FanFic - Max/Liz
"Hidden Paths"
Part 26
by Mslayer713
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Max sat down on his bed and put his head in his hands. When had life gotten so complicated? He asked silently. He was head over heels for a girl he barley knew-who has a boyfriend no less-but felt like he's known her his whole life, his father is dating-god, when did that happen?!-and he's about to learn something about his life that could change it forever. Just an average week.

Max sat up and sighed. He rubbed his temples, trying to massage the stress away. He really needed a stress reliever.

What would calm me down? He thought. Max actually smiled and scoffed. "Gee, I wonder…" he said sarcastically. There was one thing Max knew would make him feel like he was on cloud nine; and she was with her mother right now.

Max laid back down, letting thoughts of Liz roll into his mind. He could see her perfect smile, how it made her whole face light up and glow. He could make out her pouty lips, and how they made him feel on fire when she said his name. He could even feel her thick, luscious hair in his hands.

Ok, that was a real big one to do so, cause he hadn't had a chance to touch her hair yet. But he could imagine, and yearn about, what it would feel like. Max sighed and let her image fill his vision again, only to have it knocked back out by the doorbell.

Max groaned and walked over to the door. He leaned his head against it and sighed. God…if he could just see Liz, he would be fine. He finally backed up and opened his door, walking into the hall.

As Max trooped down the steps, Isabel's voice filled his ears. He edged closer and heard his name mentioned, and his father looked over his shoulder.

"About time you came down. Looks who's here," Mr. Evans said cheerfully.

Max obeyed and walked into the front hallway and stopped, nearly dropping his jaw onto the floor. There in the doorway of the Evans' home, stood Liz Parker.

"Hey Max…"


(a minute earlier)

Isabel came down the steps to hear her father saying, "well, I never had a clue that you were Nancy's daughter."

"Yeah, I didn't know you were mom's…I had no idea," a familiar voice said.

Isabel's eyes got wide and she rounded the corner to see who it was. "Liz?!"

Liz gave an awkward smile. "Hey Isabel…bet ya didn't expect to see me tonight."

"I didn't," Isabel replied.

"Isabel, this is Nancy and her daughter-which you know," Phillip said.

Ms. Parker looked at Isabel and smiled. "So, I finally meet the mysterious Isabel. I've heard of you. Nice to finally put a face with the name," she said extending her hand.

Isabel gracefully shook it. "You too."

Liz caught her eyes and Isabel could see she was about to loose it. "Um, Liz, could I talk to you-"

"Wait, Max should be down in a moment," her father said.

Liz looked at Isabel again, begging with her eyes for help. Isabel was about to speak when Mr. Evans looked over his shoulder. "About time you came down. Look who's here."

Liz nearly squealed as Max came around the corner and locked his eyes on her. Liz could tell he was having a mental breakdown too. So she did the only thing she could do; she threw down her last card and let the shit hit the fan.

"Hey Max…"


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