FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 1
by Jen
Disclaimer: The characters or events (relating to the episodes) of Roswell do not belong to me, etc. I did create Anni, Shawna, Kevin, and Howi however. But other than that, it's all Jason Katims and the rest of the Roswell staff.
Summary: Liz never came home after the events in the episode 'Destiny.' Aliens Rel and Anni come to Roswell, along with Max and Isabel's mother in search of the Royal 4. Instead, their lives become much more complicated as the evil alien Howi uses his second-in-command to brainwash Max....
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Thank you Linda for letting me use your idea on Tess. I don't know what this story would be if I didn't use it. This one's dedicated to you; you're one of my best friends ever. And thanks to all my friends and the people on the message board who encouraged me to finish this. Feedback is definitely appreciated, please!!!! Hope you like the story.
"I didn't hear you leave,
I wonder how am I still here.
I don't want to move a thing,
It might change my memory."

-Dido, "Here With Me," No Angel

Two Years Ago: June 2000, the pod cave, located just outside Roswell, New Mexico "Liz. Liz, wait!" Max Evans shouted a desperate plea out into the desert as he watched his only love run from everything that they had discovered. Liz Parker turned and looked at him once more and their eyes met. Then returned to her original path and ran on.

Max felt a forceful grip, as he was about to run after her. "You've gotta let her go," Michael Guerin, his best friend, told him. Max stood there, staring out into space as his sister Isabel and the fourth alien in their group, Tess Harding, joined Max and Michael. He could never let Liz go, he needed her too much.

"What happens now Max?" Tess asked quietly, secretly pleased that Liz had left and had finally come to her senses. Max didn't reply. He didn't want to speak.


Liz hurried down the dirt path. She had looked back once and knew that it was a mistake. Just seeing his hurt expression, the confusion and pain in Max's eyes made her want to run back to him. But Liz knew she couldn't go back. Max had a destiny. He had a pre-chosen mate from another life, and an entire planet to win back. She couldn't interfere. She had to be strong and show him what is best. It was better for him, even if they had to live with the heartbreak. Slowly, she stopped running and began to walk, brushing her silky brown hair out of her face....

Finally, after being lost a couple of days, Liz stood upon a rock peak. She had found the highway that would take her back to her home in Roswell. Carefully, she started to lower herself down the rock face. Suddenly, her footing slipped and she fell. Her head hit a piece of stone and everything went black for the teen. Liz's body tumbled down the rest of the hill, to the side of the road.

A small green Volkswagen beetle was driving down the road to Albuquerque. Inside was a woman of medium height. She had blond hair and the brown eyes found only amongst three of the aliens residing in Roswell. Seeing the girl lying on the road, the newcomer to this planet quickly stopped her car. She lifted up Liz's body and placed her in the back seat to bring the girl to her home in Albuquerque, where the woman would be able to fix and damages the girl had sustained.

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