FanFic - Max/Liz
"Hidden Paths"
Part 16
by Mslayer713
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Alex walked out the main door of West Roswell High and started toward the quad. He knew Liz was out here somewhere, and he needed to speak to her to get their plan to work.

"There she is, that Isabel girl," Alex heard one of the jocks say. He spun around and saw Isabel walking out of the side door, taking in her surroundings.

Alex saw just about all of the guys heads turn and watch her. He smiled and then noticed Liz over under the tree. Alex walked toward her slowly, hoping to catch Isabel's eye first. A second later, Isabel turned his way and smiled at him. Alex nodded back, and gave a little point toward Liz.

Isabel's smile grew wider and she nodded back. She then headed off a little. Alex watched as she stopped to talk to Pam Troy, then went on toward Max's table.

Alex reached Liz and sat down. "So, dare I ask what you have to eat?"

Liz looked up and smiled. "Ham & cheese, Sun-chips, and a cheery coke. You?"

Alex opened his bag and looked in. "Cold pizza, a Twinkie, and Surge."

Liz laughed. "You'll be bouncing all over the walls in Chem."

Alex nodded and pulled out his food. "Well, I need something to keep me awake."

"I so don't understand you Alex. Science is so fascinating," she said in a wistful tone.

"Oh, no," Maria commented coming up to them. "Has she gone into her 'Science is the world' coma again?"

Alex nodded vigorously and Liz slapped him on the arm. "I have not! Although Science is-"

"Stop!" Maria said throwing up her hand. "We need to get you a life."

Alex glanced back over toward Isabel and Max. Isabel was standing up and walking off. He turned his attention back on Liz. "She's right. You could use on of them," Alex joked.

"And I suggest that you start with Max-"

Liz sighed. "Maria! Please!"

Alex laughed and pulled out his pizza and Twinkie. Maria gagged. "God Alex, do you have one inch of food that's not pure junk?"

Alex held up his soda. "Does this count?"

"That's it. I'm getting you something good for lunch." She stood up and walked back toward the school.

Alex quickly looked at Liz. "Ok, I need your help."

"With what?" she asked, worry seeping into her voice.

"Nothing bad-I need you to help me hook up Maria and Michael."

Liz looked at him. "You want to what?"

"Hook Maria up with Michael."

"But why?" she asked. "I mean, I know they want each other, but why would you want to set them up?"

"Ok…it's mainly Isabel's idea," Alex admitted.

"And you're going along to gain points with Isabel?" Liz asked suddenly.

Alex gasped. "I'm ashamed of you Parker. I thought you knew me better that that!" Liz just looked at him. "Ok, maybe on some level I am," he admitted finally. "But I do think Maria and Michael would be good together."

Liz thought a minute. "Maybe…"

Alex glanced up and saw Maria walking back out the doors. "Please? I gotta go, but I'm counting on you!" Alex added before jumping up. He raced across the quad. He glanced over his shoulder and smiled before walking around the school.

Liz sighed and glanced in the direction Alex had looked. He eyes immediately locked on Max, who was gathering up his stuff and getting ready to go back inside.

"Ok, why did Alex just bolt?"

Liz looked up to see Maria standing before her, an apple in her hand. Liz scooped up books and stood. "Um, I'm not sure, but…oh, I gotta go too."

Liz ran off and jogged up into the school. Maria stood under the now empty tree and sighed. "Great…just great," she mumbled.

"Glad to know everything's working out for ya."

Maria spun to see Michael leaning against the tree. "What do you want?"

Michael just shrugged. "Just bored. Saw you all alone." He reached over and took the apple out of her hand. He took a bite out of it and chewed. "Pretty good," he decided as he swallowed.

Maria crossed her arms. "Glad to know. So, you have any idea why everyone's gone crazy?"

Michael looked around. "I think it's the heat. It gets to everybody."

Maria shook her head. "Well, I must be cold blooded, 'cause I'm still sane."

"Never knew you were," Michael replied. "And by the way-you've lost it the most."

"What?!" Maria exclaimed. "How?"

"You really think Kyle is gonna let Max stroll in and take Liz?"

Maria shifted. "So Max should stand back and let Liz stay with someone she doesn't love?"

"I, personally, think Max should go for it, but after Liz and Kyle break up."

"If Max doesn't make a move, Liz is gonna stay with Kyle."

"Why would she stay with him if she doesn't love him?" Michael asked.

"'Cause Kyle treats her nicely and he cares for her," Maria said. "But he's not the one for her."

Michael eyed Maria. "I thought you didn't like Kyle?"

"I don't. But I'll admit, only if I have to, that he does treat her well."

Michael thought about that. "Then shouldn't the plan be to get Kyle and Liz to break up?"

Maria shook her head. "Why? We'd still have to jolt Max and Liz together anyway. So this way, we kill two birds with one stone."


Isabel came out of the girls' bathroom and started toward her next class. She looked down at the schedule and at the doors around her.

"Lost?" a voice said behind her.

Isabel looked over her shoulder to see the guy from earlier. "Why? You know the way?"

He smiled. "I just might." Isabel studied his features. He looked a little old to be a student. "I'm Ken. Ken Bradley," he added. He held out his hand to shake hers.

Isabel took it and gasped. All she could see was a pure white room, with medical tools on trays. She felt coldness and a shudder ripped through her body. All of a sudden the scene shifted and Isabel was in an office, looking at a man behind the desk. He was tall and had dark hair and eyes.

His eyes…Isabel could tell he was not all there in the head. He smiled and she let out another gasp. She looked around the room and tried to remember what she was seeing.


And suddenly she was back in the hallways of West Roswell high. Isabel took in a deep breath and looked up to see Alex's face. It was flushed and he looked scared.

"Alex? What…what happened?" she asked in a small voice.

Alex pushed her hair back away from her face. "You fainted, and nearly gave me a heart attack."

"Fainted?" Isabel looked around and finally noticed she was sitting on the floor. She went to get up, but Alex gently placed his hands on her shoulders.

"Maybe you should wait a few," he said with concern in his voice.

Isabel was about to snap she was fine, but stopped herself. She took a deep breath and looked up at him. "You looked winded."

Alex looked down sheepishly and said, "I was at the other end of the hall when I saw you fall."

Isabel looked at his face and nearly kissed him. "You ran down here for me?" she asked, her voice full of emotion.

Alex nodded and looked into her eyes. "It was you," he replied softly.

Isabel could feel tears forming in her eyes. She blinked them away and looked around again. There were a few people in the hall, but most of the students were still at lunch. "Where's Ken?" she asked.

Alex looked at her, then said, "Oh…I told him to go get the nurse when you wouldn't wake up."

"How long was I out?"

"Only a few seconds…but it was the longest of my life."

Isabel smiled and tried to get up again, and this time Alex helped her. "You wanna walk down to the nurse's office?" he asked.

Isabel steadied her self and replied, "That's ok. I think I was just a little dizzy."

Alex looked back into her eyes. "Are you sure? I was kinda wondering why you fainted."

Isabel froze in her steps as she thought back to her dream. No, it wasn't a dream, she thought. She could feel the coldness and evil from the man again and put her arms around herself. She held back a shiver as she looked back at Alex.

"I…um, I need to find Max," she said.

Alex nodded. "He'll be in class."

"No! I need to find him now," Isabel said suddenly. "And Michael too."

Alex looked surprised at her outburst, but only said, "They were in the quad, last I saw them."

Isabel nodded and started toward the doors. "Isabel…Isabel?" She heard Ken calling her and looked to see him and the school nurse coming toward her. She looked at Alex and he just shrugged.

"Are you ok, miss?" the nurse asked. "This young man said you collapsed."

"I just fainted-"

"Fainted?" Ken asked. "Isabel…you just gasped and dropped to the ground."

Isabel looked at Alex and he nodded. She looked back at the nurse. "I'm fine-"

"Miss…I would feel a lot better if you at least came into my office and let me take your blood pressure."

Isabel cast another look at the side doors. She really needed to talk to Max.

"I'll get 'em, Isabel," Alex said to her.

Isabel finally nodded and walked off with the nurse, leaving Ken and Alex standing in the hallway.

"So, you know Isabel?"

Alex looked over at the guy. What was his name? Oh, yeah, Ken. "Yeah."

He nodded. "She's something…"

"Yeah," Alex said again.

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