FanFic - Max/Liz
"Epiphanies 1: The Ties that Bind"
Part 9
by Carol
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters except Josh; they are owned by Melinda Metz and the WB (or whomever!)
Summary: This story involves all characters, but centers around Max and Liz. This takes place a couple of months after Destiny. The Pod Squad meets someone with some answers, Liz is in danger, Mrs. Evans has a shock.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Thanks to Sheldon and Dee for some valuable feedback, and for the support of my listserv, who really encouraged me! I love this show in an unprecedented way: It feels right--it feels right like nothing has ever felt in my life before.
Liz struggled to open her eyes.

"She's coming out of it."

"Give her a minute and we'll get started."

She tried to straighten her legs and arms. Where am I? she wondered. Why is it so hard to wake up? It just gets harder every day.

Liz felt hands on her arms, pulling her to a sitting position. She squinted into the light.

"Mom? Max?"

As she opened her eyes, two slightly familiar faces glared back. She couldn't place them, but she was sure she'd seen them before. She felt uneasy.

"Who are you?"

"We're people who need information that you have. We're ready to take you home as soon as you've told us what we want to know. You know Max Evans?"

Liz was instantly gripped with fear. These were the two agents working with Pierce when they kidnapped Max. What in the world did they want with her?

"I know him. He goes to my school," she answered as matter-of-factly as she could.

"I think you know him better than that," responded the dark-haired man. "You've been observed with him quite frequently, I believe."

"Sure, we're friends. We even dated a couple of times. Why? Why am I here, and why are you asking about Max Evans?"

"We're with the government, Liz, and we have reason to believe that Max presents a security risk. You wouldn't want to endanger your country by keeping secrets that could hurt it, would you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Liz snipped, trying to sound annoyed, instead of terrified. "How could one teen from Roswell be a security risk to anyone?"

The blond agent stepped forward. His whole demeanor was threatening, almost fierce. His tone matched his look.

"Look, Miss Parker, you are about to tell us everything you know about Max Evans, and you know exactly what I mean. Once we're satisfied you have given us the whole story, you can go home. If you are reluctant to share this information, we will find ways to encourage you."

He set a tape recorder on the small table. "Begin."

Liz looked nervously around the room. She had no idea where she was and no idea how far these men would go. What did they know already? Why grab her and not Max? Where was Nasedo? Her breaths came in shallow gasps.

"This is illegal," she finally managed to say. "I demand you release me right now."

The blond agent let out a quick snort. "I don't think that should be your main concern right now, Miss Parker. Don't make me ask again."

"Max is a boy at school. He's a sophomore; he lives with his parents and sister. They are adopted, I think. He's an honor student, drives a Jeep, and he's just learning to play pool. I don't know what else to say."

"A poor decision, Miss Parker. I'm disappointed."

"Wait, Jeff. Miss Parker . . . Liz . . . think about what we are asking you to do: we need you to help us protect our country, our way of life, perhaps our planet. Surely you want that, too. We are facing a very real danger here, and you are in a unique position to change that. You see that, don't you? We're on the same side."

Liz stared at the two men. "You obviously think that Max Evans poses a danger of some kind, but you are quite mistaken. I have never known a kinder, gentler person. You clearly have some bad information."

"I'm sorry you feel that way, Miss Parker." The blond agent-Jeff-reached for a tray of vials and syringes. "I guess we'll have to resort to that encouragement I mentioned."

As he tilted the vial and filled the syringe, Liz felt an icy fear seize her. Suddenly, Max's face loomed in her mind, "When I was in that room, and they did . . . what they did to me, you are what kept me alive . . . the thought of you." A peace settled over Liz, and as the agent approached her, she spoke calmly. "You are fools."

The needle in her arm made her wince, but as her mind clouded, Max's loving eyes kept her grounded, and she knew he would not leave her.

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