FanFic - Max/Liz
"You're One of God's Better People"
Part 2
by Sarah
Disclaimer: The characters are from the WB showRoswell, they are borrowed, the story takes placearound the time Tess came around, but there are sometwists and turns I put in to spice it up.
Summary: Dark, strange, twists and turns.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
You're One of God's Better People
And you don't know
That's why you're special
And I cry so I can talk like this
From my downbeat existence
And I know that you can make my wish
If my wish is pure
You're One of God's Better People


Liz stood there frozen, the smile left her face as soon as she saw Tess standing there.

Max came up behind her not yet realizing that Tess was there. He stopped behind Liz and looked up. Max silently swallowed suddenly nervous.

"Hi, I don't beleive we've met, I'm Tess."

"Oh, right, I'm Liz," she said with a fake smile on her face.

Tess looked up at Max suddenly she relaxed and looked as if she was in love, or just full of lust.

Liz shuddered waiting to see what she was doing.

"You must be Isabel's brother Max?" she said, "I can see why you like him so much!" she looked straight in Liz's eyes and reached her her hand out to Max, introducing herself.

Max shuddered, "Yeah, I'm Max nice to meet you." He put his arm around Liz to show he was spoken for.

Liz was comforted by Max's embrace.

Tess stood back and let them pass.

She watched them walk away an evil smile came across her face as if she thought of a way to get Max away from Liz, the one thing standing in her way of getting what she wants- Max.

"Hey, Tess we were looking for you." Isabel said, hger friends following.

"I know this place is so big I can't find my way through this school." Tess shrugged.

"I'll help you." she said with a flash of her hand and her friends left them alone.

"Was that your brother?"

"Yeah, but when he's with Liz nothing phases him." Isabel said, "It's like that's all he talks about 'Liz is my soulmate I've never felt like this before', it's almost enough to make me gag." she said sarcastically, smiling.

Well then that's what I have to do, get Max while he's away from Liz, easy, right? Tess thought to herself smiling, her plan might just work, destroy Liz and get Max. She started laughing.

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