FanFic - Max/Liz
"Forever Yours "
Part 1
by Araanaz
Disclaimer: (I hate to do this so I'm gonna make it short) Nothing's mine.
Summary: Very sad fic...
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: G
Authors Note: This is my first time writing in english, I hope that it's not too bad. Please, if you see some errors, tell me. Okay, please, don't kill me after you read this. I just watched a very sad movie so I was in the mood. Feedback please!
Max closed his eyes, trying not to see another hundred times the scene that had occurred a couples of days before... Or was it a couples of weeks? He didn't know, but that didn't really matter to him. Time had disappeared with everything else. There was nothing left, nothing but pain.

He closed his eyes, but that didn't change anything. The visions came over and over. He saw her. He saw her pain, he felt it. He saw his own hands trying to reach hers as she felt to the ground. He saw her body fighting with death. She wanted to live so much... He wanted her to. He saw her stopped moving, glanced at him and then... died. Then he saw the horrible face of Nassedo, all smiling, and he wanted to kill him... and kill himself for not killing him then.

He took a picture of her, so beautiful with her smile. He might have known! But he hadn't. And he lost his chance for the eternity... Yes, he might have known she was the one for him, the only one. Sure, Tess was a nice girl, pretty and all. And she was an alien too. But that was nothing compared to Liz. His Liz. Now he had lost her two times, and he couldn't win her back. It was all his fault.

He reached for some papers and pencil. He needed to tell her. Maybe his words would make their way to her, in her paradise.

Dear Liz,

Since you left me, I feel like everything is empty. I knew you were important to me, but I never realised how much you were fundamental to me before. I need you so much. But unfortunately, I realised it and it was already too late. I messed it all up. When you were by my side, there were so many things I might have told you, but I didn't 'cause I was afraid of I don't know what. Like you know, I've always been afraid to let people in, I mean seriously. I'm afraid of making promises that will be false. And there was Tess. You know I loved her. But I thought she was the one and I was all wrong. 'Cause I know that my feelings for you are all above the limits of love. And I will regret for eternity. I will search for you all my life, and I will probably never find you. But I want you to know that I love you, more than anything else, with all my heart and soul and even more. I love you, and my love is as strong as my want to feel your sweet lips on mine again. I would give me life to touch you one last time. Now, those tears on the paper are my last gift. They are my last kiss, my last caress. They are my promise of loyalty 'cause my tears are all I've got. Now, let me tell you one last time I love you...

Forever yours, Max

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