FanFic - Max/Liz
"Fight the Break of Dawn"
Part 20
by Ash
Disclaimer: All glory goes to Melinda Metz and the makers of the show Roswell for giving us these brilliant characters. All bow before TPTB! I'm just borrowing them to flesh out some ideas that won't leave my head! No infringement intended!
Summary: Two years after Tess is finally out of their lives, the six move on with life after graduation. But are alien relationships ever going to be simple? More danger is approaching as they move toward learning more about their origins.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is an alternate reality to WB's Roswell. My characters are in line with the show up through "Sexual Healing" and then we deviate into "Captivated by Darkness", the prequel for this story. My storyline doesn't follow the show at all from there, so try not to be confused! Title from the song "Save Tonight" by Eagle Eye Cherry Dedication: to Angie, webmistress for "The Max and Liz Project", who is an awesome writer and a great encouragement to me.
Kyle shook his head groggily.

His body felt so heavy and all he wanted to do was turn over and go back to sleep.

Then his senses sharpened and he realized that he wasn't in his bed. He was in his car.

Oh yeah, that makes sense...

Why in the hell am I sleeping out here?

Then he sucked in a sharp breath as his memory suddenly flooding him with images.

Max... he vaguely remembered Max...

His hand automatically went to his chest and the glowing handprint there. Unlike the painfully grotesque wound that he remembered, the skin was healed around and under it.

And that... that was the same silver handprint he had seen on Liz's stomach years ago, after the shooting at the Crashdown.

But here's the kicker... apparently Max and Mr. Nasty use the same calling card.

So what the hell does that mean?

Good alien vs. bad alien?

Kyle squashed the hilarity rising in his chest and jumped out of the car.

He immediately felt dizzy, and grabbed on the top of his car for a second, trying to clear his head.

A good alien? Is there any such thing?

After a moment of grappling with the mind-bending thought, determination set in.

Ah, hell, who knows, but I can at least shoot a bad one when I see it.

He grunted and bent over to reach inside his car.

Time for a little target practice... or should I just wait 'til I get beamed up and try to take down the whole damn Mothership?

Kyle grinned and flipped open the glove compartment.

He lost his smile quickly as he fumbled through the papers.

Betty was gone. The gun his father gave him for his fourteenth birthday, his favorite.

He swore under his breath.

Decision time.

Going in that house could be life-threatening. Hell, who was he kidding... it would be life-threatening. Mr. Backstreet-wanna-be could obviously do worse to him than a glowing hand hickey.

But leaving Liz in there was simply not an option.

Kyle would never be able to live with himself if something happened to her...


Liz felt Max push her away, just as the pain in her head was growing unbearable.

She gasped and opened her eyes.

"What happened," Maria ran over to her.

Liz looked over at Nasedo.

"He's pushing me out. He won't connect to me!"

"Kiss him," Maria jumped in immediately. "You seem to be able to connect to... people that way, too."

Liz stared at Maria and then winced slightly at her words.

"Just do it, we'll talk later," Maria encouraged her. Then she froze, her eyes opening wide.

Liz turned to look at Max and gasped.

He was bleeding.

His eyes were closed, and blood was seeping out from under his eyelashes.


Kyle opened the door cautiously and flipped on the light, taking in Mr. Evans on the floor, Doug and Max frozen in place, Michael and Isabel hooked up, Maria, Alex and Nasedo watching... and Liz freaking.

He went straight for Liz.

"Let him go," she was screaming hysterically, throwing herself at Doug and trying to pull him away from Max.

Kyle grasped her around the waist and hauled her away from Doug.

What was she thinking?

One touch from him and sheıd be Velveeta in a microwave!

But Liz quickly made it clear that leaving Max wasn't an option.

Kyle wrestled with her, and couldn't even get her two feet away from him.

"Liz, Liz, he's a big boy, he can take care of-"

"NO HE CAN'T, dammit! I have to help!"

Kyle lifted her feet off the floor and managed to back up another foot or two before he felt teeth dig into his forearm.

Yelping, he let her go only enough to get her to stop biting him.

Liz turned on him in fury.

"Let go of my arm, Kyle!"

"Dammit, Liz, get the hell away from that guy. He's dangerous!"

The look on Liz's face took him aback.

From over in the corner, Alex's tense voice floated over, "Hands, Kyle. Check the hands..."

Kyle obediently looked down at Liz's hands.

And...they're glowing.

He looked back up at her face, fury making her eyes look black.

His daddy didn't raise no fool.

He let go.


Isabel felt Michael all around her.

His smell, his emotions, his essence, everything that made Michael who he was, was flooding into her.

It was euphoric, and Isabel rode the influx like a wave of the ocean.

His thoughts rushed by, but they stopped interestingly enough at some very colorful pictures of Maria.

*Michael, focus, please,* she thought at him angrily.

*You don't have to see the personal stuff, Iz. Just filter.*


She couldn't help but hope that Michael had done a better job of staying out of her personal thoughts.

How do you filter with your mind?

She had no idea, but Isabel just tried to force away all thoughts that weren't about saving Max.

The rush slowed to a trickle, and Isabel took a deep breath.

No wonder why Liz had fallen in love with Max after he saved her. Connecting this way with someone who was in love with you must be amazing. Like being drugged up on love.

Could she and Alex ever do this...?

*Focus, Isabel,* Michael's chiding thoughts appeared in her mind.

*Okay, where's Max?*

She opened her eyes to see that Michael and she were on the dream plane they had been on so many times before together.


Only this time, they weren't alone.

About ten feet away stood Doug, and beyond him was Max...

A panicked scream erupted from her throat when she saw Max.

His hands covered his eyes but blood was streaming out between his fingers.

He wasn't making a sound, obviously struggling to keep up the aura of power around him from buckling as Doug's power squeezed in on him.


Michael felt Isabel's panicked scream reverberate through his whole body.

He clenched his teeth and cast his thoughts to Max, not sure if it would work at all.

*Max, we're here. Hang on, buddy.*

No response.

*Michael, what do we do? I can't get through to him.*

*Izzy, we have to attack Doug from the outside, since we can't get inside Max's shield to help him.*

He felt Isabel's body shaking with breathless sobs as she answered, *Okay, okay... maybe Liz can get in.*

*Right,* Michael answered as positively as possible. *Now we get the fun part. We kick Doug's slimy alien-hunting ass.*

He felt the thought rock Isabel's mind and winced.

*No time to explain, Izzy. I connected with him earlier.*

He felt a warmth spread through him.

*Oh my god,* Isabel gasped. *He's not the only one. There's more. More hunters.*

*Izzy! Not now. Just deal with him, we'll talk later!*

He felt her thoughts focus once again, and their energy began to combine.

The pressure grew between them along with their shared hatred.

The emotion and the power began to consume them.

*Wait, Michael, we're not going to kill him, are we?*

He ignored her question and sent back a vision of Max in agony.

Isabel low cursing filled his head.

*We fry the bastard on three,* Michael thought grimly. *One, two...


Liz turned back to Max, satisfied that Kyle finally understood.

She wouldn't try to hurt him, but she wasn't sure that she could control the power surging through her.

At the sight of Max's bloody face, a wave of intense fear swept through her.

Why wasn't he even moving?

Liz shook her head.

Kiss now. Think later.

She turned back to Kyle, "I need your help."

Kyle blinked.

"Anything," he answered quietly.

"Can you lift me up to kiss Max?"

At Kyle's expression, she grabbed his arm and lead him over to Max.

"I'll explain later."

Taking Kyle's hands in hers, she placed them on her hips and waited for him to lift her.

A small part of her brain was recognizing the irony of this, but most of her was focused on not completely losing it now that she was so close to Max's bloody face.

She felt Kyle press in on her waist and lift her easily.

Using her hands to balance her against Max's shoulder, she leaned over Doug's arm and laid her lips to Max's.

Immediately she felt the sticky wetness that was on his cheeks, making her shudder.

"You alright," Kyleıs concerned voice asked softly.

She took a deep breath and focused on Max.

With her lips she caressed his.

Would it work if he didn't kiss her back?

Think about Max.

Not the blood.

Not the fear.

Just Max.

Her mind filled with warm pictures of his face smiling at her... of the heated desire between them when they were alone... of the soft caress of his hand on her stomach.

And then a new image formed in her mind, of the two of them under a wedding arch, flowers and streamers dancing above them.


The images were coming from Max. They were connected.

Liz frowned. She couldn't feel him.

He was still blocking her.

An image flickered in her head of a road sign: DANGER.

*I don't care,* she screamed at him. *Let me help you!*

She sent him an image she knew he couldn't resist... one from her fantasy of the two of them making love out in the open air, beside a waterfall. The sunlight glistening off the water beading on their bodies...

Max's thoughts came crashing into her.

*No, Liz!*

And then, they were connected completely.

Pain, worry and fear were drowning her.

She couldn't think... couldn't breathe... just felt him dying all around her.


On three, Isabel sent all the force of her hatred and rage spiralling at the dark figure standing with his back to them.

It knocked Doug a few feet forward, and she could feel his energy sputter and relent on Max.

Isabel only had a second to think happy thoughts before Doug swung around and sent a blinding ripple of energy their way.

She suddenly couldn't see, and she felt herself falling down into unconsciousness again.

NO! I have to help Max!

*Michael! Michael!*

But he wasn't answering. She couldnıt feel him at all.


Max was still reeling from the pain, but the release of pressure around him was ecstasy.

He could feel Liz all around him now, twining her soul with his and sharing his pain.

*Oh, Max...*

The pain was lessening by the second.

He was torn between the presence of Liz and the knowledge that Doug could now hurt them both because of their connection.

A warmth radiated throughout his body and he realized that Liz was healing him.

Healing him?

He slid his arms around her waist and pulled her closer, reveling in the love she was exuding.

More quickly than he thought possible, she was done and he opened his eyes.

A smear of blood was on her cheek, and he made it disappear with a wave of his hand.

Liz smiled gently as she wiped the blood from his face in return.

God, she was breathtaking, as always, and he slid a hand through the dark hair blowing in the wind. She was amazing.

There was an intensity in her eyes, a depth to her love that astonished him. He was suddenly very aware of her body nestled next to his. And he responded with a fervency that almost scared him.

She had changed.

Her body was... electric. It hummed with energy and desire and he couldn't stop himself from pulling her up in his arms and opening his mouth hungrily over hers. Her tongue met his instantly and the hum in his ears grew to a roar.

She was ready...


"Holy sh*t," Kyle muttered.

"I think it's a good idea if we all just stay back," Alex said rationally, pulling Maria farther away from the aliens.

He didn't know what was going on inside the minds of the five locked in battle, but in the real world, things were getting hairy.

Or, should he say, freaky. Funky, butt-lovin' freaky.

First, Doug had released Max, which was a relief to everyone.

Max had promptly pulled Liz out of Kyle's hands and they were now locked in one hell of a kiss.

A kiss that included glowing as one prominent characteristic.

But just as Alex was coming to terms with Energizer bunny kiss, Doug had turned to Michael and Isabel, prompting the quick retreat of all humans.

And now they stood waiting for the next event in the galactic showdown of the century... maybe they should have sold tickets.

Alex heard Maria whimper beside him as Doug reached out for Isabel and Michael.

"They'll be okay. Max and Liz will help them," Alex tried to reassure her, although they did seem awfully wrapped up in each other at the moment.

Maria started forward, but Alex pulled her back.

"They're just connecting," he went on. "They can help him, Maria. We can't."


Michael felt the shift in pressure as Doug changed tactics.

His blanket of unconsciouosness wasn't nearly as effective with the two of them connected. It had kept them from communicating, but not from pummeling him with their combined energies.

It hadn't even slowed them up.

But now... the pressure around them was building and a warning signal was going off in Michael's mind.

Dougıs face was grim. They had taken him by surprise, but now he'd had time to adjust his power. As it circled around the two, it felt different somehow.

And then it cut between Michael and Isabel like a chainsaw.

Michael threw his head back.


His mind was full of screaming, red pain. The cut places between them bled power, bled energy, bled pain.

*Max! Max,* he heard Isabel screaming.


Liz felt Max's acceptance of the changes in her as he kissed her.

And in the warmth of his connection, she finally knew what they were.

She had been prepared for him, physically, psychically and in every way necessary.

Tess was no longer his genetic match.

Liz was.

And joy completely overshadowed all of the pain, the confusion and the fear of the past weeks.

Max was here.

And she *was* ready.


Maria was shaking.

Literally shaking. So many emotions warred within her, but one was quickly rising to the surface.

She was pissed.

Doug had ripped Michael and Isabel apart and now stood between them, one hand resting on each of them. When he had touched Max that way, he had bled from his eyes...

A sob escaped her.

This wasn't happening.

Maria wouldn't let it happen.

She pulled out of Alex's embrace and immediately felt the comforting weight of the gun still in her hand.

Maybe one shot hadn't done it, but she could fill that bastard full of lead now without flinching.

At point blank range.

Yep, she thought, sounds like a pretty damn good way to kill an alien to me.

"Maria," she heard Alex's warning voice behind her as he grasped at her arm.

She swung at him with the gun, feeling a sickening thud as it connected with his arm.

Alex swore loudly and let her go.

Apologies later.

"Maria! What the hell are you doing with Betty," Kyle's stunned voice barely registered.

Maria levelled the gun at Dougıs chest and put her finger on the trigger.

She shut her eyes...


Max suddenly felt a prickling at the back of his neck.

Michael and Isabel.

He had been completely engrossed in Liz...

He snapped his head away and looked over at where the other three stood.

Max felt his heart stop at the sight.

Michael and Isabel were on the ground, writhing in pain.


"No, Maria," Kyle shouted.

Two reports rocked the kitchen as Kyle leaped at Maria.

"That's a .33, dammit" he yelled, grabbing at her hand.

"And it's got three more shots," she screamed as she hit him.

Kyle ripped the gun out of her hand just as Alex jerked her away.

"Dammit, Maria," he spat out as he stalked around the other side of Doug. Max and Liz were still embracing each other, and Kyle checked them over for bullet holes.

³Oh, sh*t.²

Liz was bleeding.


Without a second thought, Max threw all the energy he and Liz had combined at Doug.

And it stopped him in his tracks.

He turned to Max, his face enraged as he threw his hands out towards them.

Electricity crackled through the air and roared past them, knocking Max and Liz off of their feet .

The ground was hard beneath Max, and he struggled to get his breath back.

Apparently, that jolt had tapped Doug out for a moment and he stood there perfectly still, eyes closed.

Max suddenly realized the growing pain he felt from Liz, and reached over to check on her.

Her face was strained, but she smiled and sent him a faint whisper of love, then a steady stream of power.

He helped her up.

*Focus, Maxwell,* came Michaelıs sardonic thought.

*Whoa,* Max thought in return. *Are we connected?*

But he knew they were. He could feel them rebuilding, recovering from the painful attack.

He turned and saw them standing, once again holding hands.

*We are now. All four of us,* Isabel was smiling.

Max sent her a warm smile, then focused back on Doug.

*Looks like Nasedo was right,* Michael sent out. *We're strong enough together.*

Doug was regathering himself. Max could feel the power growing.

*Watch out,* he warned.

Liz slumped beside him suddenly, and Max realized she had been shielding pain from him somehow.

*Liz, what-*


Doug's energy was visible this time, flaming and hot as it travelled in both directions.

It hit them like a tornado of fire, scorching their skin immediately.

They threw up their defenses quickly, Max struggling without Liz's full power.


He pulled her to him and suddenly realized that she was bleeding.

*Where's this coming from?*

He touched her side gently, where the blood was gathering.

A bullet hole...?

The energy around him began to disintegrate.

*Michael, Izzy, cover me!*

He felt the energy strengthen, and he pulled Liz up to his chest. Her eyes fluttered.

*Liz, please...*

He kissed her, willing her to keep the connection.

*Liz, baby, we can do this.*

He felt the soft brush of her mind against his, and Liz's pain ripped into Max as she let down the barrier.

He gritted his teeth, and they focused part of their energy on her body.

The wound slowly began to close...

And the maelstorm of fire around them intensified until they could feel the heat through the barrier.

*The fire is getting close,* Liz's worried thought whispered in his mind.

*Just a few seconds more...*

She was almost healed.

Max sent her a wave of love, and then it was done.

Liz tightened her arms around him and began to respond to his kiss. A desperate glow filled the air around them. It grew brighter and expanded with each second.

*Wow...* came Isabel's stunned voice.

Their beautiful light struggled against the outer pressure of the fire.

Max felt Liz's body heat up and he responded with his own overwhelming desire.

Their light intensified and finally punched through, igniting the sky with a shaft of light.

Max pulled away from Liz and they watched in amazement.

From the other side of the plateau, another shaft of power lit the sky.

*Michael and Isabel...*

Far above them, the two intense towers of light curved and met in the middle.

Max looked down to see Doug watching the sky emotionlessly.

Then the light suddenly dove downwards, shrieking until it engulfed him.

The explosion rocked the plateau beneath them, and they felt the reverberations in the air all around.

Then, silence.


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