Fanfic - Max/Liz
"Heir to the Granolith"
Part 2
by Adian
Disclaimer: Creation of Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, and now on the UPN!!!!!
Summary: Only through End of the World in season two happened. Selected events from the rest of the season will happen at some point. Alex went to Sweden but never came back. He decided to finish his education in Europe. Max getting Tess pregnant did happen and she had the baby. Please don't throw anything at me yet!!
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Khivar calls the High Priest to his office. The guard opens the door for the priest. Filled with dread he stands before his master. Khivar begins, “I want you to study the records concerning the Granolith. How sentient is the damn thing? Most importantly has the Granolith ever rejected an heir before? Priest I want this information yesterday!”

Bowing out the priest says, “We will begin at once sire.”

Much to Khivar’s dismay Tess is up early and wants an audience with him. I haven’t even had my coffee yet. I can’t deal with that harpy right now. His chamberlain brings requests from Zannor and Thalia for an audience.

“Send Thalia to me.”

Thalia, a beautiful young woman with gray eyes and long blue-black hair walks in. She hugs her father before sitting down.

“Father I’ll come right to the point. I don’t want you to announce my betrothal to Zannor. Hear me out. You know I personally can’t stand that weak mama’s boy but I do understand the necessity of marrying him. But as the Granolith hasn’t accepted him as Heir we need to find out who it is. I think we should wait and keep our options open. The goal is to mix our bloodline with Max’s to gain control of the Granolith. I have to marry the true Heir to accomplish it.”

“Clever girl! You have thought this out. Let’s keep this between ourselves. If your step-mother gets even one whiff of this all hell will break loose. In fact my dear wife should be here any moment why don’t you slip out the back way. I don’t want her to see you.” Khivar kisses his daughter on the cheek and sends her out of the room.

Khivar informs his chamberlain to send Tess in. “Isn’t it a beautiful morning my Queen?”

Annoyed Tess says, “Let’s skip the pleasantries. What are we going to do to resolve the situation?”

“I finished speaking to the High Priest a few minutes ago. I sent him to do some research on the Granolith and the Naming ceremony. Max is not lying so there is something we missed. Unfortunately the people who might have known Liz, Isabel, and Michael have been dead for years. The only person left actually is you dear wife.”

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