Fanfic - Max/Liz
"Fathers and Sons"
Part 1
by Skitch
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.
Summary: Max's son goes to where he should have been all along.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: Although I don't really like the idea of Max having a son with Tess, I had this idea. I hope it works for you. And send feedback is welcome, either good, needs improving or suggestions (no too harsh comments, please).
Antar- June 2001 Earth time

I was given the name Lynx when I was born after a month term to my mother on her home planet of Antar, but it is not my home. Iíve felt the absence of my father for weeks, and I know he is very far away. I may only be an infant, but I am completely aware of what is going on. I know that my mother lied to get home, saying I was sick. Although now I am more danger then my father could imagine, because I am with his enemy, Kavar.

Antar- September 2001 Earth time

After many attempts, I finally contacted my father. I had no idea our connection would be so strong that I knocked him out cold. I should have realized that my feelings of sorrow and fear would weigh on him, causing him to pass out. I showed him my fears and now he is determined to find me, I hope he does.

Antar- November 2001 Earth time

My father cannot come here. I know of his efforts to save me, but he is limited and cannot come. On our last connection, I felt the guilt he had for not being able to save me. I also felt the love he felt for a certain girl on Earth. He never felt like that for my mother, and I know why. Unfortunately, my Mother did many horrible things, and from the connections with my father, I know exactly what she did. My only hope now is to grow, develop my powers, all the while not letting anyone know of my connections with my father. Someday, I will rejoin him. Antar is not my home, my father is.

Connection between Lynx and Max- February 2002 Earth time

Lynx: Father, you must stop attempting to come for me.
Max: I feel responsible for you. Its my fault that you are not with me.
Lynx: You made the right choice by not coming. You would have surely died.
Max: I would have died saving you.
Lynx: There is another who you would die for.
Max: Liz.
Lynx: Yes, Liz. I feel your bond with her. Stay on earth, I will come to you.
Max: When?
Lynx: After I am strong. My powers are developing faster here. I will know how to use them fast.
Max: I am missing parts of your life.
Lynx: I know. But I will always be with you. I allow no one to connect with me but you.
Max: What did your mother call you?
Lynx: She named me Lynx. Here, it means "revenge".
Max: Thatís too harsh of a name for an infant. I would never give you a name like that.
Lynx: What was the name of the man that my mother killed?
Max: Alex.
Lynx: Daddy? Will you name me Alex.
Max: You read my mind.

Antar- January 2006

Kavar is starting to train me. He is hoping to develop my mind to his and my powers to its fullest potential. My mother, meanwhile, tells me of how my father turned against the people of Antar and I must take my place as Kavarís successor. I have read in her mind that she hopes to one day return and kill my father for betraying her, but I will not let her. Even at five years old, I am strong. Kavar has taught me well, although he does not know that one day I will strike against him. He underestimates me, so he does not perform a "mind rape" on me when he sees that determined look in my eye. He sees the determination of a good soldier, but it is really the look of conviction that I will not be safe until I am with my father.

Connection between Alex and Max- February 2006

Max: Alex, there is something you must know.
Alex: Is Liz okay?
Max: That is it. Sheís pregnant.
Alex: Iím going to have a brother.
Max: Yes.
Alex: I want to see him.
Max: How far along are you in your training?
Alex: Farther than expected.
Max: If only I was training you. There is so much we could have shared.
Alex: I know. Be strong, Dad.
Max: You know, you are really smart for a five year old.
Alex: That is because I am your son.

Antar- 2007

The new technology has been perfected. Kavar tested it years ago to try to bring back Valandra, my Aunt Isabel. It has been advanced so I can actually go through space and not have to "possess" someoneís body. My powers are far enough along. I was only expected to inherit the power to heal, but I can dream walk, mind warp and create energy blasts as well. With Kivarís training, I was taught to harness the powers of the Royal Four, that extends beyond my genes. Kivar has also been trying to mold me into his way of thinking, and my mother encourages it. I see no better time to leave.

"Lynx?" My thoughts were interrupted by my Protector, Kapath. He is the one that taught me to connect with my father. He has been a secret underground royalist for years and knows that my safety is important to restoring my fatherís throne and way of thinking. "You were thinking of leaving again."

"I am serious this time, and the timing is perfect. I have to leave tonight."

"As your protector, I must watch over you."

"And you will. I will open my mind to you." I promised as I crept towards the door.

"I should go with you."

"No. Make it seem like I have ran off again. Let no one know that I have gone."

"I will be punished."

"Iím sorry." I needed to go, no matter what the repercussions here would be.

"I will do it for you." Kapath promised. I embraced my protector, which he describes as the primitive emotional goodbye of Earth. "Take care of yourself on that sloppy planet."

"I will be fineÖ Iíll be with my father."

Roswell- 2007

"But the good prince was not afraid of the evil king." Max told his infant son, Ryan, who was in his bassinet. "He held his hand up and blocked the energy blast sent towards him and it repelled back to the evil king, knocking him down. And the evil king glared at the good prince and saidÖ" Max froze when he saw Liz leaning against the door frame, watching his animated story telling to their young son.

"Is this your way of putting the baby to sleep?" Liz joked. Max smiled and kissed his son on the forehead, promising to finish the story some other time. Ryan yawned and went to sleep. Max went to the door and took his wife in his arms, kissing her tenderly and then holding her in his arms. "Kind of early to be telling our son alien stories, isnít it?" Liz said into her husbandís shirt.

"Itís only the sound of my voice. One day, heíll be too old to hear my stories, or my voice." Max said, leading Liz to the bed room.

"I donít tire of them, why should Ryan?" Liz said, rubbing Maxís back. "And Alex never tires of hearing your voice." Max stopped and sat on the bed, covering his face with his hands. Alex. The pain of loosing his son never went away. Liz has always encouraged him that Alex will come, but Max was beginning to doubt. "Still no word?"

"Its been six months. I told him that Ryan was born, but after that, nothing. What ifÖTessÖor KavarÖ"

"Alex is too strong, even for his age. I know of your connections, and I feel his strength through you." Liz said, kissing his cheek and rubbing the nape of his neck. Maxís mind started to drift from his son to where his wifeís hands were on his most vulnerable spot. When Liz touched him there, well, letís just say that they both would be getting no sleep that night. Maxís hand cupped Lizís cheek and stroked it with his thumb. Liz kissed his thumb and looked at him with loving eyes. "Max, I know youíre sad. We donít have toÖ"

"Liz, I need you." Max whispered before gently placing his lips on hers. Max pulled Liz closer so he could feel that she was near. Max wouldnít feel whole until he felt Liz in his arms. It was then he felt complete. They leaned back on the bed and showed each other the love they felt for each other, that was still becoming stronger everyday.

Five hours later

Max woke up and looked at the clock. It was 3am. Max kissed the forehead of his sleeping wife in his arms and rolled out of bed. His mind was full of thoughts of Alex, stronger tonight then ever. He put on sweat pants, a tee-shirt and sneakers and then grabbed his jacket. He needed to go for a drive. He left a note on the night stand for Liz, telling her where he was. He grabbed his cell phone and keys and drove the car out towards the desert.

When he reached the familiar spot, he turned off the car and reclined back the seat. This was where his parents found him, this is where his life on earth began. Years ago, he used to drive out here, hoping that Alex would one day shoot through the sky and crash into his waiting arms, but he knew he had to stop. When Alex told him to stop looking, Max knew that his son would come when he was ready. He no longer made the drives, but he would always keep an eye looking towards the stars, hoping. Max closed his eyes and started to drift off to sleep, only to be awakened by what sounded like thunder.

Max opened his eyes to a flash so bright he had to shield his eyes. When he opened them again, he saw a shadow in the distance. He ran towards it and knelt by the collapsed form. Max scooped up the figure and brought it to his car. He wrapped up the child in his jacket and laid him in the back seat. Max jumped in the back with him and looked over the boy carefully. The boy looked about six, with jet black hair tussled which darkened his light skin. When the boy opened his eyes, they were a very dark brown.



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