbing up her coat.

"You can't tell me what to do," Michael replied with an edge.

Isabel knew Michael would retaliate, so she said sweetly, "I wonder how Maria would react to our little talk today. She seemed to be on your mind."

Michael looked surprised, then shook his head. "The ice queen cometh," he mumbled.

"You better believe it." Isabel threw on her jacket and started back toward the living room. "Can I have the keys?" she asked Max.

He nodded and handed them over. Isabel smiled and walked out the front door. She climbed into the jeep and started it up. She searched the stations until she found a song she liked, then back out of the driveway. Isabel smiled to her self at how Michael had looked at her. He wouldn't say a word to Max. Not as long as Isabel held her trap over his head. She knew Michael liked Maria, and Maria was feeling it right back.

Isabel sized them up in her mind. Michael was stubborn and always thought he was right. Maria was also stubborn, and seemed to totally throw convention out of the window; it was one of the reasons Isabel was warming up to her. She needed to liven up her life and have some fun.

Michael wouldn't think before doing something, he'd just act and think later. Maria seems like that too, Isabel concluded. And she knew that both had more interest in each other then they wanted to lead on. Their cover up had as many holes in it as an afghan.

Isabel knew they would be perfect for each other, if she could just get Michael to get over it and ask her out. Then maybe he'll get off my back, she added in her head. Now…all she needed was a plan.


Liz and Maria finally made their way back out to the front of the Crashdown café. Liz noticed Kyle was where they had left him.

"Wanna know the one thing difference between Kyle and a dog?" Maria asked. "A dog would leave when it sensed it wasn't wanted."

"Kyle isn't 'not wanted'," Liz said softly. "He's just 'not wanted much'."

Maria sighed. "And Max is?"

Liz just looked at her before walking over to Kyle. He saw her and smiled at her. Liz smiled back and walked up to him.

"Seeing how you're free tonight, wanna catch a movie?" he asked.

Liz was about to respond when Maria did. "She's not free."

Kyle looked at her, then at Liz. "Did you already have plans?"

Liz looked at Kyle then at Maria, and finally back at Kyle. "Sorta," she admitted. "Girls night, you know?"

Just then Isabel Evans walked into the Crashdown. She spotted Liz and Maria and headed over. "Hey guys."

Liz nodded toward her shirt, which was covered, with her jacket. "Yours come out?"

Isabel shook her head. "I haven't tried yet. I needed to get away from all the testosterone."

Maria smiled. "Then you can join our girls night. No boys allowed," she added while glancing at Kyle.

"Ok," he said finally. "I can take a hint," he said before looking at Liz. "Call ya," he added as he kissed her sweetly then walked away from them.

"That's sweet," Isabel admitted. Liz nodded, but Maria scoffed.

"Sure whatever," she mumbled. Maria was set on Max and Liz getting together. "So, are we on for tonight?" she asked with a smile.

"Definitely!" Isabel said. "I need a night of girl bonding. A whole night's worth," she added.

Liz and Maria exchanged looks before both saying, "Sleep over!"

Isabel smiled. "What?"

"We should totally have a sleep over tonight. We can do our hair and watch movies and stuff."

Liz smiled. "Sounds great. But my place is out. Mom is on a date tonight, and hates when I have people over with out asking."

Maria sighed. "Mine too. Mom is baking tonight." Liz and her exchanged looks.

"Make sure to remind me not to stop by tomorrow. She'll have us both in the kitchen," Liz added.

All of a sudden, Isabel added, "We can have it at my place then."

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