FanFic - Max/Liz
"Hidden Paths"
Part 14
by Mslayer713
Disclaimer: I don't own the character's, just the plot.
Summary: Alternative reality fic.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Michael took in a deep breath right before Tommy Hicks rammed him to the floor. Michael gasped as the breath was shot right back out of him.

"Foul!" Mr. Stubs hollered.


Michael glared up at Tommy. "'Cause you're not supposed to trample your own teammates."

Tommy looked at him. "You're on my team?"

Alex laughed and Michael shot him a look too. "Um, Tom, everyone in red is on your team," Alex explained.

Tommy looked truly confused. "Really?"

Michael heard Mr. Stubs curse as he came over. "Tommy, we explained this in the beginning."

Tommy nodded and walked off. Stubs stalked off also, mumbling how if Tommy didn't help the team he'd fail his ass.

"That is so wrong," Alex muttered.

"What? That air-head jocks can pass all their classes by just showing and people like me and you, or well, just you, actually work hard and still fail?" Michael asked.

Alex nodded. "In a nutshell."

Michael and Alex both jumped as the gym teacher yelled again. "Damn it, Tommy. That was an easy shot!"

"How does he help the team again?" Michael asked.

"He distracts the other players," Alex explained.

"How? By making hand puppets?"

Alex laughed. "That's it! Hit the locker rooms," Mr. Stubs called out finally. Michael and Alex headed toward the locker room.

"Hold it, Whitman! Pick up these balls, will ya?"

Alex sighed. "Mr. Stubs, I'm an actual student in this period. I'm an assistant in 1st."

But he was gone already. Alex mumbled and finally started to gather up the basketballs. Michael thought for a sec, then started to help.

"Thanks," Alex said.

"Don't mention it." Michael grabbed up one and took a shot. It went right in.

"Nice shot," Alex commented.

Michael shrugged. "I try," he joked. He glanced over at Alex. Just ask! He told himself. "Hey…can I ask you something?"

Alex stopped and looked at him, but then shrugged. "Sure."

Michael picked up another ball and made shot: total air ball.

"Um…you ok Michael?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just…just-never mind," Michael said finally.

Alex eyed him for a sec. "Hey…what are you doing tonight?"


"Well, Maria-"

"Why is she flaunting all over Max when it's clear that he wants Liz?" Michael asked suddenly. He felt like a total weight had been lifted off his shoulders as soon as the words left his mouth.

Alex looked a little shocked then smiled. "She's not," he answered.

Michael actually sighed when he heard that. Max totally wouldn't appreciate Maria's quirky personality-what the hell was that?! He thought.

"Maria's trying to hook Max and Liz up, but Liz is-"

"Taken?" Michael supplied.

Alex hesitated. "Well, yeah, but no."

Michael eyed him as he picked up the last ball. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Liz dating Kyle Valenti?"

Alex threw the basketballs into the cage and started to wheel it toward the storage room. "Liz and Kyle are…or aren't having any problems."

"What?" Michael asked as Alex wheeled in into place.

"Liz likes to share her opinions and thoughts with people. And Kyle isn't like that. He just gives in."

"So, Liz wants someone to fight with her?"

"No, that's Maria," Alex said with a grin as he shut the door and headed back to the court. "There's no passion with them."

Michael actually got that. He totally loved it when Maria fought with him. She would get all red-stop it! He ordered himself. "Come on, we gotta go shower," Michael said.


Alex pulled on his shirt and walked past Michael. "I'm gonna go and tell coach I picked up the basketballs."

Michael shrugged. "Whatever, I gotta go meet Max."

Alex nodded and walked off. He shot a look over his shoulder at Michael and grinned. Alex walked out of the gym doors exactly as the bell rung. He looked down at his watch and started to jog. He was supposed to meet Isabel at her locker now.

Alex rounded the corner and saw her leaning against the locker with Maria in tow. Alex saw how all the guys were looking at Isabel, who was ignoring them. Alex smirked as he walked up to her and Isabel grinned. "Alex! So?"

"Well, I planted the seed. Michael said he was gonna go talk to Max," he replied.

"Great!" Maria said. "Now, we gotta move on to plan b."

"Ok, we'll tackle it in 5th," Isabel suggested.

"Do they know yet?" Alex asked.

Maria shook her head. "Only if Michael spills the beans."

"Ok, so, we're good."

Maria nodded and started off. "And remember, not one word to Liz," she called out.

Isabel waited till Maria was out of earshot, then she looked at Alex. "So? How goes plan c?"

"Michael just about burst waiting to ask me about Maria," Alex replied.

"Great. Ok, you talk to Liz, and I'll talk to Max. Meet and converse in 5th."

Alex smiled the got serious. "This might backfire. All of them are gonna be there tonight…in one room," Alex said.

Isabel sighed. "Alex, this is gonna work…please?" she flashed him a smile and pouted a little.

"Ok…" Alex said finally.

Isabel squealed. "Perfect! You're the best Alex," she said squeezing his arm as she walked away.

Alex beamed as he saw one of the football players giving him a look. "Thanks, Isabel," he called back.

Isabel turned back around and smiled, then walked off. This could be a good year, Alex thought to himself.

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